At SPD, Steve tells Rafe the Phantom Alliance no longer exists since 2015 when the hit squads broke free. Yo Ling’s acting on his own. They consider that the only way John could have disappeared from the warehouse is if he went down. They dig up building blueprints and find a wall where there used to be a door. They find a huge air duct and gather some supplies and rush out.

In Ling’s compound, he tries to spoon feed oatmeal to John. Ling tells him that he’s not planning on draining all John’s blood but there will still be risks. Ling throws the oatmeal down when John refuses to eat. Ling leaves and as John tries to escape, Ling’s goons drag Paul, dressed in jeans and a black tank top, into another room to brainwash him. John is able to loosen the pipe he’s tied to and when a goon walks in, he tries to make a deal. It doesn’t work.The man leaves and John breaks free. Meanwhile, Paul’s hooked up to an IV, and woken up. The “training” begins with earphones placed over Paul’s ears and a virtual reality headset placed over his eyes.

Dario spends the night in his father’s room. He has questions for his father about his work as an assassin. Eduardo says he spent his whole childhood in a panic with people telling him he was “special.” He was taught to be indifferent and admired for it. Sometimes to complete his infiltration, he had to have a family. He’ll never be able to make peace with it. Eduardo confesses he loved his wife and all his kids. Dario’s bitter about his father destroying their lives. Eddie says if he hadn’t left his family, they’d have been dead in days. Dario snickers, disbelieving. He urges his father to give up “this apology tour” and disappear. Eduardo agrees he never should have come back into their lives.

Steve and John arrive at the warehouse and Steve messes with the camera to ensure they can walk freely. The guard returns to his post and notices nothing amiss. Meanwhile, the goon returns for John and is knocked out. John steals his keys. Upstairs, Marlena appears and Steve and Rafe almost shoot her. She’s there to help but they want her to go. It’s too dangerous. She wants to help. They welcome her aboard and give her a gun. “Please don’t shoot me,” Steve says. Downstairs, John finds an unconscious woman on a mattress. Since he can’t wake her, he leaves and finds Paul. He unlatches the wires and rips out the IV. “No, no,” he chants. He wakes Paul up and carries him out. Yo Ling and his men stop the proceedings. He gives his son credit for nearly escaping. Nearby, Steve’s grabbed from behind. Marlena takes out the assassin. Rafe, Marlena and Steve appear and take down and cuff the men while John assures his son it’s over. Yo Ling comments on Marlena’s beauty and that she risked her life to save his. John tells Marlena that Ling’s his father. Steve’s incredulous. Ling invites everyone to tea, thinking they’ve a lot to discuss. Rafe thinks they should discuss his Miranda rights. Ling laughs. He starts spouting off about them ruining the planet and is sure Paul will still walk in his shadow. John says it’ll never happen. He cuffs his father and Rafe reads him his rights. John thinks it’s a shame he didn’t die in Korea but they’ll get it right this time. Ling tears up and holds John’s face in his hands as he talks about there being a choice. He turns and bites down on a poisonous capsule. He dies in John’s arms as John cries, “You owe me answers, Father.” Everyone looks on and Rafe takes a call. Back-up has been there for a while. Steve and Rafe drag the goons out and Marlena and John worry about how much of Ling’s brainwashing rantings took. John starts to yell about Marlena coming along but Rafe says she wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. John asks how Eduardo is. Rafe assures him Eddie’s going to be fine. John asks Rafe to cut Eduardo some slack, knowing he loves him. John shows Rafe where the woman is being held. They go in to find her and Rafe’s shocked. She’s his mother!

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