Summer bursts into Brady’s as he and Theresa are about to make love. She blathers on about making a buffoon of herself in front of Maggie. Theresa suggests she just come clean and let Maggie know she’s her daughter. Theresa offers to do it herself. Summer freaks. Brady sends her home, promising to call later. Theresa is trying not to be a “jealous bitch” about Nicole and Summer. Brady assures Theresa he loves her, not Nicole. The baby cries and There goes to take care of him. When she returns, he locks the door and starts romancing her. He gets down on one knee and holds her hand in his. Moved, Theresa gets misty. They profess their love for each other and Brady says a few touching words. He takes out the ring and barely gets the words out when she jumps him and through tears, says yes!

Nicole arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. They’re both emotional as Nicole asks if Maggie would like her to do something special with Daniel’s medical books. Maggie notes she could have emailed that. Why is she really there? Nicole bursts out into tears, saying she misses Daniel so much. They hug. Maggie calls love the one thing stronger than grief. Nic doesn’t have that in her life anymore. They discuss Brady finding Summer and Nicole admits she doesn’t think they can trust her. Maggie’s confused. Nicole fills her in on on their trip to Malibu and Summer’s instability. Maggie takes in a sharp breath and wonders if Summer is dangerous.

Kate swans into Deimos’ new apartment (Ben’s old pad). She gives him a wu lou gourd for removing negative energy. It’ll bring him luck and prosperity. He’s intrigued. He knows about the man who rented the place previously. Kate asks if he has given up on his vendetta against Victor but he hasn’t. He confesses Kate made him realize he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life seeking revenge. He wants to enjoy his life. They kiss but she has been wooing this supplier. “Is this man you’re trying to woo, named Lou?” They giggle. The supplier’s an old bat with “a mustache that would make Ryan Gosling jealous.” Kate leaves and Deimos jumps on a call to order medication. He does a search for myasthenia gravis. Rory arrives a while later with the drugs. He cautions Deimos that “this stuff can mess you up.” Deimos pays him off. He never wants to see him again.

Steve, Marlena, and Rafe stand around Eduardo’s bed at the hospital while Rafe questions Eduardo. Hope appears. She tells them they’ve pulled security footage from the warehouse. Rafe wants Marlena to rest but she’s not even ready to burden her kids with this news. They leave the room. She goes and Rafe heard about Chase’s arrest. He’s sorry. Steve calls them back into Eddie’s room. They’ve got a lead! Eduardo doesn’t think the Alliance took John far. He gives him more information. Rafe calls a contact and gets a huge list of places the Alliance could have brought John. It’ll take days to narrow the search.

At the abandoned warehouse, alone, John attempts to escape. Yo Ling appears. “That will gain you nothing,” he says. Ling says this is an opportunity for John to redeem himself. John scoffs. “I gave you life. I am your father,” Ling says. John snaps at him. He’d have given anything to have met him when he was a good man. Now he wishes Ling would have died on the battlefield. Ling kills a cockroach and talks about how they’ll be around long after humans are gone. He throws his cane down and tells John he loves him and it hurts him that he may lose his life in the blood transfusion. He says it’ll take place in the morning. “Get some rest my son.” Later, Ling has his men bring Paul in – they’ve kidnapped him!

Dario arrives at Salem Inn to see Summer. “Miss me?” He can’t get in touch with his brother or sister so he needs to crash with her. Summer says being there is a mistake. Maggie already has two kids. Dario says Maggie’s loaded. She’d be crazy not to take advantage. Of all the cons they’ve worked, this one isn’t even a con. “Take what you can while you still have a chance.” Summer smiles. He tells her they’ll buy that Malibu mansion she’s always wanted. Summer yells that she can’t do this to the mother she always wanted. Plus, Victor’s a formidable man. Dario shrugs. He leaves.

Nicole sees Dario at the square. He’s there to see his siblings and invites her for a drink. They agree to meet later.

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