Brady puts a little black velvet box into a bag at the square. Maggie stops him on her way to get a prescription for Victor, who is still sick. Brady convinces her to give Summer a second chance and on her way, she yells back, “Good luck with whatever is in that jewelry bag!”

Inside the DiMera manse, Abigail swears to the wedding guests she saw Ben’s face outside in the garden. Nobody believes her but they try to calm her down. Outside, Chad, Eric and Lucas meet. Nobody has seen Ben. JJ heard the call come in from SPD and arrives. Chad updates him and they come up with a plan to ease Abby’s worries. They head inside and JJ tells everyone about the kidnapping and how Arianna’s fine. Lucas runs to the hospital and JJ lies to Abby, saying the police have tracked Ben to Mexico. She’s relieved and feels silly. They resume the wedding and this time, Doug asks if JJ will give Abby away, since Jack can’t be there. JJ walks Abby down the aisle and Jenn reads a sonnet from Sonnets from the Portuguese IV. “If though must love me, let it be for naught” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning on Abs’ behalf.  Julie reads a passage from Jack’s book, “The forgotten hostage” for Chad. Jack had been looking at a family photograph that he hid in the dirt. He speaks of the unbreakable bond of family that sets us free. Jennifer cries. Abby says her vows. She tears up as she calls Chad her hero, soul mate, best friend and true love. Chad tells her the idea of love and family was always loaded. “I look at you and our son and I see everything, everything I could ever want.” He tears up. They say their “I dos” and exchange rings. They’re pronounced husband and wife. The guests clap as they kiss. Photos are taken. Jenn calls her mother to update her on the ceremony and when they disconnect, Eric comes upon her. He asks how she pulled it together during that reading from Jack’s book and assumes it was with a little help from her friends. Offended, Jenn tells him to “butt out.” He does so and when alone, sneaks some whiskey in a tea cup and downs it. Nearby, JJ and Chad hate having to lie to Abby but agree it’s worth it to see her happy. Chad gets Harold to ensure all windows are locked with a safety guard. He goes off to do it and Theo hugs Chad. Chad felt Lexi’s presence and knows his mom would have been proud of him. Abby thanks JJ for coming. He wishes everyone could have come like Hope, and Rafe, Roman and Gabi. JJ asks where Maggie is. Abby says not to worry. Maybe they’ll have a kick-ass anniversary party. He leaves to check on Gabi. Meanwhile, Eric apologizes to Jenn and says goodbye to the happy couple. Later, the guests have left and Abby hears Ben calling her from the garden.

Maggie bumps into Summer at the hospital. Summer apologizes for bombing the interview. She offers to buy her a cup of coffee as a do-over.

Nicole and Theresa work at the pub and find it interesting to see Summer come in with Maggie. At their own table, Summer tells Maggie she’s from Texas and was adopted. Though she took many classes, she doesn’t have a degree. Theresa asks Nic to keep an eye on “Miss Thing” as she has to head home to Brady. Back at Maggie’s table, she asks if Summer has questions. When Summer starts asking her personal questions about her first marriage, Maggie clams up. Why would Brady tell her about that? Summer apologizes. He just wanted her to be comfortable. Maggie can see something’s up but Summer pays the bill and apologizes again and goes. Nicole watches from nearby.

At the townhouse, Brady sets up candles and romantic music and hides the ring box in the sofa. Theresa arrives. He knows it’s been hard on her through this whole Summer storyline and thinks she’s been patient. She barks out a laugh at that. They make out.

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