Stephanie runs through the casino after Jeremy as he looks for Ilsa. She stops him and forces him to agree to dinner with her parents before she lets him run off. Max trails closely behind Jeremy.

At the blackjack table, Chelsea tries to persuade Nick to leave when his luck takes a turn for the worse, but Nick isn't going anywhere when he sees the gentleman to his left with two ladies draped over him, winning consistently. "This is stealing, man. This is too easy," the man says. Chelsea and Nick continue to argue until Nick calls Chelsea a buzz kill, so she plods off.

The blackjack winner introduces himself to Nick as Pete, AKA "Lucky Lucifer" Nick introduces himself as Nick "the geek" and Pete teaches Nick how to win at blackjack! He shows him his good luck charm which is his "Papi's glass eye". Nick finds the eye to be disgusting, but Pete tells him it's all he has left of his Papi, since he died. He mourns his Papi as he tells Nick the story about how Papi was in a fight and lost his eye. He says Papi found this glass eye in a pawn shop and ever since, Papi started winning in the casino, big. Pete took the eye after Papi died and his luck changed for the better as well, he says. This boosts Nick's morale and as Pete places the eye in front of Nick's cards, Nick wins!

Later, at the blackjack table, Nick tells Pete that he wants to win big and do something special for Chelsea. He plays one last hand and Pete tells him what the next card is. Nick winds up winning $50,000 and Pete tells him to go find that hottie of his. 'I don't think she's going to be angry at you anymore!" he says. Nick leaves.

Kayla arrives at the Brady Pub to Steve tending bar. She shows Steve new adorable photos of Claire and asks how he'd feel if they had another baby. While Steve likes things the way they are, Kayla's more of the mind that 'baby makes three' is better and goes about convincing Steve to see things her way. She tells him how many things he has missed out on but Steve doesn't think he's a good father. Kayla thinks that Stephanie will come around, but Steve says he has trust issues, holes in his life and wouldn't know the first thing about raising children. He worries that the child won't love him, but Kayla promises that it'd be impossible. Kayla keeps badgering Steve about the baby and Steve says the moment he had is gone. He says, "Having a kid is not for me. That boat sailed." She continues convincing him and he says she should give up her gig as a doctor and go into sales. He agrees to discuss it further and wants to make sure they have alone time. He kisses her.

On the beach, Shawn waits for Belle's answer to his proposal. She is taken by surprise says she thought they'd have more time to discuss it, but like Shawn, she wants to start their life together. They kiss and he says he'll take that as a yes, but she hesitates and says she wants to be certain. Shawn tells her that whatever is in store for them, he wants to do it together and wants to do what it takes to make them happy. "So do I," Belle says with a smile, but thinks it's such a big decision and a surprise. Shawn pokes fun of her and tells her he'll give her plenty of warning next time he surprises her! Belle grins and reminds him that she hasn't answered his question yet. He playfully swings her over his shoulder and throws her to the sand to kiss her. They laugh and kiss and when they come up for air, Belle tells Shawn that she wants them to be honest with one another and makes a confession. She knows that he didn't get on the plane for that interview in Cleveland. Shawn realizes that Philip told her and says that he didn't want to be under Philip's thumb, or be away from her or Claire all week. "Working at the garage, with a share of the profits will help us to have a future." He says. Belle asks what he did that day, and he flashes back to booking a flight to Indiana, then lies and says, "Nothing. I just drove around." He apologizes for not telling her about it and asks what comes next. Belle says they have unfinished business and gets down on one knee, proposing to Shawn! Shawn is surprised and happily accepts. The two share a kiss and a loving embrace.

Jeremy finds Ilsa coming out of the ladies room and tells her, "Babe, you've got to stay out of the casino." Ilsa says, "It won't happen again," and Jer asks her to make sure she does her job. Max surprises the two and asks Jeremy what's going on, but Jeremy plays innocent. Max asks Ilsa why she's in Vegas and she tells him it's none of his business. She leaves the guys alone and Jeremy claims Max is just as bad as he is or worse, for taking money when he doesn't even know where it comes from!!

Max and Jeremy take their argument to the hotel room where Max tells Jer he wants out. He gives Jer the cash back and threatens to expose him if he's selling more than designer knock offs.

Jeremy goes back to the casino and to the bar where Stephanie and Chelsea sit. Chelsea goes off to find Nick and Jeremy is puzzled by Stephanie's bad mood. He offers to give her a backrub but Steph refuses, claiming it always leads to sex and she's not in the mood! She leaves Jer, looking mystified.

Chelsea finds Nick who proudly shows her his winnings. He says that they're young, rich and thinks they should get married!

Back at the table, Pete tells the dealer to put anything the skinny kid won on his tab! She wants to know why he'd do this for a stranger, and he watches Nick with Chelsea and says he's a romantic and did it for love! He leaves the table and finds a janitor, who's wearing an eye patch. He shows him the glass eye and asks the man if he lost it. The guy smiles and asks where he found it and Pete says, "You should keep a better eye on your eye! It's a lucky eye."

Max finds Ilsa's date at his hotel room and demands to know how to find Ilsa. When force is used on the man, he fesses up that the girl goes by the name of "Candy Cane", and is a prostitute. Max orders the man to find her for him.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Chelsea tells Nick that the answer is no, in response to his proposal!

EJ says, "I care very deeply about Samantha." Marlena tells him to get a hold of his 'so called' father and get Sami back.

Lucas tells Tony, "You've got to be kidding me." Tony says, "I wish I were, Lucas. You know, I don't think any of us are going to see Samantha any time soon."

Stefano tells Rolf, "I wish it could be different but we must make this sacrifice."