At the door of their house, Abigail holds the baby and notes the stormy hurricane weather. Chad is on the phone saying he’s going to Zurich. Abigail assures him she’s fine with him leaving. She locks the door after he exits and seems nervous. JJ arrives and she tells him she won’t go to Mom’s. He checks the house and heads upstairs. Abigail hears a noise and checks the drawer for a gun. She takes Thomas and starts up the stairs, but hears a sound and sees a form. She flashes to Ben setting the cabin on fire and cringes. Chad reveals himself. He did exactly as they planned. Abigail hopes Ben will pay attention to media and believe he’s gone. JJ reappears. “We’re all clear.” Abigail heads up to put Thomas to bed. JJ and Chad hope they catch Ben and put him away for good. They are irked about Ben’s escape and hope he falls into their trap. JJ complains about Abigail having to go through this and live in that house where so many bad things have gone down. Chad protests that she wants to live there and it’s just a house. JJ feels it’s creepy. They hear a noise and JJ goes outside to investigate. He spots a ladder up against the wall.

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In the nursery, Abigail rocks Thomas – she’s still skittish and repeatedly looks outside. A man’s shadow appears on the door each time lightening strikes. Abigail spots it and gasps. She turns on a light and sees a huge stuffed animal. She heads downstairs and flashes to Ben holding the baby and igniting the fire. The phone rings. Abigail answers and someone breathes. She slams the receiver down. It rings again – it’s Jennifer, who called back due to a bad connection. She tells Abigail her things are packed up and seems a bit misty about Abigail moving out. Jenn asks if Abigail took Thomas’ rattle – it was on the dresser this afternoon and now it’s gone. Abigail panics; she didn’t take it. They are cut off and the power goes out. She calls out for Chad or JJ, gets a flashlight, and the fireplace poker. She raises it over her head after hearing a noise in the foyer, but no one is there. Abigail reassures herself, turns, and sees Ben looking in the parlor doors from outside. Ben glances toward the baby and she rushes out the doors. Ben isn’t there. Abigail screams that he will never take her son again. JJ appears behind Abigail, followed by Chad. They were checking the circuit breakers in the basement and reassure her – JJ saw a ladder outside but it was left by the gardener. Abigail is certain she saw Ben outside. Chad calls security to come to the garden, but no one replies. Abigail cries. JJ heads outside to look. He returns and insists he didn’t find anything. Abigail thinks they’re lying to her again. She mentions the shadow in the nursery and questions her sanity, but is sure she saw him outside. Chad goes for tea. JJ reassures Abigail, who looks outside and flashes to Ben at the cabin again.

Later, in the parlor, JJ and Abigail reminisce about a time she comforted him when he was small; she made him feel safe. Abigail is moved that he remembers, and knows he’s trying to keep her calm. She reiterates that she saw Ben and worries that he’s gotten inside her head. Security calls JJ – they have a possible sighting. JJ tells Abigail Chad will be right back and heads outside. In the nursery, the window is open and the huge stuffed animal’s shadow appears on the door – it looks different from the man’s shadow that Abigail saw previously. Outside the parlor, Ben walks past the door. Abigail gets the gun and points it toward a shadow by the stairs. Chad appears. She shows him where she saw Ben and he takes off. “Stay there!” Abigail turns to see Ben holding Thomas. “Hello Abigail.”

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