At the Brady Pub, Philip lets Billie hear the last telephone message from the "baby caller". He tells her it started a few weeks ago and gives Billie a copy. She assumes it's personal and asks him to make a list of any possible enemies. She agrees to use her influence to call his cell phone provider to find out where the calls originate from. She goes to another booth and as Belle arrives at the pub, to wait for her date with Shawn.

In the hospital, Bo tells Shawn about Andre's paralysis being a hoax. Shawn tells his dad that he plans on proposing to Belle. Bo's happy for him and soothes Shawn's doubts that Belle will say yes! Bo comforts him and then jokes, "You're not that ugly!" Shawn admits it's about money. He wants to pull in more money for her, and Bo realizes that this is just part of Shawn's insecurity about Philip. Bo reminds him that he has Belle's heart and suggests he may want to wait to pop the question until he has more money. "It's your decision," he finishes, and Shawn takes off to the pub as Roman comes to talk to Bo.

In Vegas, Nick and Jeremy walk in on Chelsea in Jett's arms, (She slipped getting out of the hot tub.) and Nick explains that he's there because they were to spend the night together. Jeremy lets Chelsea know that Nick hurt his head, and Nick says, "There was a bomb," He doesn't give details and she doesn't ask, but he demands to know what's going on. Chelsea asks Nick to go home, because she's got to work. She explains that she slipped getting out of the hot tub and that what he saw was innocent. Chelsea goes off to change and she and Jett leave for the casino.

Outside, Chels complains to Jett about Nick following her to Vegas, and Jett reminds her that he gave her an out, but she chose to work.
Nick opens his suitcase and prepares for a night on the town.

Outside in the hot tub, Jeremy and Stephanie drink champagne and kiss. Steph flashes back to her fight earlier with Chelsea and her words about men buying women gifts when they feel guilty. Steph asks Jeremy if he gave her the ring out of guilt but eats her words when Jeremy looks hurt and asks if Max has been trashing him again. She says 'no', and Jer tells her that he has a business on the side that makes him a lot of money. He worries that people will be envious of him and talk behind his back. Stephanie asks what he means and wants to know what the business is but Jeremy becomes annoyed with her questioning and accuses her of playing dumb. He takes off to the casino for some "alone time"!

At Sami and Lucas' place, EJ's briefcase continues to beep, and Lucas pushes Sami. "It's a bomb! Stand back, Sami!" he yells as EJ tries to make sense of who could have planted it. He gently opens the case and a blast of smoke causes the three of them to pass out.

Later, Lucas and EJ awake groggy and EJ finds an ether canister in his briefcase. He says they're lucky to be alive. The men panic as they realize that Sami's gone!

In a Vegas casino, Max loses a game of blackjack and then finds Ilsa with some guy, asking her for a little sugar! Max flashes back to meeting her. Ilsa's date says, "I gotta see a man about a horse. Don't go anywhere, candy pants!" Once the man is gone, Max approaches Ilsa, who refuses to talk. Her date returns and tells Max to back off. Max refuses to listen and he and the man end up in a fight. When the man goes down, Ilsa slaps Max across the face and tells him to stay out of her business. She stomps off as security grabs her date and leaves.

Still smarting from the exchange with Ilsa and her date, Max is greeted by Jett and Chelsea. Max tells Jett that Ilsa is there in Vegas and that he's picking up a weird vibe from her. He asks Chelsea if she has told Steph that Jeremy's cheating on her but she says she didn't have the heart. Jeremy shows up and gives Max his cut of the loot.

Stephanie shows up in the Casino, all dolled up and she and Jeremy make up. Jer shows her the cash he got for his little side deal and tucks a few bills in her bra. Stephanie asks Jer to plan a dinner with her parents and just as he's about to, Ilsa walks by and Jeremy rushes after her.

At the bar, Chelsea and Jett watch Jeremy and Stephanie. Chelsea's about to come clean with Steph about Jer's cheating when they are interrupted by a booming voice from Nick, who is making himself known at a blackjack table!

At the Brady Pub, Philip asks Belle to sit with him. She mentions how she's waiting for her date at the beach with Shawn, and how Hope's looking after Claire. Philip tells Belle that he found her little wish list (a dog eared catalogue) and shows her that he bought her a new wardrobe for her and a few outfits for Claire. Belle cries in delight but can't accept them, she says. Philip's face falls and she says she can't explain this to Shawn.

Shawn arrives at the pub and noticing Billie sitting alone, he sits down and proudly shows her Belle's engagement ring. Billie's jaw drops to the floor in awe. "It's huge. It's gorgeous!" she fawns and asks how he paid for it. Shawn confesses that Max helped him out, since he's managing the garage now. He shares his plans to propose to Belle at the beach. He pops over to Belle and Philip's table and asks them what's with the clothing. Belle lies and says Marlena bought them for her as a gift, and then when Shawn leaves for a moment, she immediately feels bad for lying. She thanks Philip for the clothes, happy to be spoiled a little.

At Sami and Lucas', Roman tells EJ and Lucas that they found muscle blocker in a syringe at the hospital. He says Andre used it to fool everyone of his paralysis and now he's missing, along with Stefano. Lucas freaks out and worries that Sami and the babies' lives are in jeopardy. Roman asks him to calm down but EJ confesses he's sure that Stefano will do whatever he needs to do in order to get what he wants. Roman checks the apartment and notices that they took Sami and left through the fire escape. He implores Lucas to stay put but after he's gone, EJ says, "Come on. It's up to us to find Samantha."

At the Pub, Billie arrives back at Philip's table and says she traced the calls to Indiana. Philip doesn't know anyone there, so Billie agrees to do further digging.

At the beach, Shawn and Belle lie on a blanket and stare at the stars. Belle is mesmorized by the stars and how the light reflects on the water. Shawn asks, "Do you think the stars might be as sparkly as this?" and he takes out the ring box. Belle is visibly surprised and grins as she opens the box. She gasps at the huge rock within and looks at Shawn happily as he asks her to marry him!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Kayla asks, "What do you think about us with a little baby?"

Ilsa promises, "It won't happen again." Jeremy tells her to simply do her job. Max interrupts and asks, "What job is that, Jeremy, because I'd sure like to know."

Belle gets down on one knee and proposes marriage to Shawn! Shawn asks, "You're proposing to me?" Belle grins and asks, "Are you going to marry me or not?"

Nick yells, "I won fifty grand!" and thanks Pete (Jerry Springer) who tells him there is more where that came from!