Bo is harassed by photographers and journalists regarding the stabbing of Roman, as he makes his way into Salem PD. Inside Roman's office, Bo and the EMT take Roman to the emergency room at University Hospital.

Chelsea moans about how she hates all men, and herself. Jett comes after her and tries to explain. Chelsea pushes him away but Jett continues. "You're right. The whole thing was a set up from the beginning." He explains that Marc is an old friend and he and Danielle has been married to him for a year. Chelsea tries to wrap her head around things. Jett tells her that he sent out mixed signals but that he had no choice. "I'm in way deeper than messing around with you." He says and furthermore, he did it to protect her. He tells her Jeremy's a criminal and he's the undercover ISA agent here to bring him down! He flashes a badge, much to Chelsea's surprise. He admits Jeremy's a suspect as are the others he works for. Chelsea wonders if he has been pretending to be her friend all along. Jett says he felt the chemistry from her in the beginning and had to hide his attraction. He figured that if she met his fiancée that it would be easier. Danielle steps out of nowhere and flashes her badge as well. She's ISA! Danielle tells Chelsea that obviously she means a lot to Jett, if he went this far to cover it up. Chelsea tells Jett that Stephanie isn't going to believe this, but Jett orders her to keep quiet about it. He says that he used to serve with Jeremy and tracked him down years later when they found out that he was smuggling something. He doesn't know what Jer's doing but thinks Stephanie could know more than she's saying. That's where Chelsea comes in. Chelsea reassures that Stephanie's not a smuggler. Jett tells her that Max is in the dark and that she's had a bad feeling about Jer from the get go.

Steve and Kayla await Jeremy and Stephanie's dinner meeting. Steve's in no mood to visit with Jeremy, and lets a surprised Kayla know that he asked Bo to run a background check on Jeremy. He says he's doing it for Max too. Steve moans about how much he missed of his daughter's upbringing, and says that this is all new to him. "I just want to keep her safe," he says. Kayla brings up the opportunity that she presented him with to bring up another baby. She tells him that his name - Patch - doesn't work for him anymore and thinks that the love for his family is what keeps him together these days. Steve smiles and she tells him he has room in there for one more. Steve jokes that she really knows how to lay it on! She kisses him and they're interrupted by Jeremy and Steph, who arrive bearing gifts! Jeremy gives a CD to Steve and perfume to Kayla. They appreciate the gifts and Jeremy says he is thankful for the second chance he's given. He tells them how well Touch The Sky is doing and Stephanie shows off her necklace to prove it. She says that the customer feedback is A++, and Jer boasts that Steph really clicks with the clients. Steve tells him that a business if run right has its rewards, and that a man's character is also important. Jer tells Steve that each time he steps out of bounds, Stephanie reminds him of the man he wants to be. Bo arrives and Steve goes outside to meet him.

Outside the pub, Bo tells Steve that Andre knifed Roman and he's in the hospital. Steve is astonished and agrees to get the family to the hospital. "He's going to pull through," Steve assures Bo. Bo gives Steve the file on Jeremy. "Yeah. It ain't pretty." Bo tells him, disgusted. He can't believe Jeremy's a Horton, but Steve reminds him that there can be righteous DiMeras like Benjy running around. Bo tells his brother-in-law that Jer's nothing but trouble.

Back inside, Jeremy talks about taking Kayla up in the plane sometime. Jer and Stephanie make out in front of an uncomfortable Kayla. Kayla goes to see what's going on and finds out that Roman was stabbed by Andre. She and Bo head to the hospital.

Steve goes back inside and tells Steph that Roman was hurt. Steph wants to go to the hospital but he makes her wait. He throws down the file in front of Jeremy and lets the younger man know that he has some explaining to do regarding felony convictions and the time he spent in jail!

EJ, Lucas and a restless Sami arrive at the apartment. Sami tells the men that the last thing she remembers is EJ opening the briefcase and gas coming out. EJ ponders why Stefano would dump Sami off without taking the stem cells. He thinks that Stefano had a change of heart. He tells Lucas that family means a lot to Stefano, and considers that could be the reason why he chose not to go through with it. Lucas rolls his eyes and doubts it. Nick pounds on the door and Lucas lets him in. They ask after his health and Nick reassures them that he's fine. EJ thanks Nick for saving the babies lives and Nick tells them that he remembered why he came when the bomb went off. He lies and says that he messed up. He starts to say more but Kate rushes in, and they explain the kidnapping to her. Kate's happy Sami's safe and wants to know what Nick is doing here. Kate tells him she hopes he's not making a mistake. Mistrustful, Sami asks Kate what she knows. Nick interrupts and tells Sami that the babies are Sami and Lucas'! Sami and Lucas are in shock and their eyes gleam with tears. They ask if it's really true and in their new found happiness, Lucas and Sami jump up and down, alternating between laughing and crying. EJ is visibly upset and thinks that someone is paying Nick to say this, but he tells EJ and Kate that he screwed up the first set of results. Nick says he was under a lot of pressure to get the results in quick from the doctor but since then he ordered a new set of results. He hands the results over and a delighted new father Lucas holds Sami's belly and says, "Who's your daddy!?" to the twins! Sami's happiness is cut short when she realizes that someone must have been pressuring Nick to get the results. She looks at Kate and EJ for answers but Nick blames himself and says he was careless. Kate offers to talk to his supervisor about this but he wants to take full responsibility.

Sami stops him before he can leave and lets him know that she's not buying this! "Look me in the eye and tell me that Kate, EJ or Kate and EJ.. or someone else didn't have anything to do with this." She asks of him. Nick finds it hard to look at her but tells her that she's wrong. He leaves with Kate in tow. She starts to yell at EJ and Lucas takes a call. He tells Sami that Andre DiMera stabbed Roman. Sami runs to the bedroom but stops on the way and tells EJ that he means nothing. "That's why Stefano let me go. I have nothing that you want and there is no reason to be in my life. You're irrelevant." She tells EJ before she gets ready to go.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Chelsea tells Jett, "I'm just your informant, only I don't get paid and the perks aren't really that good. After you nail Jeremy, I don't ever want to see you again."

Steve tells Stephanie to throw this jerk out with the rest of the garbage.

Nick threatens Kate. "Do what I want and your secret stays safe." Kate asks, "And if I don't do what you want?" Nick says, "I expose you."

Sami tells Marlena, "I have to protect my children. The best way I can think of is to kill Stefano DiMera."

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