At the Brady home, Hope glances at the photo of Santo in amazement. She can't believe how much he looks like EJ. Sami excuses herself to get some water, and Hope assumes that the connection between Sami and Colleen is starting to freak Sami out. Roman says he thinks that this is also why Stefano is so obsessed with getting Sami and EJ together. Roman goes off to find Anna and once Sami returns from the kitchen, she tells Hope that this is fate and it's creepy. She sadly tells Hope that she's bonded to EJ forever now, because of the babies. They agree to hide the photo of Santo from Lucas when Sami mentions how jealous and "bent out of shape" Lucas gets when she brings up the word 'forgiveness' in the same sentence as EJ. Hope wonders if Sami has feelings for EJ, but Sami dispels that thought. "I couldn't have them, I mean what kind of person would I be?" she asks. Hope says that if she does, and tries to fight them, they'll only end up stronger. Sami retorts, "I love Lucas." Sami says she should want to kill EJ for what he did to her. "I did try to kill him," she vents, and Hope jumps up. "What?!!" she gasps. Sami relays the story and says she didn't want him dead because she liked EJ and he was her friend, when nobody else was - and in spite of her past. Hope reminds Sami that he raped her but Sami thinks that EJ was brainwashed by the DiMeras and she wants to believe he has changed. Hope thinks that it all could have been an act, but Sami thinks that EJ wants to be a better person. Hope asks her to make sure she's doing the right thing.

EJ arrives unexpectedly at Lucas' door to ask for peace. Lucas snidely asks, "Oh now, you want peace?" EJ says he wants to be a part of the children's life and asks that Lucas consider respecting him as the father. "You want respect? Give up your parental rights!" Lucas doesn't know what love is and EJ quietly suggests that the children will teach him and they shouldn't be told how they were conceived until they're at an age where they can make up their own mind about him. He tells Lucas that the children deserve to be loved. Lucas softens and says that if he is serious, and wants to be a good father, he won't stand in his way. He threatens that if he does anything to harm the kids, or Sami he'll make sure EJ doesn’t see them again. The men shake hands and Sami interrupts, surprised to find no bloodshed. EJ shares that he and Lucas have made peace. Sami is pleased and says she feels very relieved. EJ heads home and Sami notices that the table is set for a romantic dinner, and hugs Lucas, thanking him for the thought and being civil with EJ. "I am the luckiest woman in the world." She cries.

Rolf arrives at Sami's house with a beautiful, yet beeping bouquet of flowers!

On the plane, John pops a bottle of champagne. Marlena wonders if Tony's alive or even sane, after being on the island for 20 years. They start to kiss when they're interrupted by Anna, who waltzes in with her bags packed, ready to go! John is against her coming along until she reminds him that a single kiss will tell her if the man on the island is really Tony. Marlena and John laugh as Anna changes into a cocktail dress in order to look good for her husband. John looks down at his shirt and pants and says he's starting to become insecure about his own attire. He jumps up and poses for them and asks how he looks, and Marlena and Anna break out into a fit of laugher. The plane starts to descend, and Anna appears nervous.

Bo summons Stefano to the Brady Pub, to discuss Andre. Rolf watches from the back of the pub while Bo tells Stefano that Andre has been posing as Tony for 20 years. Stefano thinks it's a joke and reminds Bo that Andre died many years ago, but Bo shows him DNA proof to support his claim. The two argue about the family feud and when an exasperated Bo asks, "When is this vendetta going to end?" Shawn steps up to the plate and retorts, "It doesn't!" Bo asks his father to explain what happened to Colleen, and Stefano answers for him. "Yes Shawn. Tell your son how you killed your own sister." Bo looks stunned as Shawn stalks off to the kitchen. Stefano refuses to tell Bo the rest of the story and threatens Bo. "Tonight I put an end to this vendetta. I'm going to make sure there are no more Bradys" Bo's jaw drops and in walks Roman, interrupting the men.

Bo takes Roman aside and asks if he knows where Anna is. Bo explains she went to the island with John and Marlena, to find Tony. This doesn't sit well with Roman.

Meanwhile, at the table, Stefano tells Rolf to gather all of his associates so they can go after the Bradys. Andre may not make it through the night, he says and won't let this go unpunished!

John and Marlena arrive on the island and find evidence of someone living there. Suddenly Tony shows up, with two island ladies trailing behind! He stops short and stares at Marlena, who starts to cry and call out, "Tony!" Tony tells them that he saw a plane fly above for the first time in 20 years and asks if it's really her! He rushes into Marlena's arms. He introduces Lindi and Lola to John and Marlena and says they've been with him for six years. Marlena introduces John as her husband which astounds Tony. "What happened… to Roman," he asks and is told that they're still friends. She tells him they have so much to share, and then starts to explain to Tony that John is his brother, but Tony interjects before she says anything and says, "John's a lucky man."

Tony admits Andre confessed to committing many crimes in his name and that Stefano aided him in his crimes. Tony asks about the kids and is dejected after hearing that Sami's twins were fathered EJ who forced the conception, for Stefano. Marlena asks if he knows anything about the DiMera/Brady feud and tells him about the letters from Santo and Colleen. Tony says he knows that Colleen was murdered, and Santo never got over it. He knows about the vendetta and remembers that Stefano holds a key that he wears on him all the time, without fail. "It has to do with the vendetta, and how to end it," Tony adds.
John tells Tony that they'll go back to Salem and find the key, but Tony says although he'd like to go back, he'll never return to Salem!

At the Brady Pub, Stefano shows Rolf an old key and says, "This is the key to the vendetta, both figuratively and literally, this key can put an end to the feud. Too bad nobody will be around to see what secrets it holds." Rolf wheels Stefano to the door and is stopped by Bo, who asks him to end the vendetta, period. Stefano says considered this but decided to see things through until the end!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Nick shows the bouquet to Sami and tells her that they're beeping!

Tony tells John and Marlena, "I'm sorry. Stefano DiMera is no longer a part of my life."

Jeremy tells Max, "If you're upset about something, let's hear about it."

Chelsea says to Nick, "If you do have a problem about me going to Vegas for work, maybe we should break up."

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