Joey has a nightmare that Steve’s going to jail as he sleeps on the park bench outside the square. He awakens and calls Roman for a meeting. Nearby at the square, Henry and Jade receive texts from Ciara inviting them to her 18th birthday party. Jade thinks it’s pretty dope. Theo appears. He didn’t get the text. Soon, Ciara texts him a special invitation, saying there’s nobody she wants there more than him. He smiles. They all go off in search of presents.

At the Edge, Ciara and Claire hang balloons for the party. Hope meanders in and asks how Ciara’s doing. Ciara has a meltdown but claims not to be upset by the rape. Tonight she just wants to have fun. Hope backs down. She gives Ciara her present from her and Bo. Keys to her dad’s ’67 Mustang. Bo loved that car and Hope knows he’d want Ciara to have it. Ciara’s psyched.

Steve and Marlena sit at her townhouse narrowing down locations of where John may be held. She’s frustrated. Rafe turns up. He rules out two more locations and they presume to know where John is – in an abandoned medical clinic. It’s got hydro and there are cameras around the parameter. Marlena wants to go with them but she’s not a cop. Rafe also reminds Steve that he hasn’t violated his parole terms but the moment they cross the state line, he will have. Steve doesn’t care. John’s worth it. Rafe goes.

John wakes Paul up at the warehouse. Paul’s in shock and can’t catch his breath. John tries to get information from his son, asking how he got there, but Paul says he must have been drugged. John fills him in on the story about his father and his need for a transfusion for the blood disorder. John says they’ve got to free Paul, now. Paul works at it but soon, Ling arrives and makes pleasantries. John asks his father to let his son go. Ling says Paul’s going to follow in his footsteps after he releases the garbage from his mind. John says to call it what it is! Brainwashing! John begs him not to. He’ll do whatever he wants. Ling’s touched but thinks their fates were sealed long ago. John begs his father but the goons come for Paul.

Back at the park, Kayla finds Joey. He’s down about his father taking the rap for murdering Ava. Kayla tries talking him down but he won’t let her and takes off.

Eduardo wakes up at the hospital with Gabi at his side. She knows her father was an assassin. He gives her a way out, knowing this is hard to take but she says, “I’m still here.” He knows saving Ari can’t make up for all the years of abandonment but those years were beyond his control. “I was completely lost for so long.” He wants his family back but thinks it’s too dangerous for her to get close. Gabi has a past too and can’t judge.

Back at the Edge, Henry brings Ciara a present. She’ll open it later. Jade hands her a bottle of tequila – the good stuff. They hide it. Loads of others arrive and Theo shows up with a gift. A bracelet. She kisses him in thanks. They party and when Claire sings her new song to Ciara, Ciara cries and runs out half-way through. Theo goes after her. She doesn’t want to talk. She kisses him, passionately, and then tells him it’s time to party. They run back.

Kay follows Joey to SPD. She tries to get him to stop talking to Roman but Roman tells her to go or he’ll make this chat official. She goes under protest and Joey confesses to Ava’s murder.

From the park, Kayla cries and tries to reach Steve. Hope finds her and since Hope’s back on the force, Kayla says she’ll find out anyway. She confesses Joey is Ava’s murderer, not Steve. Hope’s visibly shocked. Kayla reveals all. Hope’s inspired and shares details about Chase raping Ciara. The women cry together and when Roman calls, Kayla goes. Hope gets a call from Theo who tells her to get to the club.

Rafe runs through the square where he is shocked to see Dario. The men embrace but Rafe has to go, so he gives his brother his house keys and says to stay with him. He briefs Dario on the shooting and goes.

Dario arrives at the hospital. Gabi is surprised to see her brother. Dario heard about their dad and is bitter. Gabs tells him the full story. When he visits Eduardo, he lets his father know he heard his story and thinks it’s too bad the bullet didn’t kill him.

Back at the club, Hope arrives just as Ciara’s downing half the bottle of tequila. Hope’s eyes shine as she looks on.

Kayla rushes into SPD to ask Roman what’s going on.

Steve leaves Marlena’s place and notes the 911 texts from Kayla.

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