Chelsea flashes back to the 'almost kiss' between she and Jett, their discussion about it afterward, and Nick finding her in Jett's arms after their hot tub.

Danielle and Jett arrive at the Brady Pub and discuss their close call. Danielle tells Jett that he needs to be more careful or someone will find out. She worries that Chelsea could have heard him on the phone with Marc, just as she overheard her talking with Marc in the bathroom. Jett reassures her that he covered it, and Danielle wonders what will happen if Chelsea sees them together. Jett doesn't think that's going to happen, because after Chelsea broke up with Nick, she's been off licking her wounds somewhere. Danielle goes to take a phone call by the door and Jett goes to the bar for a drink. Chelsea unexpectedly shows up at the bar, and Jett nervously looks from Chelsea to Danielle.

Danielle is just a few feet away on her cell phone. She tells someone, "We've got it under control."

Meanwhile, Chelsea starts to tell Jett that although she said that the almost kiss meant nothing, "I…" Jett interrupts her, saying he can't do this right now. Chelsea is embarrassed but he asks if they can discuss it later. She turns to go and sees Danielle. "I'm an idiot," she says, humiliated. Jett and Danielle try to explain, but Chelsea doesn't want to hear it and leaves. Danielle tells Jett that at this point, Chelsea deserves to know.

Clothing is strewn about in the Vegas hotel, where Nick awakes and recounts the previous evening's event. He gleefully remembers that he won $50,000. 00. He takes it from his pockets and starts laughing. He stuffs it into his pocket to answer a knock at the door and when he opens the door, Max falls into Nick's arms, bloodied, bruised and beaten. Nick ushers him to the sofa as Max explains that two guys took him at gunpoint and beat him up. Nick wants to call the police, but Max refuses and thinks it has something to do with the knock off designer clothes deal that he and Jeremy have going. Max shares how he thinks there is more to their deal than meets the eye and tells Nick about Rawlings. Nick remembers that name from somewhere, and agrees that they need to find out what's going on. Nick thinks they're trafficking drugs, but Max isn't so sure. He's annoyed that they all left for Salem and Nick wonders if Jett is involved in this. He admits that he and Chelsea had a fight involving Jett and that the last 24 hours have been a blur. Max tells Nick that he's the one who needs a doctor, but Nick's not listening and wishes he could rewind the day. Max laughs, wanting the same, and says he wishes girls would have a twin so that you can do it over with the other if you mess up! A light bulb goes off in Nick's head as he remembers the reason why he went to see Sami was that the DNA test turns out that EJ's NOT the father of Sami's twins! He has to get back to Salem to come clean, he says.

Bo, another Salem police officer, and Lexi arrive at the pier and hope they can get to Andre. Lexi is shaking, but ready to help.

At Salem PD, Lucas impatiently tells Roman that they have to do something to help Sami. EJ asks what they'll do once they make contact, and Roman says that they'll say what they have to say in order to get through to Stefano.

On the plane, Rolf preps Sami for surgery and Stefano tells him that his life is in his hands. "Don't mess it up," he says. A call comes through and a surprised Stefano asks Bart to put the caller on the speaker phone and to make it quick. Roman's voice comes over the speaker. He relays that he knows exactly what's going on. Roman threatens Stefano that if anything happens to Sami, he won't live to see tomorrow! Stefano looks at Sami, shakes his head, and lies. "I'm on my way to see a specialist." Roman tells him that he knows that he's got Sami. Lucas yells into the speaker phone at the PD and threatens to kill Stefano if he hurts Sami. EJ and Roman try to calm Lucas down. EJ speaks up and Stefano is angered beyond belief! "Elvis. Why am I not surprised?" he asks. EJ begs his father not to do anything to Samantha and his babies, but Stefano doesn't think he should listen, considering EJ's taking side with his enemies!

Andre arrives at the pier and Lexi lies and says that Stefano thought that they should talk. She looks around nervously and Andre notices. He asks her if she's setting him up, and she backs up as he moves towards her! Bo and a fellow police man come out of their secret spot, and arrest Andre. "I'm not Andre, I’m Tony DiMera!" he yells. He says he was afraid that she was setting him up for Stefano and remembered that Lexi used to do Stefano's dirty work. "I was afraid for my life!" he explains. When Bo and Lexi don't believe him, Andre reminds Bo of a time they went to see 'La Boheme' together and says that they were friends once. Bo and Lexi are confused and unsure if Andre is really Tony. As the officer takes Andre/Tony away, Lexi asks, "If that's Tony, then where is Andre?" Bo wants to drive Lexi back to Celeste's place and promises to keep her posted.

Back at Salem PD, EJ tells Stefano through the speaker phone that he would never betray him and is loyal to him. He reminds his father that he never let anything or anyone hurt him and says he'll protect his children at all costs. "I know you're afraid to die, but these babies are future DiMeras." EJ says. We see Tony come into Salem PD while Stefano tells EJ that if the twins are anything like their father, they can't be his grandchildren! EJ threatens his father. "If you harm Samantha or the children, you won't see through the end of the week!" Stefano is angered by EJ's words and roars that he has turned on his own family. Tony (or is this Andre?) gets on the intercom and tells Stefano that he's going to assist EJ and the police in bringing him down. Stefano rolls his eyes and tells them it's time to go.

Once off the phone, Lucas and EJ go to Marlena with news about the phone call. On the way out, EJ thanks Tony and leaves.

Bo calls Roman, but before he takes the call, Roman tells Tony that Bo may have Andre in custody now. Roman picks up the phone and behind him, "Tony" (Andre) pulls a knife. Roman finds out that Bo and Lexi both aren't sure if Bo has have arrested Andre or Tony. They think there is a possibility that it could be Tony, and Roman pauses and asks Bo to hang on. He slowly turns to Andre and asks, "Andre?" Andre stabs Roman in the abdomen, and Roman gasps in shock and falls to the floor, clutching at his gut. Bo calls to Roman, but there is no answer, when Roman falls unconscious.

The real Tony arrives at the station in cuffs and the police find Roman stabbed and lying on the floor of his office. Tony checks Roman's pulse. He's alive. Roman whispers, "Damn you Andre." Tony says, "It's Tony. Hang in there. Help is on the way." Roman croaks, "You gotta stop Andre."

On the flight, Bart rushes in with a clip board in hand. He yells at Rolf not to start the surgery. "You're not a match. Elvis junior is not the father of Sami's babies!" he yells. Rolf consults the report and tells Stefano that Bart's right. Stefano yells, "How could this happen?" Bart comforts Stefano and asks what comes next. Stefano stares at Sami.

Lucas and EJ are at Brady Pub when they get a call from Sami. The guy's crestfallen faces brighten as Sami tells Lucas that she woke up in some hotel and wants him to come get her. Lucas tells her he'll be right there.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Jett tells Chelsea that the whole thing was a set up! "Danielle was in on it. Is that enough truth for you?" he asks.

Steve and Kayla sit with Stephanie and Jeremy and listen to Jeremy say that Stephanie reminds him of the man I want to be.

Bo tells Steve, "I got that jacket you wanted on Jeremy. It ain't pretty." He shows him a file.

Lucas tells EJ, "The bottom line is, you're out of our lives." EJ closes the door as Lucas holds a crying Sami close.

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