At the Brady home, Hope and Marlena sip tea while Hope tells Marlena that she can't get over the fact that Andre was posing as Tony for 20 years! In walks Sami, and Marlena immediately demands to know where her guards are. Sami laughs and says that Roman said she didn't need them anymore, since Andre is in the hospital. She shows them the newest letters and starts to read one from Santo to Colleen. She reads that Santo was very pleased that she showed up on the picnic but he didn't expect to see the unexpected company, plotting behind her, when she came to meet him!

Outside, in Ireland, we flash to Colleen showing up for the picnic. Santo points out that her hair is showing. He tells her it's beautiful as she struggles to push it under her veil. He shows her that he brought her some Italian food to eat. Just then, Sister Rose shows up behind Colleen, much to Santo's chagrin and Colleen introduces her as her guardian angel!

At the Brady's, Sami stops reading and she, Marlena and Hope start laughing hysterically when they read that Colleen brought a nun along to see Santo! Sami thinks it's crazy that a feisty woman would want to be a nun, but Hope says that back then it was either that, or "marry and have a bunch of kids"! Marlena says that Sami not only resembles Colleen's looks but her feistiness. "I think you're Colleen reincarnated!" Marlena says, jokingly.

Back at the picnic in Ireland, Santo gets Sister Rose something to drink, while Colleen comments to Santo that Sister Rose is a marvel and how she is lucky to have her as a guardian. The look on Santo's face tells her that he'd prefer if they were alone. The two grin at each other.

On the rooftop of the building that Andre fell from, Bo once again goes through what happened before the fall. EJ tells Bo that he is certain that the map is on Bart's back. Philip arrives and although Bo tells him that this is a crime scene, Philip appeals to him for help with the phone calls he's been receiving. Philip turns on a voice recorder and Bo listens to the baby crying. An eerie, garbled voice asks, "Where are you daddy? Why did you abandon me daddy?" Philip says he has no children 'out there' and wants Bo's help. Since there has been no threat, Bo can't help him with this and instead urges Philip to get a PI to help.

John informs EJ about what Andre is all about, and says he's a lot like Stefano. EJ tells John he's wrong about Stefano, but John decides to warn EJ not to trust Stefano, especially once he finds out that he has been betrayed.

Philip leaves and Roman shows up with Bart, who yells up a storm. "You can't do this! I work for powerful people..." He rants at Elvis for betraying Stefano and the family until Bo asks him how to find the real Tony DiMera. Bart says he has no idea what Bo's on about, so Bo asks them to remove Bart's shirt! "Illegal strip search," yells an angry, red faced Bart as he is pushed face first into the cement! Roman rips off Bart's shirt and he yells, "My civic rights are being violated,… I'm being violated!" John says he doesn't swing that way, and Roman finds a large map on Bart's back, of the South Pacific. Bo says, "EJ was right. There it is." Bart says it's his tattoo from the Navy,…but John reminds him he's never been in the Navy. "The Army… the Marines, .." Bart continues on, as they take him away.

EJ promises to help Bo as long as he doesn't bring Stefano into this. Bo yells that Stefano is part of this, and has hurt his family for decades, but EJ says, "My father would never do that." Through gritted teeth, Bo tells him that Stefano has done this and more.

At the pub, Shawn and Belle share a treat while they celebrate Claire going off to pre-school. They share a kiss, and Shawn tells her how happy he is. Belle grins and then gets more serious. She gently asks him why he didn’t show up for the job interview in Cleveland. Shawn tensely tells her that he couldn't live with being apart from her and Claire for five days a week and promises "No more lies!" Belle seems fine with his answer and is happy he wants to spend time with her but she is curious, "If you didn't go to the interview, what did you do in Cleveland?" Shawn flashes back to his conversation with Mimi on the phone, and Bo and then changing his flight to Indianapolis and lies. "I hung out and drank beer at the airport and then caught the flight back." Belle laughs and Shawn invites Belle to Vegas on Jeremy's plane with Max. They argue about who will take care of Claire, and then Philip shows up at the pub with a long face. He tells them he's going to talk to Billie and a PI about the calls he's been getting. Shawn goes off to help Caroline and Philip confesses that Shawn wasn't in Cleveland on the 4th. Philip wonders if Shawn could be in trouble. Shawn returns and asks Belle on a picnic, and Philip leaves to go find Billie. Belle agrees to it and doesn't mention the news from Philip.

At the Brady home, Sami stops reading and says that things are heating up! We flash back to Ireland and Santo introducing Colleen to an artichoke . He says it has a tender heart. "What happens once you find the tender heart?" Colleen asks, and Santo replies, "You claim it as your own!" Colleen quickly moves on to the other food and when she is ready to leave, Santo pleads with her to stay. She tells him she needs to return for evening prayers. Santo quickly asks her if she will allow Shawn to visit Stefano, as the two got along so well. Santo confesses that Stefano's mother is dying in Naples and Stefano needs a kind woman's voice and a friend. Sister Rose is touched by this and encourages Colleen. "You can't say no to a wee lad about to lose his mom!" Sami and Marlena laugh, and Marlena thinks that Colleen was thrilled to be able to see Santo yet again.

Back in the flashback, Colleen says as long as Shawn says it's okay, and she can get a chaperone, she'll bring him by. In Italian, Santo asks her to please come along, with Shawn - alone.

At the Brady's, Sami tells Hope that she wants to believe that Santo was gorgeous. Hope hears a knock on the door and thinks it's her shipment of new jewelry but it's John, who invites Marlena to find Tony, once Roman figures out the map on Bart's back! Sami asks them to finish the letters while they wait for Roman and reads that Santo says he knows it was bold to request Colleen to meet him unchaperoned but says he would have regretted it forever if he didn't ask.

We flashback to the picnic. Colleen tells Santo in Italian that she can't meet him without a chaperone. Sister Rose insists on knowing what Colleen is saying and Colleen tells her that Santo has been helping her with her Italian. As she leaves, Santo says, "I will see you again." Colleen turns and asks if this is a question, but he lets her know that it's a fact!! Sami stops reading as that's the end of the letter. John asks to be filled in on what's going on, and Marlena promises to tell him on the airplane.

Roman shows up with a map and John and Marlena rush off to find Tony. Hope tells Roman about the letter, and Roman shows them a photo of Santo that he confiscated at the DiMera mansion when they arrested Bart. He shows it to Sami, whose jaw drops when she sees how he looks identical to EJ!!

Next on Days of our Lives:

EJ tells Lucas, "More, I think, than you know."

Sami says, "He's a really screwed up guy, but he wants to be a better person." Hope asks her, "Does he want that or do you want that?"

Stefano asks Bo, "What is this?" Bo says, "A DNA report that proves Tony DiMera had his life stolen from him."

John and Marlena find Tony, who explains that there is a key that had something to do with the vendetta and how to end it.

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