At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos tells Nicole he wants to celebrate with champagne. He explains everything’s changed – he gave Titan back to Victor. Nicole asks what he got in return. Deimos got the house and some money. Nicole is skeptical. Deimos insists he’s a better man because of her. She notes he didn’t give Victor back everything. Deimos wants to take care of her and give her everything. Deimos strokes her face and they kiss passionately. Nicole halts the proceedings as they get closer to making love, and leaves.

Belle finds a disheveled Chad in the DiMera parlor. He says Jennifer’s suing him for custody and he needs her help. Belle warns he’ll have to help himself first. She advises Chad to shower and lose the booze. They debate if his drinking has endangered Thomas. Belle points out Jennifer sought help for her painkiller addiction and looks like the stable one. Chad will do what she says. Belle signs on.

Claire and Ciara meet up in the Horton Square. Claire shares she’s hoping to play some tracks she’s written for Chloe and Philip. Ciara wishes her luck.

Breaking! James Read returning as Clyde

Jennifer helps Hope into her house where she sits gingerly on the sofa. Hope knows something’s wrong with Jenn, who admits she is suing for custody of Thomas and wants to hire Aiden to represent her. Hope is angry that she wants to hire Aiden. Jenn pleads – she’s taking a DiMera to court. Hope accuses her of trying to punish Chad for Abigail running away. Jenn needs someone ruthless and wants Hope to understand. Hope can’t be okay with it. Rafe arrives. Jenn exits. Hope fills him in. Rafe thinks it’s insane that Jennifer wants to hire Aiden – he’ll prove the guy tried to blow them up. Hope implores him not to get into trouble. Rafe agrees to keep his nose clean and focus on them. They kiss. Shawn and Ciara arrive. Rafe accepts their thanks for saving Hope, claims they saved each other, and goes. The kids fawn over Hope and Ciara says she’ll move back. Shawn goes and Ciara leaves for groceries after reassuring Hope all will be fine now that Aiden’s out of their lives. Alone, Hope has a nightmare about shooting Aiden.

Jennifer finds Aiden in his office. He figures she’s there about Hope. Jenn tells him she needs him to sue Chad DiMera for custody and she won’t discuss Hope. Aiden refuses to take the case because it will compromise her relationship with Hope. Once alone, Aiden learns Hope went home from the hospital and smiles.

Soapbox! Who is Tate’s kidnapper?

Chloe feels lousy at Club TBD and tells Philip she’d like to go somewhere more private. Taken aback, Philip suggests his place…or hers. Claire appears and agrees to accompany Chloe back to her room. Belle joins Philip and learns Claire left with Chloe. Belle is irked. Philip and Belle bicker over her issue with Chloe and who’s in charge. Philip insists he is – does she have a problem with that? Belle informs him it was a mistake to buy the label for Claire’s sake. Philip wonders why she’d kill her daughter’s dream. Belle is sick of him telling her how to raise her daughter. Philip hollers that she used to be his daughter too. Belle calls it a low blow. Shawn appears and advises Philip to mind his own business.

In Chloe’s room, she goes over some items with Claire, who then leaves. Chloe grabs her purse and heads out. She returns with a pregnancy test. Chloe does the test and stares at it.

Follow up: Galen Gering sells Hollywood Hills house over asking price

At the station, Roman and Rafe discuss tracing the bomb. Rafe is hoping to nail Andre and Aiden to the wall but promised Hope he’d be safe. Roman realizes Rafe really loves Hope. Roman says he’s going to forensics with the explosives. Rafe will stay out of it unless Aiden tries anything else – then all bets are off.

Ciara stops in on Chad to say she’ll be taking care of her mother. Chad is cleaned up and fills her in on Jennifer’s custody case. She offers to testify on his behalf or help with Thomas. She’ll be there whenever he needs her.

Deimos notices Chloe in the park and asks if she’s all right. She blurts that her life is none of his business and stalks off.

In the square, Nicole leaves Dario a message and flashes to kissing Deimos. Nearby, Jennifer runs into Chad, who knows she met with Aiden. Jenn pleads for him to just let her take Thomas for a little while. Chad says Abigail would be ashamed of her. “See you in court.”

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