At the Edge, everyone gathers around Maggie who collapsed. Brady and Victor help her up. She insists she’s fine so they don’t call 911. She shows Victor what she found – a ring. Theresa gasps. It’s hers. Victor snaps, realizing what the party is all about. Theresa asks if he’s going to welcome her to the family. John gives Maggie some water and Victor asks, “You wouldn’t happen to have a spare barf bag would you?” Maggie tells him to can it and asks Brady to continue. Brady lets the guests know he and Theresa are engaged. Victor snipes and is told to shut up. Brady makes a speech and Theresa responds by listing off Brady’s wonderful traits. She jokes that she can marry the man of her dreams and “stick it to Victor on a daily basis.” Everyone laughs and she says she’s joking. They secretly love each other. John shocks Theresa by welcoming her to the family, knowing she has changed. Theresa hugs him and weeps, happily. Victor takes Maggie home as the party winds down.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail reels, realizing that she has imagined an entire conversation with Ben. Chad places his gun on the table and offers her a hug. When Abby cries that she thinks she’s losing her mind, JJ offers to call a doctor. Fynn shows up and examines her. He says she had a panic attack and can give her a low dose of something to relax her. He suggests she see a therapist to cope with the stress, telling her it’s normal considering all she has been through. JJ shows the doctor out and Chad calls Chicago real, but they agree tonight wasn’t. Abby worries she’s the one who cut up her lingerie. Not Ben. She cries and when he offers to get her tea, she refuses to let him leave her alone with the baby. They snuggle on the sofa. Chad falls asleep and Abby runs out into the garden where she bumps right into Ben. She tells him he’s not there, and runs past him, back inside. Chad finds her and closes the doors behind her. “I don’t want to lose my mind. Am I losing my mind?” She sobs. She sees Ben outside again but doesn’t say anything.

At the townhouse, Theresa and Brady have coffee in front of the fire while they worry about Maggie. They start making out and make love.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie tells Victor she’s cranky because she just learned she has another kid and he tried to ruin Brady and Theresa’s engagement party. Victor promises to try not to act like a jerk. He’ll make her tea and see her upstairs. She goes to the stairs but stumbles on the way up and eventually loses her balance. She calls out to Victor and falls down the stairs. Victor runs to her side. He calls for Justin or Henderson to call a doctor. In walks Deimos. “Maybe I can help,” he drolls. He confesses, “She’s dying, Victor. She’s been poisoned.” He admits he put a slow-acting poison in her medication but he’ll give her the antidote – for a price. Deimos wants everything he owns. He pulls out some papers and asks Victor to sign. Victor isn’t sure he can trust Deimos but signs the papers without reading them. Deimos injects Maggie with some mysterious substance.

At Salem Inn, in Philip’s room, he asks Belle to define their relationship. She just wants to let things be. Philip confesses he’s falling all over in love with her. She thinks he’s just saying that to pressure her into returning the sentiment. He frowns. He was hoping she wouldn’t have to feel pressured into that. Philip decides he’ll take her any way he can get her. They start making out.

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At the hospital, Fynn has examined Maggie. He tells Victor the poison was neutralized. How did Victor know what antidote to use? Victor says none of that matters. Fynn’s sorry to say but Maggie’s back was broken and her legs were paralysed. Victor’s thunderstruck.

Back at the mansion, Deimos looks around and says to himself, “Finally, it’s done.”

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