Chloe sits in her bed under a blanket of pregnancy pamphlets.

Philip and Kate are at the club eating salad. She doesn’t feel like talking. He pushes her about messing with Deimos. He claims not to enjoy watching her life fall apart but she’s sure he’s loving it. Her son thinks she’s out for revenge. She suggests that he look out for himself and taunts him about Chloe, sure the diva will make his life insane again. Chloe appears. Kate trashes her and exits. Philip asks Chloe if she agrees to his offer to pretend to be her baby’s father. He cares about her and wants her on his label. She needs to think some more. He pleads with her to let him help. They hug and she thanks him for saving her life.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos pours wine for Nicole. She still can’t get over Victor being involved in the Tatenapping. Deimos wonders if she thinks he had something to do with it too. She doesn’t, but can’t wrap her head around this. He suspects Victor was being set up and has his investigators digging into it. He’s sure that Victor will always have him in his crosshairs, no matter how much he just wants to be his brother. Nicole is moved by this sentiment so they do it on the couch.

Justin bursts into the police station and storms into the interrogation room where he orders Roman to follow the law. Victor barks that Deimos was behind all of this. Out in the hall, Brady is with Sonny, outlining all of the evidence they’ve discovered that implies Victor’s guilt. He admits that he wants him to be innocent. Sonny claims they have no facts, just opinions. Brady is confident but Sonny is sure he was set up. Victor comes out on his way to booking with Justin and Roman. Sonny assures his uncle that he won’t give up on him. Victor shuffles off with Roman. Brady reminds Justin of what Victor is capable of but the lawyer thinks that was all in the past. Justin urges him to have some family loyalty. Brady explains the lead he had on Deimos but it went cold.

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Maggie is in her hospital bed, listening to a report about the Cubs and weeping. She stares into space. Theresa comes in with Tate. They have some awkward small talk. Maggie insists that Victor wasn’t behind the Tatenapping. They discuss Summer. When Theresa leaves, Maggie calls the Salem PD and tries to convince them to let her speak to Victor. No luck so she leaves a message. She sobs and looks at their wedding picture on her phone. After flashing back to them exchanging gifts, she’s sure that he must be innocent. Soon after, Victor calls her on a cell he got from a guard. He assures her that he’ll come home to her. Meanwhile, Justin and Sonny arrive in the hall and talk over the evidence. Sonny says they will do whatever it takes to make this right, whether it’s legal or not.

Nicole and Deimos take a walk in the square. He asks her to move in again. She feels like they are moving too fast. As they make out, Kate spots them and cringes. Deimos feels her icy glare. She saunters over to mock them. Deimos suggests she lacks self-awareness and walks off with the blonde. Kate rips a flower apart.

Nicole and Deimos walk into the club. They spot Chloe and Philip hugging.

Brady goes to Theresa’s and finds her crying over Tate in the nursery. He tells her that the family will think they are traitors for going after Victor. She wonders if part him suspects his grandfather is innocent. He feels guilty for thinking Victor is guilty. But he loves her and their son. He feels like they’re all he’s got. She hugs him and says they will get through this together. They make out.

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