At the townhouse, Brady is upset, thinking that his grandfather will be in prison when he and Theresa marry. They discuss wedding plans and smooch and then go off to visit Maggie.

After bailing Victor out, Justin takes Victor home. Justin goes and he and Maggie discuss her progress and then his arrest. He assures her Deimos is behind the Tatenapping.

Nicole arrives on Deimos’ doorstep. They’ve missed each other. They kiss.

At TBD, on a call, Kate and Julie discuss Kate purchasing the Martin House Bed and Breakfast. Julie and Doug want to move in with Jennifer, full-time. Kate feels for them, losing Abigail. Besides, she needs a new home. She disconnects and Philip and Chloe walk up. He announces Chloe’s pregnant with his baby and Kate pauses and asks what makes him think the child is his. She asks them to do a paternity test, knowing about Chloe’s history. They argue and Kate takes off. Philip assumes she bought it but once Kate’s outside, she flashes back to talking with Deimos about how well he knows Chloe and calls him, pretending to be an obstetrician looking for Chloe in order to arrange her prenatal care. Deimos is confused so the “doctor” tells him she’ll just call the cell phone Chloe provided. They disconnect and Deimos suddenly has some important business to take care of. He says goodbye to Nicole.

Back at TBD, Chloe and Philip go through the list of friends and family members who will take some convincing to believe that they’re having a child together. Philip goes outside to take a call and Deimos appears. He heard she’s pregnant. Is he the father? She denies it, saying Philip is. Deimos calls it impossible. Philip returns and runs Deimos off. Once he’s gone, Chloe panics.

Hope goes to Aiden in his office at SPD, hoping he’ll resign. She thinks he took the job hoping he’d get her back. Rafe interrupts. Aiden tells Hope they’re on the same side – they both want to put criminals behind bars. He goes and Rafe tells Hope to watch her step. Aiden’s a threat to them. Rafe arrives and Hope complains about working with Aiden. She can’t do it so throws her badge on Rafe’s desk and walks out.

Spotlight on: Rafe and Hope’s forced relationship

Adrienne bumps into Justin in the square. She chokes up, telling him she’s off to help Jennifer plan Abigail’s funeral. Talk turns to his resignation as DA and Adrienne hopes it had nothing to do with Victor. He can’t tell her that but does say he’s happy for her and Lucas.

At the Martin House, Julie and Doug hand over the keys and let her know some of the guests are permanent residents. They leave and she calls Mr. Haynes and introduces herself as the new owner of the B&B. She then tells him he needs to find a new place to live – today! Kate considers the renovations she’ll do when Andre arrives wanting to discuss revenge. She lets him in for a drink and they toast to world domination.

Nicole meets Dario at the park. She’s made a decision to be with Deimos and owes him an explanation. Though Dario’s saddened, she owes him nothing. He’s as supportive as he can be, which makes her happy. She didn’t want to lose his friendship.

Rafe follows Hope home and tries to convince her to stay on at SPD. Justin shows up – Rafe called him over. He explains how Aiden got his job and then goes. They realize they can’t touch Aiden without getting Justin involved so Hope instead decides not to quit her job.

Brady and Theresa return to their townhouse after visiting Victor and Maggie. Brady found a pill there and looks it up on the net. He learns it’s the same drug used to knock Theresa out during the Tatenapping. He’s angry. Theresa suggests they bring it to SPD. It’ll make the case against Victor airtight. Brady’s beside himself, apologetic for what his grandfather has done to them. Theresa points out that they got Tate back and thinks everything will be fine.

Victor arrives at the Kiriakis mansion, pissed. He believes Sonny, that Deimos set him up for kidnapping. Deimos denies it. After he’s gone, Nicole returns. Deimos tells her he learned Chloe’s pregnant and he’s the father. Nicole takes it in. He’s not sure what to do with the information but wanted to be honest with her. Nicole needs time to digest it and leaves. Dario turns up. He asks Deimos not to hurt Nicole, who has had a lousy year. Deimos closes the door in Dario’s face.

At Chloe’s hotel room, Chloe realizes Kate told Deimos about her pregnancy. Later, Nicole arrives and demands to know if Deimos is the father of her baby.

Back at Victor and Maggie’s, she tells him about being able to wiggle her toes. He’s distant and when she asks what’s up, he tells her he confronted Deimos and now realizes Deimos is right – they were both setup. But by whom?

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