Stephanie and Chelsea sit in the hot tub discussing Jeremy, and how Max doesn't care for the way that Jeremy does business. Stephanie has nothing but good to say about her boyfriend, and shows off her new toe ring. Chelsea says, "Some guys are like that when they have done something wrong." This perturbs Stephanie who brings up Billie and Nick. "You mean like how Nick got after he slept with your mom?" The two start arguing and get out of the tub. Chelsea suggests that Stephanie get an STD test and if it comes out negative, she'll apologize! Stephanie stalks off in a huff while Jett makes an entrance.

On the plane, Jeremy tells Rawlings that people are asking questions about their deal, but Rawlings says they can't back out on it now. Nick walks in on the flight and is met with Rawlings gun! He apologizes for pulling a gun and leaves, while Jeremy explains that Rawlings is airport security. Nick starts to discuss his date with Chelsea and promptly passes out. He awakes with Jeremy splashing water on his face!

At the hospital, Andre lies in traction, bandaged up! EJ ridicules Andre and Andre mumbles something in return. EJ asks him to repeat it but Stefano bellows, "He said look behind you! He's paralyzed permanently and Bo Brady is responsible. We have to have a long talk, my son."

Rolf wheels Stefano out of the room with EJ following. EJ yells "That's Andre in there!!" Stefano knows and tells EJ how disappointed he is in him. EJ can't believe that he knew all along that Tony was really Andre, but Stefano sneers and says that if he chooses to thumb his nose at the DiMeras, he'll reap what he sows!

While the others are outside his room, André (paralyzed?) reaches over, grabs EJ's briefcase and looks inside.

EJ, Rolf and Stefano return and EJ yells at his father that he has done all that was asked of him, but Stefano isn't interested and tells him he never wants to look upon his face again. EJ storms off, briefcase in hand. Stefano Andre if he planted a surprise for EJ, and he grins. The doctor arrives and is blasted by Stefano, who wants to know what's wrong with his son. He threatens to knock the hospital on its knees if he doesn't find out, soon!

No sooner does the doctor leave but surprise visitor Tony arrives in Andre's room! Stefano looks as though he's seen a ghost. "My God, Tony…" he gasps, jaw dropped. Tony laughs and tells his father that indeed it's him and, "It' so good to be back!" he says smoothly. Tony greets his cousin, but before Tony can pick a bone with Andre, Stefano explains that Andre may never walk again. Tony says, "Well Hallelujah," and notifies Stefano that his adversaries are after him."Your reign of terror is over. Period." He spits out.

In Sami and Lucas' apartment, Roman has forensics check out the card that came with the bouquet. It reads, "May the two of you live happily ever after in heaven, Love, EJ!" Sami is aghast and doesn't believe that EJ would try to kill them. She asks why he'd risk getting caught by placing his business card along with the flowers! Roman says he is one step ahead of her.

EJ walks into the apartment and is upset to learn that Nick was involved in the bombing. He tells Roman he was at an SEC meeting and can have someone vouch for him. He apologizes to them for his family but Lucas vents his frustration on to EJ. Sami knows that EJ he's in as much trouble as they are. Roman suggests that Sami move in with him, when she refuses to go to a safe house, but both Lucas and Sami refuse that, stating they want to stay home and prepare for their babies. Roman is convinced and leaves with a promise from Lucas that he'll take care of Sami. After Roman is gone, EJ has a seat, and asks Sami and Lucas if they want to relax and play some cards. Lucas and Sami look perplexed, and EJ bursts into laughter. He says he's just lightening up the mood, but Lucas is not in a good mood, so shows EJ the door! EJ grabs his briefcase and heads to the door, but stops suddenly, noticing that his briefcase is ticking!

Roman arrives at the hospital and happily greets old friend Tony. They agree to meet up later so Roman can tell Stefano that the bomb missed Sami. Stefano asks, "The bomb?" Roman tells him that they need to settle this before the big party, and this confuses Stefano more. Roman explains further, that they'll be dancing around his grave soon. Roman tells a smug Stefano that Andre's going to prison and this is just the beginning.

Roman leaves the room and asks the guard not to let anyone into Andre's room. The guard laughs at Roman, noting that a man in a wheelchair and a paralyzed man can't do much harm! Tony follows Roman out and agrees to find the "key" to the feud.

On the beach, Maggie cries that she can't find Nick to Bo and Hope. They try to comfort her and when they find out that she has called everywhere looking for him, Bo calls Jeremy and finds out that Nick is with him on the plane. Bo explains that Nick needs medical attention right away, so Jeremy agrees to help him.

On the plane, Jeremy puts down the phone and agrees to help Nick find Chelsea, but warns him that he can't help the fallout!

In the Vegas hotel room, Jett asks Chelsea to discuss their 'almost kiss', but she's in no mood to discuss anything and they both chalk it up to using one another when they had issues in their relationships. When they agree to move on, they appear very uncomfortable with each other and complain of being over heated. They get out of the tub and Chelsea slips and falls into Jett's arms just as Nick and Jeremy walk in!

Anna drops by the Brady Pub to share the news with Hope and Bo about Tony's return to Salem. She is on the lookout for Roman, and runs off with a blissful expression on her face.

Once Anna's gone, Hope sadly tells Bo that his brother is about to get his heart broken. Bo thinks Roman will be happy to get rid of Anna and they argue about whether or not Roman will care if he's dumped. Hope suggests another bet! "Double or nothing?" They smirk and plan on having Bo streak (remove all clothes and run around the pub) if he loses!

Anna returns with Tony at her side, and are greeted warmly by Bo and Hope. Tony admits he came from Stefano. "I told him I came home to bring him down," Tony says with his trademark grin! In walks an uncomfortable Roman, who makes a beeline to the kitchen to hide from Anna. Hope sadly tells Bo that she's sad for poor Roman but Bo lost the bet - again! He takes it all off and goes running around the pub, while Hope snickers and watches from inside!

We see the guard at the hospital tied up in Andre's bed and the doctor talking to Roman on the phone. Roman darts out of the kitchen at the pub and tells Hope that Andre and Stefano escaped! Hope is visibly upset but her mood changes once Bo returns naked! Roman is more than a little confused with what's going on but tells Bo about the escape of Andre and Stefano. Bo wants to help, but Roman suggests he put on some pants first!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Max asks Ilsa if she's okay, but she shakily explains, "I cannot talk to you." Max tells her he is a good guy but he's interrupted by some man claiming that Ilsa is with him.

Bo asks his son, "Something on your mind?" Shawn beams, "Yeah, I'm thinking of asking Belle to marry me!"

Belle tells Phillip, "You are a girl's dream come true!"

Lucas shoves Sami, exclaiming, "Sami! It's a bomb!"

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