In Horton Square, on the phone Brady invites his dad and Marlena to Edge of the Square tonight for a big announcement. Brady sees Victor and invites him and Maggie as well, but Victor says if this involves Theresa then he won’t be there.

At Theresa and Brady’s place, Theresa tells Nicole the news about Brady proposing. Theresa knows this must be hard for her, but Nicole swears she is happy for her and Brady. Theresa would like it if they could become friends, but Nicole says they already are.

At the hospital, Dario blows up at Eduardo, as he blames him for their family’s latest misfortune. Dario storms out and Eduardo explains to his wife that she and Arianna were kidnapped because of his past. He tells her about the organization he worked for, and how they are the reason he abandoned his family long ago. Eduardo apologizes and says he came back to Salem to try and be a proper father and a grandfather. He asks her what she’s been doing. She tells him that she’s raised their children and worked as a nurse. Eduardo tells her she did a great job with the kids, but Adrianna doesn’t want his thanks or anything else from him. She walks out. Eduardo tells Gabi and Rafe he won’t blame them if they want nothing to do with him either. Gabi says she’s confused right now, but admits she loved having her whole family together for that brief moment. Gabi leaves, and Rafe tells his father that he needs time as well. Later, Eduardo asks a nurse when he can get out, but she says that is up to his doctor. He decides not to wait to be discharged and says it’s time to hit the road.

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Victor returns home and rants to Maggie about Brady’s party. She insists they go as he needs to fix things with Brady. Brady arrives as Maggie invited him, and she and apologizes for running out on him and Summer. Maggie tells Victor that Daniel learned Summer is her long lost daughter. She tells both of them how she became pregnant when she was very young. During her labor she was given a drug called twilight sleep, which caused her to remember nothing. She was told her child was stillborn. She told nobody about the baby and moved on with her life. Brady explains how he tracked Summer down, but Victor is suspicious and feels Summer is out for something. Brady believes she only wants to know her mother, and that Summer didn’t know Maggie thought she was dead. Maggie doesn’t know why she was told that about her child. Tired, Maggie decides to go lay down, but becomes dizzy. She claims forgot to take her medication, takes it, and leaves. After Brady leaves, Victor calls someone to run a background check on Summer.

Rafe goes to the station to get some work done and talks with Hope about the recent events in their lives. When his mother arrives he introduces the two of them. Hope leaves them, and Adrianna informs Rafe that she plans to stay here in Salem. However, she worries that Gabi wants to forgive her father, and they must make sure that doesn’t happen. Rafe explains why Eduardo really came back, and tells her about Eve and his other daughter Paige. He also tells his mom the truth about Eduardo’s line of work. Later, Hope gets a shocking call and exclaims, “Who let this happen!”

Maggie meets with Julie at the Brady Pub and fills her in on Summer. Julie asks about the father. Maggie says he was a boy who worked on the farm. She says he was handsome and she was enamored with him as he paid attention to her what with her disability. However, once he got what he wanted from her, then he simply left. Maggie realizes she can’t turn her back on Summer now that she knows the truth.

Nicole runs into Dario in Horton Square, and he asks to buy her a cup of coffee.

Brady returns home and tells Theresa about the get together he’s planned with the family tonight to tell them the big news.

Summer packs her bags at the Salem Inn and plans to leave, but before she can, Maggie shows up at her door to apologize.

Ciara searches the park for a set of keys she dropped and comes face to face with Chase, who is out on bail. He wants her to know that he doesn’t have to be afraid of him. She tells him to stay away from her and runs off.

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