At the Brady’s pub, Paul complains about his job. He’s trying to blend into the woodwork but people keep asking him if he’s Paul Narita. John laughs. Paul tells him working for Belle, digging into Jennifer Horton’s pain made him “feel like scum.” John says his son has the world by the tail. Sonny drops by and John takes off to meet Marlena for lunch. Sonny has lunch with Paul and advises his ex-lover to be true to himself. He has. “I’m my own man now. I’m not out to please people all the time,” he says. He may join the family business. Paul’s surprised. Sonny bitterly says, “Will’s dead. I’m alone, so everything has changed.”

Gabi arrives at Rafe’s and Eduardo tells her that everyone else knows – he has to leave Salem in order to keep them safe. Gabi cries. Nobody wants this except for Dario. Dario watches as Rafe offers to help find the people threatening his dad. Adriana runs off, crying, and Eddie goes after her. Gabi notices that Dario’s the only one not emotional and pounces. He admits he’s glad. “You were attacked because of what he is,” Dario spits. Gabi says they’ve all made mistakes – her too. Dario gets a call and goes outside to take it. It’s the guy who attacked Gabi and Dario’s pissed – he should have left town. The sleeze wants more money. Back in the kitchen, Rafe and Gabi debate how Dario’s handling this. Gabi feels there’s more going on than they know. Dario takes off while Eddie and Adriana return. Everyone says a tearful, loving goodbye.

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Jade finds Joey at the Horton square. It’s been a while, she comments. She’s back living with her folks and her father has relaxed a bit. She thanks him for standing up to him. It’s awkward. She asks if he’s avoiding her. He explains he’s seeing a shrink and some stuff came up about his acting out with Jade. Jade’s upset. Is he blaming her? He’s not but is afraid he’s turning into his dad. And she’s more like Ava. Jade gasps, “Oh my God.” Joey didn’t mean it the way it came out. Jade assumes this means they’re done. Joey fumbles over his words, unable to explain himself.

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Kayla arrives at Steve’s hotel room. Joey allowed her to speak with Marlena about Joey’s therapy and he’s doing really well. Joey even suggested they go to couples therapy. “That’s not my thing,” he tells her. Kayla tries convincing him but he argues that he’s already found his way back to her. She’s the one saying it can’t work. They argue. She wants him to meet her halfway. Steve professes his love for her, reminding her he gave up his job for her. She still insists it’s not enough and puts on the pressure even more. “I don’t think we would enjoy it,” Steve says, insisting he’s not afraid of it as Kayla thinks. He finally agrees to go so she tells him Marlena may have a cancellation today. Steve looks uptight.

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Steve and Kayla arrive at the Horton square as Jade stomps off. Joey yells that he doesn’t want to go to therapy anymore. Kayla talks him down, knowing Marlena can help them. Kay says they took his suggestion and are going to couples therapy. This calms him some. Kayla goes and Joey tells his father that he’ll hate therapy as much as he does. Steve’s supportive but says he has to be true to himself. Joey thanks his dad and goes to find Jade.

Kayla sees John at the hospital and shares that she got Steve to go to therapy. He’s happy to hear and wishes her luck. Pained, Kay admits Steve’s already late. Once John leaves, Kayla calls Marlena to cancel, and says there’s no hope for them. It’s over.

Steve arrives at TBD and curses himself for being late for Marlena. He flashes to Kayla asking if he’s afraid of therapy and leaves a message for her, cancelling. A beautiful woman, Robin, waltzes in and Steve tells her he’s involved with someone. John arrives and notes the exchange.

In the park, Dario pays off the skeeve who mugged Gabi. The guy plans on extorting more. He goes to the square and Gabi sees him. She screams and he runs to her, grabbing her by the face. “I’ve had it with your stupid family,” he says, calling her a bitch. He takes off, leaving Gabi a mess. Later, Joey meets Jade and he takes her hands. He’s not letting her go.

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