Max tends bar at the Brady Pub for Pop when Stephanie drops by. They get into a heated discussion about Jeremy, when Max asks her to keep an eye on him and not be so trusting. Jeremy arrives and tells they've got another Vegas run tonight. He mentions how he sent someone to find Chelsea. Max isn't sure he'll be going along this time because he's busy helping 'Pop'. Stephanie leaves the two alone to talk and Max tells Jeremy he's rethinking being partners. Jeremy slips him a wad of cash from the big boss to change his mind. Max refuses the money and the two argue. Stephanie returns and Jeremy asks her what's up with Max. She turns to Max and asks him, "Why don't you tell Jeremy how you told me that you don't trust him?" Jeremy asks Max what that's about, but Max says to forget it, and a manipulated Max takes the money that Jeremy previously offered.

Chelsea and Nick are having a late night picnic at the beach. They start fooling around and Nick tells Chelsea that he thought she didn't want anything to do with him because of their last meeting. He asks if something happened since then. Chelsea tells him nothing happened, but flashes back to making a pass at Jett. They resume making out but are interrupted by none other than Jett, who asks Chelsea if she's available for a run to Vegas tonight. She jumps at the chance. Nick looks upset with her decision and Chelsea asks Jett to give them time to talk. Once Jett leaves, she asks Nick what's going on. He says he just wants to spend time with her, but she says that Jett's her boss and she's going to Vegas. Chelsea says that if he has a problem with her going to Vegas for work that maybe he's right and they should break up. She leaves Nick to ponder this.

Jett shows up at the Pub and tells Max, Steph and Max that Chelsea may not be coming, because she's hanging out with Nick. Jeremy starts trashing Nick until Max reminds Jeremy that Nick is his cousin and that he shouldn't be trashing him. Jeremy goes off to a booth with Stephanie and Max and Jett get into it about Jeremy. Jett asks Max to come out and tell Stephanie the truth about Jeremy. They agree to work together to blow Jeremy out of the water! Jett suggests that Max spy on Jeremy!

At the booth, Jeremy vents to Stephanie that Max is treating him like crap. He promises that Max won't get away with it now.

Chelsea is in her uniform and walking into the pub when Nick calls to apologize for the way things went. Chelsea asks if they can discuss it later, and when he tells her he loves her, she replies, "Yeah, me too." Once inside the pub, everyone is happy to see Chelsea has made it and Jett, Stephanie and Max leave while Chelsea waits for Max.

Nick later gets a call from Doctor Stone, with DNA results from Samantha Robert's twins. The Doctor tells Nick the news, and Nick heads over to tell Sami the news.

On the island, Marlena and John plead with Tony to come back to Salem with them, but he refuses, stating that Stefano has all but destroyed his life. "I'm sorry, but Stefano is no longer a part of my life," Tony says, with a frown. Marlena thinks it could be therapeutic for him to go back, but Tony calls the island as close to heaven as you can get! Marlena tries to convince him but he says that until Stefano is dead and buried, "This is my home!" John is ready to give up, but Marlena accuses Tony of being afraid to go home and confesses that his friends need him. Tony tells her that there is nothing she can do that'll change his mind, and he sees Anna, come out of nowhere.

Tony is bowled over, and rubs his eyes. Anna smiles and starts to cry, as Tony stares longingly at Anna. He asks what she's doing here, and stares for a long time before saying, "It's so good to see you!" When he moves in to hug her, Anna comes to her senses and demands that he stay where he is. She asks how they can be sure that he's not Andre. Tony tries to convince her that it's him, but her fear causes her to grab a gun from her handbag and point it at Tony! John asks her to calm down, but she flashes back to the past, when they were in the same situation, and Anna had a Q&A going with a gun trained on Tony, in order to find out who he really was. She asks him how much money he put into her design company, and he can't answer, because it was 20 years ago. Tony grapples for answers, as Anna grows frantic with her gun wielding. Marlena begs Anna not to shoot, but Anna's confused. John grabs the gun and Tony grabs Anna and hugs her tight. He tells her he may not remember everything, but he remembers how much he loved her!

Tony reminds Anna of the last time they were together, on the plane to Haiti, with his mother Daphne. He tells her the name of the man who framed her for his murder, and Anna starts to cry. "That's the last time I saw you. My God, I can't believe it's you..." she cries and the two kiss. John tells Marlena that it's contagious and kisses Marlena. Anna and Tony come up for air and Anna grins and says, "Oh Tony, it's really you!" She asks that he never leave him again, and Marlena asks if he has changed his mind about leaving the island. Suddenly Tony's island ladies return and Anna takes offense as they drape themselves on him. Tony smiles at them and John informs Tony that he has a decision to make!

We see Anna sobbing uncontrollably and kissing a thrilled Tony, on John's plane. John asks Tony about the 'key', and he says it was solid gold and had a very archaic cut to it. Tony says he has no idea what it unlocks but Stefano told him that it was the key to the secret of the DiMera/Brady feud. Tony notices Anna's perfume and tells her she's sweet to have remembered. Tony asks if he can stay with her and Marlena lets it slip that she lives with Roman. Tony is taken aback!

At the apartment, Sami feeds Lucas strawberries and whipped cream and things heat up. They start kissing when Lucas jumps up and remembers he has left ice cream in his car. He opens the door to leave, and we see the beeping bouquet through a crack in the door. Lucas is dragged to the sofa to make love, by Sami, who tells him the ice cream can wait! Basking in the afterglow, Sami admits she's craving curry, but Lucas apologizes and says he's cooking for her. Sami is impressed that he made peace with EJ. Lucas asks her to promise that when the twins are all grown up, she'll allow him to kick the crap out of EJ. Sami laughs and says she'll pull the first punch! They feel the baby kick, and Sami says she wants their little girl to be a princess. Lucas says he wants their son to be a football player! Sami is touched when Lucas calls the twins his kids, and tells him it's the sexiest thing she's ever heard. More kissing ensues, as the beeping continues in the bouquet. Later, Lucas gets dinner out of the oven and Sami hears a knock at the door.

Nick arrives at Sami's place, holding the bouquet. He tells her that they it was there when he arrived, but he thinks they're beeping! Sami's eyes widen in shock.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Jeremy tells Max, "Give me a break." Max says, "I just want to keep track of things." Jeremy tells him to keep track all he likes but just not tonight!

Stephanie asks Chelsea, "If you were rolling around on that beach blanket with Jett, would you still have dropped everything and worked this flight?"

Colleen (not in her habit) tells Santo she won't have any more of this kind of talk. Santo retorts, "I don't want any talk either, Colleen." They move closer as though they're going to kiss!

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