Eduardo’s nowhere to be found at the hospital and Gabi learns from a nurse that he left against medical advice.

In pain and moving slowly, Eduardo gingerly packs up his things at his hotel room. Gabs shows up and notices his bags. Is he running out on them again? He explains someone suggested he take a hike and he can’t disagree. If Ari died the other night, it’d have been on him. Gabi starts yelling. She wants him to stay. He doesn’t want to leave. Gabi says this is the first time they’ve ever been together as a family. She thinks they need time as a family to heal.

Rafe finishes up some paperwork at SPD. When Hope arrives, he asks how Chase got bail. Hope explains he has some high powered lawyer from Chicago, probably a friend of Aiden’s. Neither knows how he got the money for any of this. Ciara walks in, pissed that Chase is free. He’s already in her head, she can’t deal with him being out and cries that she feels like he’s driving her crazy. Hope takes her into an interrogation room and gives a good pep talk. Ciara plans on starting therapy with Marlena tomorrow.

Abigail wakes up at the DiMera mansion on the sofa. She gets up and checks on the baby. A knock comes to the door. It’s Ben. She gasps and wakes up alone on the sofa. She hears pounding on the patio door. Chad rushes in. The guard has Chase by the arm. Chase says he’s looking for his friend Andre. He hoped Andre was off on bail as he needs a place to stay. Chad calls the mansion his and asks if he raped Ciara. Chase nods and Chad kicks him off the property. The guard removes Chase from the yard and back inside, Abigail says she can’t even look at Chase after what he did to Ciara. “Does it feel like there’s so many bad things happening right now?” Chad reminds her there’s some positive. They’re married and have a kid. Later, they have a picnic in the garden and make love. She heads back inside and sees Ben, this time dressed in a cop uniform. She tells him he’s not real and he disappears but turns up behind her. He tells her, “I’m real alright but no one is going to believe that now, are they?” He strokes her face. She yells for Chad who rushes in with the baby. She tells him Ben was there. He touched her and spoke to her!

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In the Horton square, Adriana comes across Rafe calling the judge in Chase’s case to question his motive in letting Chase go. He gets nowhere. They head to dinner, planning to call the other kids along the way. Adriana questions his feelings for his partner. Does he like her? Rafe only calls her the perfect partner.

Galen Gering, Alma Delfina, Jordi Vilasuso, Camila Banus, A Martinez "Days of our Lives" Set NBC Studios Burbank 10/12/15 © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 12814 U.S.Airdate 03/31/16

Dario meets Adriana and Rafe at the Brady’s pub.

Back at the hotel, Gabi tells her father that Dario and Rafe texted her to meet them for dinner at the pub. She invites her dad but he refuses. He agrees not to leave town tonight though.

Back at the pub, Dario wants to have Eduardo arrested. Rafe says it’s not that easy. Adriana yells at them to stop it. She wants this nice, family dinner. Hope texts Rafe saying she and Ciara are going off the grid tonight. Gabi arrives. Dario invites her in on the plan to get rid of their father. Rafe asks his brother to calm down. Gabi asks if he’s ever made a mistake. Rafe admits he might give their dad another chance. Eduardo arrives and Dario goes at him.

Hope checks Ciara and herself into a hotel room to make her feel safer. They eat sugar and Ciara doesn’t see how she can possibly fall in love after what happened to her. Who would want her? She was waiting for marriage. Hope says she’s not less because of what happened. “One day your prince will come.”

In the square, Chase sits by a garbage bin, cold and penniless. He sees a woman and runs at her, stealing her purse.

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