Philip meets Belle at the pub. He wants to know what happened last night. She can’t say much about it but it’s got to do with her father. Philip assumes it’s about the ISA. She asks him to come along to her brother’s party tonight and reach out to him. He has an idea for her new business. He asks her to remember what his passion was in high school. As she recalls, it was kissing Chloe. He says it’s music. He wants to give new artists a chance. She’ll agree to help him if he signs Claire. He considers it and eventually they shake on it and share a kiss. Later, Claire shows up and Philip gives her the news. She asks if it’s a bribe. They assure her this is about her so she’s in.

That time when… Shawn D pretended to be Jan Spears’ baby daddy

Dario and Nicole dine at Mandalay. The waitress knows her which causes her to explain that she often works there. She used to work at home but…she gets misty. Dario asks why she doesn’t move. She wants Parker to have a familiar place to visit. They commiserate over whose father is the crappiest. Dario calls his a trained assassin. Nic laughs until she notices he’s not laughing. Dario tells her about Yo Ling and all the kidnappings. Nic is thoroughly shocked but encourages him to give his father another chance. Dario doesn’t think that’s ever going to happen.

Maggie drops by Summer’s hotel room to apologize for taking the news that she was her daughter badly. She didn’t know she had a daughter out there. Maggie tells her the story about the farm hand, Noah, paying a young disabled girl attention after her automobile accident that her parents perished in. She says he got her pregnant but left before she could tell him. The farm hand, Hank, is the one who told her her child died. Summer asks why he told her that. She doesn’t know. Maybe to protect her. Maggie calls Summer’s presence a gift. They both cry.

In his apartment, Deimos has a drink and looks at his brand, courtesy of his brother. He looks at an old photo of them together.

Deimos arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor, who is coughing from his cold, gives him ten minutes. Deimos wants to end the war between them. “You mean the one that you started,” Vic states. Deimos accuses Victor of starting it. Victor mocks him for sounding like a little kid. He asks why now? “Did you see an image of Mother Theresa in your toast this morning?” Deimos met a woman. Vic asks, “What is her name, Oprah? When do you start the 7 day cleanse?” Deimos says that’s unimportant. What can he do to show his sincerity? “Leave town and never come back,” Victor says. Deimos says he was there yesterday and had a long talk with his wife. Victor’s eyes narrow. Deimos can tell she never mentioned it and assumes there’s trouble in paradise. Victor shrugs it off. Why should she tell him? She probably didn’t believe him, either. Deimos just wants an apology. He doesn’t get it so takes off. Once he’s gone, Victor pulls out a copy of the photo Deimos has of them together.

Maggie and Summer go to the park and get to know each other. Summer talks about her mood swings and asks if Maggie’s other kids are nicer. Maggie tells her about Melissa’s boyfriend Pete being in a gang. Summer recalls being publicly shamed for shoplifting. Maggie feels bad that they shamed her. Summer says it wasn’t all bad. Her parents died a couple years ago. Since, she worked odd jobs as a hostess and shoplifted a lot. Maggie takes it all in. Summer calls herself an ex-thief and credits Daniel. That melts Maggie’s heart. She gets up and has another dizzy spell. Summer’s concerned.

Maggie and Summer return to Summer’s room. Maggie drinks some water but needs to lie down. At home. She hugs Summer gently and they start crying again. They agree to see each other soon. When she’s gone, Summer paces and worries Maggie hates her.

Maggie walks through the square and sees Nicole with Dario. “Nicole,” she calls out, and then stumbles. Nicole gets up and grabs her. They help her into a chair and she admits she hasn’t had lunch. Nicole insists they take her home. As they walk, Deimos watches.

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