At the DiMera mansion, Chad and JJ continue looking for Ben. Chad’s locked into a room as Abigail screams for Chad downstairs when she watches as Ben holds Thomas and reminisces about his birth. Ben calls Abs a “baby hog” and won’t let her take “Colin” from him. He wants to leave with the baby so Abs agrees go along but informs Ben the baby’s name is Thomas and he’s Chad’s son. Ben corrects her. “I’m Colin’s father, not Chad.” He reminds her of the DNA test. Abby tells him how they retested his blood and it wasn’t a match to Ben’s. He still finds her story unbelievable. She apologizes and thinks he’ll be a great father to someone but not to Thomas. Abby urges Ben to leave – he’s free! Abby flashes to Ben lighting the bed on fire in the cabin and taking her son. She flashes back to the present and starts yelling, “No, Ben!” Chad and JJ rush into the room and she points at the doors where she sees Ben. She yells at them to get him but they don’t see anyone. She keeps carrying on until JJ shows her Thomas is in his cradle. Abigail runs outside and Chad and JJ look extremely concerned.

BREAKING! Jaime Lyn Bauer returns to Days of our Lives as Laura

At the Kiriakis compound, Maggie holds Nicole’s hand and thinks she’s coming down with Victor’s cold. Nicole offers to have ‘Cook’ make her soup but Maggie needs to go to Brady and Theresa’s party. Victor bustles in wondering what the hell Dario’s doing there. Maggie answers for all, telling him that they helped her get home when it was raining. Nic and Dario take off and Victor asks for the truth. Maggie admits her dizzy spell. He wants to call the doctor. Once he hears that Maggie’s just emotional over her daughter, he blames her and calls her trouble. He can’t go to the party, “I cannot sit and watch that she-devil drag Brady around by the nose.” Maggie persuades him – as her eye candy. He will stay an hour if he doesn’t have to talk.

At the townhouse, Marlena convinces John to go to Brady and Theresa’s engagement party. He can see how Theresa has changed and doesn’t want his son to have to choose between him and his girlfriend. “If that means I have to suck it up around Theresa, I can do that.” Marlena kisses him, calling him as smart as he is handsome.

Theresa crawls all over the floor of the Edge looking for her engagement ring. Philip and Belle arrive. Belle gets drinks and as Theresa searches for her ring, the men get into it over Deimos and Titan issues. When Belle returns, Philip goes to get air. Belle explains that she and Philip are together and were hopeful that he and Brady would sort things out. Brady says as long as she is happy with Philip, so is he. He watches Theresa crawling around and tells Belle she’s got her stuff together. Belle looks weirded out. John, Marlena and Paul show up and puzzle over Theresa’s behavior. She laughs uncomfortably and gets off the floor. Philip returns and Belle says hello to her parents and wanders off on his arm. Privately, John tells Marlena he couldn’t scrape the frozen smile off her face with a crow bar. She isn’t happy Philip is with Belle. Nearby, Theresa continues to search for her ring relentlessly while Paul has a drink of wine and surveys the room, quietly. Maggie and Victor stroll in and chat with John. Victor grins, “Maybe they’re about to announce their break-up.” John says they can dream. Finally, Brady is about to make the announcement when Maggie sees Theresa’s ring and leans to pick it up. She collapses and everyone rushes to her side.

From her room, Summer calls the front desk and pays from some other woman’s credit card for a month. She checks her savings account and only has about $200. She calls to increase her credit card amount and gets nowhere so she searches for Victor’s estimated wealth online.

At the square, Nicole asks Dario if Maggie’s in danger of being hurt by Summer. Dario says Summer wants to be happy, in love, and have a family. Dario thinks Summer deserves a mom like Maggie. Nic asks if Maggie deserves a daughter like her. She thinks Summer seems pretty messed up.

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