In the casino bar, Nick asks Chelsea, "What do you say, want to tie the old knot?" Chelsea smiles and tells him he's drunk! She declines his proposition but he won't take no for an answer and thinks that she's hedging because she needs a wedding dress. He says he can get one but this puts her off more and she tells him to try his comedy routine somewhere else.

Nick creates a makeshift wedding band from a string of cherry stems and gives it to Chelsea, but she scoffs and says she can't be bought. Nick wants to take care of Chelsea and provide for her, he says, but Chelsea tells him to go away and blames his bump on the head for the change in behavior. She pushes him to see a doctor for the bump and gets up to leave. Nick furiously tells her he's getting married tonight with or without her!

Elsewhere in the casino, Stephanie blasts Jeremy for the one night stand that she heard about from Chelsea and Max. "How are you going to get out of this one?" she asks, wounded. Jeremy says Max got it all wrong and tells her that the girl was a friend of Rawlings and he was getting her tickets to Vegas. He talks quickly, flattering Steph by telling her that the girl wasn't his type anyway. The two are interrupted by Jett who boasts that Nick was on fire at the blackjack table and won $50,000. "And then, he asked Chelsea to marry him!" Jett continues with a grin. Stephanie smirks and Jeremy's eyes widen.

Jeremy, Jett and Stephanie watch the exchange between Nick and Chelsea and Stephanie tells Jer that if she finds out he's lying about this girl, they're through.

Jeremy finds Nick and starts smooth talking his cousin. He wants Nick to invest his winnings into his business and sweetens the deal and says that he can double his cash in a few short weeks! Nick's not interested and brushes Jeremy off.

Jett finds Chelsea moping across the room. She tells Jett that she wants to go to college, see the world and get a career. "The last thing I need now is to be tied down with a husband, don't you think?" She claims that she and Nick are too different and she wants someone who's more understanding, secure and trusting. Jett reminds her of the good in Nick and asks her to sleep on it before she makes any major decisions.

Nick goes to Stephanie and explains that Jeremy was trying to flatter him into going into business with him. He admits he doesn't trust Jeremy and when she sees Jer leave; she gets up to follow him. No sooner than Steph gets up, a girl sits down and introduces herself to Nick as China Lee. Nick buys her a drink as they get acquainted.

A few moments later, Nick and China Lee meet up with Jett and Chelsea and Nick introduces China as the next Mrs. Nick Fallon! The woman smiles brightly at Chelsea, who comments that he has only know this girl for 10 minutes. "What are you trying to prove?" she asks. Nick leaves with China and he thanks her for playing along. She asks, "We're not really getting married, right?" Nick tells her they're not but it doesn't mean they can't party together! They go off for more drinks.

Max opens his hotel room door to Ilsa- "Candy Cane". Ilsa's surprised to see Max and wants to leave, until he reminds her he's paying for her! She enters the room and Max lets her know he just wants to talk. He asks questions about Jeremy and tells her that the guy is bad news. He asks her questions about herself but she ignores his questions until he threatens her. She says she's from Slovakia and met Jeremy in Salem when he offered her a job. Max starts asking more questions when Jeremy walks in, surprised to find them together. Jeremy asks if Ilsa's okay and she tells him she's fine. She leaves and Jeremy and Max get into it again.

Bo leads a cloaked Lexi into his office. She's hiding from Abe, and when Bo tries to encourage her to see Abe, she refuses. John enters the office and asks Lexi to be the bait to hook Andre DiMera! Bo doesn't want Lexi to put her life on the line, but Lexi agrees to help. She feels that this is her chance to do something right. John gives Bo his word that Lexi will be safe and they put a plan into motion. John wants Lexi to meet Andre at the Wolverton building at the river front. John thanks Lexi for doing this for Sami, knowing that they've had their differences. Lexi scoffs and tells John that she wants to put the past with Sami behind them. John figures Sami will feel the same. Andre text messages John and agrees to the meeting and with anxiety in her voice, Lexi says, "Let's go put this monster out of commission."

At the apartment, Lucas tells Marlena what happened and EJ apologizes to Marlena for what his family has done. Marlena blows up at EJ. "As sorry as you were when you raped my daughter and shot my husband?" EJ tells her he cares deeply for Samantha, so Marlena orders him to prove it and get a hold of Stefano in order to find her daughter. Roman walks in and tells them that he can't find Stefano, Andre, Rolf or Sami. "It's like they dropped off the face of the earth," he says. Lucas yells at Roman for not doing his job, and they have a heated exchange until Tony arrives at the apartment and tells them that Stefano's plane is scheduled to fly over international waters. He found out that they'll stay in the air until Stefano survives the operation, and have the plane fueled in flight! He says doesn't think that any of them will see Sami again. Everyone's face falls in misery. Roman, Lucas and EJ go to the station to figure out a way to find Sami, while Tony stays behind to comfort Marlena.

John arrives at the apartment and shares his news about their sting and how Lexi is going to be used as bait. Tony suddenly runs off, cell phone in hand, and John asks if Marlena would like to see Andre behind steel bars. Marlena smiles that she would like that, and tells John how wonderful he is. They kiss and when they leave the apartment, John gives Marlena's butt a little playful smack!

On a private jet, Bart ices a black eye given to him from a feisty Sami, before he drugged her. Rolf tells Stefano that Sami's almost ready to give her donation to them. Sami lies unconscious on a gurney while Stefano hovers over her and says that youth is wasted on the young! Stefano asks Rolf if God will forgive him for sacrificing Sami for his life. He regrets that he was not able to wait until his grandchildren were born. "Ah Samantha. I wish things could be different but I'm afraid you must make this sacrifice." he says as he rubs her belly.

EJ and Lucas work together at Salem PD to find Sami. EJ says that his life was put into focus when he found out that the babies were his and apologizes for all he has done in the past. He calls Lucas a good father and says he'll be an amazing father to the twins. Lucas thanks him. The two are cut short by Roman, who announces, "We've got a location!" They're above the Caymans.

Back at the Vegas hotel, Jeremy and Max yell at each other when they're interrupted by Stephanie, who asks what's going on. Jeremy tells her that Max is just being a drama queen.

An angry Max leaves the hotel room and makes his way back to the bar, where he's met by two thugs - one of which is sporting a gun! They lead him away, as he looks from one, to the other, wondering what's going on. Behind them, Rawlings follows.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Max is bruised and battered and tells someone that he intends on finding out what's going on. "I'm going to see that Jeremy gets what's coming to him." He says.

Danielle says, "Chelsea, Hi." Chelsea looks at Jett and says, "I'm an idiot."

EJ tells Stefano, "If you care anything for me at all, do not harm Samantha or those babies." Stefano yells at him. "Why should I care for a son who stands with my enemies?"

Roman asks, "Andre?" Andre pushes something into Roman's stomach and Roman groans and hunches over.