At the pub, Bo starts to wonder if he and Hope should be pouring over Colleen's letters with his father around. It can't be making the old man comfortable. Hope shakes her head and turns back to the matter at hand. She starts talking about the 'gorgeous guy', Santo, who looks just like EJ. Although Bo is reluctant to think that Colleen would be taken in by looks alone, Hope makes it relevant to him: All he had to do was pull up on his motorcycle and her dreams and hopes would all be tossed aside. Thinking of their first meeting, this clarifies everything for him. All the same, he tries to make excuses for his aunt and assumes that Santo was taking advantage. They start to read the letters again and find that Colleen was interested in more than life in her cell. It wasn't just the temptation of a man that terrified her, it was the doubt that he brought into her life.

Flashback to Colleen and Santo taking Shawn and Stefano down to the beach. He's reluctant to let the boys run off on their own, but she insists that they be allowed. Seeing that she's cold, he gives her his coat. As she reminds him that they should have a chaperone, he sits down and begins preparing their lunch. She wants to know what he really wants, 'no more of this blarney' about a friend for his son. He promises her that he only wants her company; he has deep respect for a nun's devotion...but he's puzzled about why she chose that path when she is so beautiful. To hide such beauty is a sin. She moves away from him and protests that she has wanted to join the order ever since she was a wee lass. He tells her that she should know the world before she withdraws from it. She tells him that he's a man with no direction while she has a calling to follow. After agreeing not to call her calling into question again, he asks if he can see her in a beautiful dress. She imagines that he wants to pinch her, but he promises her that he just wants to look. 'It is a sinful request,' she says. They both know what he is really thinking and she won't let him shame her or her family. Once she calls Shawn back to her side, they run off together.

The following night, however, Colleen does come to meet Santo. She arrives in a dress with her hair down. They sit on the beach bathed in moonlight while she tells him that she believes that he is the devil sent to tempt her from the right path. 'I am not tempted,' she assures him. 'I wish I could say the same,' he says. He will never be free of her, no matter how far he goes from this place. Looking up at the sky, she asks him about the world beyond Ireland. He tells her about New York. She dreamed of going there, but she doesn't have the freedom of men. 'It is not to be imagined: it is to be seen. Let me show you,' he says, touching her face. She steps away for a moment before he leans in to slowly kiss her. As their kisses become more passionate, little Shawn appears.

Max sits down with Jeremy on the jet. He's annoyed that Max is still worrying so much about the merchandise that they're transporting and tells him to make himself scarce when they land. Later, Jett sits by Max and he tells him that Jeremy is shutting him out. He'd like to know why Jett is still involved with this guy. Up front, Stephanie asks Chelsea if she is thinking about taking a roll with Jett. Nothing is going on between her and Jett. She loves Nick. 'Like a brother,' Stephanie says, tired of listening to this. As she walks away, Jett appears looking for a drink. That's just an excuse though. He wants to talk to her about last night. She needs him to stop getting in between her and her boyfriend. After he walks away, Max appears, concerned about Jeremy. He needs to get Stephanie away from him; he's been sleeping around. Max wishes that Chelsea would break it to Steph that Jeremy isn't perfect. He's already caught him with another girl and, what's more, it was weird, she was crying and terrified. Chelsea doesn't think it will be easy to convince Stephanie of the truth. Suddenly, Stephanie returns, assuming that they are gossiping about Jett. 'You really are clueless,' Chelsea says, shaking her head.

As Sami answers the door, she finds Nick standing there with news. She's surprised to see that he has a bouquet of flowers in his hands. They were just sitting in the doorway when he picked them up and seem to be beeping. Slamming the door shut, the flowers explode. Sami has safely fallen inside the doorway and Lucas helps her up before they pull the door open and find Nick on the hallway floor surrounded by smoke. They assume that this was another bomb sent by the DiMera's. As they worry and apply a rag to his head, Nick gradually regains some consciousness. When Lucas tells him that he saved Sami and the twins from a bomb, Nick asks: 'What bomb?' As they question him, he can't remember anything since he was on the beach with Chelsea. Sam tries calling Chelsea but she doesn't pick up. Lucas asks Nick what he needed to tell them, but he doesn't know. Later, the police arrive and question Nick, who still doesn't remember anything. After the cops leave, Nick begs Lucas to help him find Chelsea. He needs to talk to her; she's mad but he doesn't know why. Suddenly, he believes that he and Chelsea are over. He starts to feel ill and they help him to the bathroom. Sami is shaky, knowing that she was the target of this attack. Lucas assumes that Stefano must want them dead now. 'I'm scared,' she says, hugging him. Moments later, the paramedics arrive to get Nick, but he has vanished. We see that he has returned to the beach searching for Chelsea and mumbling to himself before calling Hope. After hearing about the explosion, Bo gets on the phone. Nick has already hung up and calls the airport for a ticket to Vegas.

Next on DOOL:
Bo, Hope and Maggie search for Nick.

Nick catches Chelsea in a moment with Jett.

Sami is ready to take on all of the DiMera's

Tony returns to surprise his father.

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