Kayla finds Steve tending bar at TBD. “You’re kidding me,” she says. “What’s your pleasure?” he asks. She’s unhappy, thinking this job will be boring and get on his nerves. He holds her hands and tells her this is the first day of his new life. He plans on proving there’s nothing more important than getting her back. Kay thinks he’ll self-destruct. She brings up Fynn but he couldn’t care less about the doctor. Steve knows Kayla’s still in love with him. Kayla doesn’t want him to resent her for not letting him be himself. He argues that he’s not himself without her. They talk about their son and he gives her advice on how to get along with him since they’re always arguing. Kayla tells Steve about Joe’s nightmares and how he cries at night about Ava. He’s got an appointment with Marlena.

In the park, Joey whines that Jade didn’t spend the night. She says there’ll be other nights. They smooch until her father, Hal, comes upon them. “Get your filthy hands off my daughter,” he spits. Joey introduces himself but Hal cuts him off. He blames Joey for Jade’s wrongdoings though Jade takes full blame. They argue and things escalate. Hall grabs Joey and Fynn shows up. He pulls Hall away and calms everyone down. Jade decides to go with her father and Fynn takes Joey for a coffee to calm him.

At the Brady’s pub, Nicole has dinner with Parker and they discuss him getting an award in school. Dario approaches. “Who is the other man?” She laughs and makes introductions. Nicole was just inviting Parker and Chloe to dinner. Parker invites Dario because they share a love of chicken fingers. Once Parker’s gone, Nicole talks about her history with the kid. She talks about missing Daniel and bursts into tears. Dario listens and Nicole apologizes and spouts some platitudes about time healing all wounds. Dario thinks she should fall in love again. Daniel would want this. Nicole isn’t sure. Dario admits he wants to kiss her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos says he hasn’t heard of the Chopin Group or Georgios Papadopoulos. John shows him a photo of him with Georgios. Deimos did business with a lot of people. He can’t recall all of them. It was 30 years ago. Brady threatens Deimos’ life if he’s lying. They leave and Victor turns up to accept his brother’s offer. Deimos is taken aback. Victor wants the fighting behind them. He wants half his fortune, Titan and Deimos can keep the house. Deimos is fine with that. Vic needs to accept his guilt about being responsible for the argument that caused Helena to lose her life. He refuses Deimos’ apology about harming Maggie but agrees to stay out of each other’s way.

Summer worries for Theresa who is unconscious, bleeding from her forehead on the floor of the room beside Black Patch. Summer gets her things, says, “Sorry,” and runs out. Theresa comes to and calls Brady to fill him in. “She attacked me, Brady. She’s gone.” Theresa recounts her fall to him and John when they arrive and John finds a note with a hotel room for Salem Inn. They race off.

Summer sees Maggie in the Horton square and Maggie asks if she’s leaving Salem. Summer knows when she’s not wanted. She’s thankful to have met Maggie and breaks down. Maggie, of course, cries, and tells her daughter their time together meant a lot to her.  Maggie holds her arms out for a hug but Summer takes off.

Joey and Fynn arrive at TBD. Everyone’s surprised to see each other. Fynn takes a call and Steve tells his son that they need him to stop avoiding discussing Ava. He’ll see Dr. Evans tonight. Joey gasps but they insist he goes. Joey accepts it and walks out. Steve doesn’t want Fynn using his son to get to Kayla. Fynn retorts that it’s not what happened.

Theresa and Brady arrive at Salem Inn but Summer’s not there. Theresa has a gut feeling their son was there. In a search, Brady finds their son’s toy.

Joey and Kayla walk through the square and she tells him she doesn’t want him around someone who has no goals in life. Like Jade. Joey’s annoyed. He whines that he feels like he’s going to explode. They talk about her marriage and she explains she and Steve aren’t going to reunite.

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Back at the pub, Nicole appreciates Dario’s friendship but doesn’t want more. Deimos calls and tells Nicole his life has taken a turn for the better. He wants to meet but she’s busy.

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