Chad and Abigail return home after their Chicago trip. Abby feels vulnerable and is shaking at the thought of Ben still being out there. Chad’s supportive and wants her to stay positive. She’s not. Chad confesses that he lied to her about Ben’s whereabouts. Abby yells in anger. What if he harmed the wedding guests? She recounts seeing Ben in the garden and loses it. Chad suggests she imagined it so she takes out her sliced up negligee to prove otherwise. Chad apologizes – he didn’t want to ruin their wedding day. She understands but asks him not to lie anymore.

At the square, JJ, Gabi and Ari finish lunch.

At the hospital, Rafe and Marlena introduce Kayla to Adrianna Hernandez, Rafe’s mom. Kayla’s surprised to learn about her abduction. Rafe takes her to a room to be examined. John and Steve drag Paul in. He’s having a reaction to the drugs and passes out. In Eduardo’s room, Dario speaks for his siblings, saying they don’t need him. He convinces his father to leave town. By the hub, Paul comes to. Kayla takes him for tests. Rafe returns and asks why Yo Ling took his mom. John assumes it was to draw Eduardo back in if things went south with him and Paul. John’s grateful to them all for the rescue. Gabi runs in with Ari and Dario comes from Eddie’s room and before Rafe can tell them she’s there, Adriana appears. There are gasps and hugs all around. The Hernandez family goes somewhere private and Adriana tells them the story about her abduction. There was no pain. They grabbed her and drugged her and brought her to that room. She quickly calls her sister to let her know she’s well and learns that her sister was sent emails to the same effect and had no idea she was missing! They share a group hug and are glad they’re together, “Except for Arianna, and she’s in our hearts.” Paul’s set up in his own room. He’s feeling frail. John apologizes to his son, feeling he’s responsible. Paul’s proud to have him as a father. If anything, this experience has shown how brave and intelligent John is – someone who would do anything for his family. John chokes up. Kayla goes to Steve near the hub. She finds what he did courageous. She’s still unsure if she can forgive him. He knows and will wait for her. John and Marlena discuss the rescue with Steve and Kayla with Steve citing how brave Marlena was. Later, nearby, when Gabi leaves the room to find Paul, Adriana demands to know what secret Dario and Rafe are keeping. They brush her concerns aside but she knows…John, meanwhile, visits Eduardo, thankful his friend is doing well. Eduardo’s sorry for letting John get caught. John fills Eddie in on who was behind the whole ordeal. Gabi visits Paul in his room. Paul tells her about his freak of a grandfather who wanted to turn him into a soldier and take his father’s blood to transfuse it and rejuvenate himself. Gabi is disturbed. She knows he’ll be as good as new, soon. She goes to check on her mom and Paul tears up as he hears Ling’s voice in his head. When Gabi returns to see her family, Rafe and Dario leave the room. Rafe goes to Eddie and rants about Ling kidnapping Adriana. Eduardo’s horrified. Rafe says she’s fine but wants him to stay away from her. He promises to leave town. Dario interrupts and Adriana follows him into the room. She’s shocked to see her ex-husband.

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At the townhouse, John impresses upon Marlena how she can’t go off the way she did in a rescue mission. Too many people need her. She’s his life. She feels the same about him. They hug. She’s sorry things ended the way they did with his father and mother. John separates Yo Ling from Timothy Robichaud.

JJ turns up at the DiMera mansion and bags Abby’s nightgown for testing. Chad comes up with an idea to trap Ben and needs JJ’s help. They agree to work together and JJ apologizes and promises not to lie to her anymore. Abby can’t forget all that Ben has done. She recounts his murders and JJ stops her. She worries Ben will take Thomas from them.

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