Hope arrives at The Edge to see Ciara dancing on the bar, drinking tequila straight from the bottle, and chanting that nobody can hurt her again. The music stops and Hope yells that the party’s over. The bartender tells Hope that he didn’t serve her kid. Angry, Hope reminds Ciara she’s 18, not 21. Theo and Claire clean up and everyone leaves them alone. Ciara apologizes, profusely, admitting she thought the party would help her forget the rape. Hope says unfortunately she must face it head on. They’ll get her professional help. Ciara admits she knows she shouldn’t feel shame but she does. How could she have trusted him? Hope identifies, having felt the same way about Aiden. What happened to Ciara is no reflection on what a wonderful person she is. Hope would give anything to take her daughter’s pain away. They embrace, weeping. Ciara knows she’ll have to go on trial and is worried. Hope promises to stand by her. When Ciara wishes she was brave enough to kill him, Hope shuts her down. She never wants to hear her say that again. She did the right thing in calling her. She knows the guilt after doing something like that never goes away. Ciara wonders how she knows. Hope reminds Ciara she’s a cop and taking one’s life haunts somebody forever. She flashes to murdering Stefano.

Shawn and Lani share a pie at the pub. She’s sorry his ex-wife saw them kissing. Shawn says there’s nothing wrong with her timing. He admits Philip has always gotten under his skin. He doesn’t regret the kiss and plants another on her.

Outside Marlena’s townhouse, Philip thinks Belle was trying to make a point by kissing him at the pub. She says Shawn’s moving on and so should she. They kiss and head inside. Marlena’s tense so Philip leaves them alone to talk. Marlena admits to everything from being kidnapped and rescued to John’s abduction. Belle freaks out. Marlena plans on going on the mission to find John but Belle doubts Rafe or Steve will allow it. Marlena won’t be talked out of it and tells Belle not to tell Brady or Roman – to give her one night. She changes into a black leather outfit and goes.

Steve arrives at SPD. Joey lets his dad know that he has confessed to killing Ava. Steve lies that his son’s just trying to protect him. Roman asks him to save it for the judge. He has no intention of arresting Joey for Ava’s murder and ruining his life. Joey argues. Roman thinks Joey needs to learn how to control his impulses so this doesn’t happen again. Steve will face perjury charges if he changes his plea, anyway. Joey runs out. Steve follows and Kayla thanks her brother.

At the square, Claire feels like she ruined Ciara’s party. Theo credits Chase with that. He flashes to Ciara kissing him and wonders if he shouldn’t have called Hope. Once she gets over her shock, Claire thinks it was smart of him to do so. They spot Shawn and Lani holding hands nearby and are both surprised.

In the park, Steve asks his son to let him be the father he should have been all those years he wasn’t around. He convinces Joey to keep his mouth shut and says he’s got to be out of town to take care of something. He goes and Joey walks to the square where Jade is. He tells her he tried turning himself in but he can’t even do that right. The only thing he’s good at is killing people. Jade breaks into laughter, saying he sounds like the Godfather. She finds him dark and exciting. They share a kiss.

Roman arrives at the pub where Philip’s drinking. Philip asks, “Rough night?” Roman’s had better. He cautions Philip not to hurt Belle, downs a shot, and takes off.

Steve returns to SPD and lets Kayla know that Joey promised to keep quiet. He has to go save John so she gives him a passionate kiss, asking him to be careful.

Theo and Claire return to The Edge. Hope thanks them for being good friends but she’ll have to tell their parents what happened tonight. Ciara asks to stay at Claire’s. She just can’t stay at Jenn’s tonight and be reminded… Hope allows it. Ciara apologizes to Theo for kissing him inappropriately but he’s not complaining.

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