The party is in full swing at the Vegas hotel. Jeremy demands that Max tell him what he told Jett about their deal. Max denies telling Jett about anything but racing, but Jeremy doesn't believe him. Things get tense and Jeremy says that Jett has been sniffing around and says that they've got a lot of cash riding on this. He again asks what Max told Jett.

In the hot tub, Chelsea apologizes to Jett about coming clean with the news about Danielle, and says that he doesn't deserve this. Jett appears stunned and quickly recovers and starts pointing a finger at Chelsea, while he yells that she had no right to go sneaking around in his personal life. Chelsea is surprised and says that she thought that this was something he'd want to know. She explains that when she heard Danielle talking with the guy on her cell phone at the Cheatin' Heart, she had to follow through. Jett asks her why she waited for so long to tell him if she heard something at the Cheatin' Heart. Chelsea explains she wasn't sure what to do, and he gets out of the tub, livid.

Jett goes to Jeremy and Jeremy asks him why he went to Max to find out about their deal. Jett, still smarting from Chelsea's digging around, asks why everyone's in his business. Jett apologizes for going behind his back and says he just had to check for himself, and leaves. Max takes off to play blackjack.

Jett arrives on the plane and calls Danielle. He says that he still may be able to find a way to use 'her' but he'll let her know how. He hangs up when Max arrives on the plane. Max shares the news about how Jeremy saw Ilsa at the Brady home. Jett isn't surprised, but Max says that this was different. "The vibe in the room was wrong. All wrong." Jett encourages Max to get out of the side operation while he still can!

In the hotel, Steph comes by the hot tub and says, "That went well!" She figures that Jett will come around. Chelsea is upset, thinking that she broke Jett's heart. Stephanie notices that Nick's not her priority but Nick is. Stephanie encourages Cheslea to stop leading Nick on, but Chelsea says that they have a connection. Chelsea reminds Stephanie of her own connection with Jeremy. Stephanie says she hates Jeremy at least 15 times a day but the make-up sex is passionate. She tells Chelsea that once she has that, she won't go back to plain old sex! Chelsea jokes that Steph must think that she'll be in a walker by the time she experiences mind blowing sex. Chelsea thinks there is more to it than that and wanders off to get Jett. Once she's gone, Steph relaxes and says, "Mission accomplished!"

Jeremy gets into the tub and starts kissing Stephanie. Everyone leaves the hotel and Stephanie pulls off her bikini. She asks him to do the same, and he tells him it'll cost her everything she's got. He removes his trunks and they resume making out.

Bart gets into Tony's car and tells Tony that he can't go back to the mansion yet because the police are there. Bart wants to know what's up next, and Tony says they have to wait for a call from Elvis. Bart starts to laugh and asks where he's going to call from... "Hell?" Tony tells a stunned Bart that EJ's demise has been put on hold. He's still alive and they're awaiting his call!

At the pub, Roman and Bo ask EJ to call Tony as they record the call. EJ places the call and Tony tells his brother, "I heard that you had a narrow escape." EJ asks for a meeting and Tony agrees to it, only if they meet alone. EJ says he'll send a text message with the time and location.

In the car, Tony tells Bart they'll now wait for the location. "Ah, disloyal but efficient." Tony says. Bart knows where the building is and says it's beautiful and has a terrace. He starts to go on about how he'd love a terrace and a house one day. "You're a strange man," says Tony, and he gives Bart a gun and asks that he follow him and take out EJ when he gets a clear shot!'

At the pub, Bo tells EJ to leave finding Tony to them. EJ reminds them that Tony or whoever it is will turn up armed. Bo takes that into consideration and leaves. Sami arrives at the pub to Roman and EJ. Roman tells her that the price he had to pay to set up Tony was her - "I just want to talk, Samantha," says EJ. Roman goes into the kitchen to give them privacy while Sami says, "The twins are fine and healthy. Let's get one thing straight. That's the only thing that we have to talk about." They argue about who the father of the babies are and he asks how she is. Sami says she is fine and she doesn't need him. She feels safe with the Salem PD. EJ grins and says that it's been his experience that when a woman protests this much that it's only herself she's trying to convince. Sami calls EJ delusional, but EJ tells her that they have an attraction that they can't deny. "You're totally losing it," Sami says snidely. EJ asks Sami to respect him as the babies' father or he'll take her to court. He asks them to be civil and come to some agreement with custody. He just wants visitation rights, he says and asks for her friendship. Sami isn't happy to accept his friendship and is surprised when EJ tells her that he knows he will have to make peace with this as long as his rights as a father is honored.

Tony and Bart show up on the rooftop of the building to meet EJ , but instead, they are met by Bo, who quickly disarms Bart and sends him on his way! Tony asks that Bart wait for him at the mansion, and Bo arrests Tony on attempted murder of EJ Wells and Samantha Brady, and for the disappearance of Tony DiMera! Tony starts to laugh at the charges and states that he is Tony DiMera! He tells Bo he has no evidence so he'll be on his way, but Bo says, "Yes, to a rather dank depressing cell,… Andre! We have rock solid evidence,… Andre… so the next move is yours,… Andre!" Tony (Andre)gets up on the ledge of the building as if ready to jump and Bo's face falls. "Come on man, you don't want to die tonight." Bo says and asks for Andre's cooperation. He wants to know where they can find Tony, but Andre refuses to budge and says, "Tony's going to rot on that sad little island for as long as he lives. It's your move, detective!" Andre wants to use this as a bargaining tool. Bo puts his gun down and asks Tony to step down. Tony sees this as a threat and jumps off the building, but grips the cement and pleads, "Help me! Help me!" Bo stares down at Andre with a grin on his face while he grabs the falling man's hands. "Tell me where the map is so I can find Tony," Bo demands, and then threatens that if he falls, everyone will assume he jumped - unless Andre complies!

Andre finally submits, and Bo pulls him up to the top of building. Andre's legs are still hanging over the edge and Andre says, "Fine. Bart's back!" Bart suddenly shows up again behind Bo and starts grabbing Andre's arm. "Boss, I've got you!" Bart says in a panicked voice. Andre slips from Bart and Bo's hands and plummets to the ground.

Chelsea shows up at the plane to look for Max and interrupts Max and Jett's conversation about Ilsa. Max leaves and Jett apologizes to Chelsea about how he handled her honesty. He says he feels stupid for not knowing that Danielle was cheating, and asks Chelsea to stick around. Chelsea says that they all make mistakes in judgment and says she keeps trying to trust, even when she gets hurt. Jett calls her a real friend for coming clean with him. He tells her that he called Danielle and she fessed up. "We broke up," he says. Chelsea is surprised and asks, "That's it? Just like that?" Jett reminds her that Danielle's married already and they don’t have a future together. Chelsea misreads some signals and moves in for a kiss, but Jett pushes her away and tells her that's not what he wants. "I think you'd better go." He says, and an embarrassed Chelsea runs off.

At the pub, EJ admits to Sami that if he thought she was the slightest bit unhappy in her marriage to Lucas, he wouldn't let her go so fast. Sami tells EJ she's willing to work this out with the judge. EJ starts to apologize (for the rape it's assumed?), but Sami asks him not to go there. She tells him that friends is all they will ever be. Bo interrupts and tells EJ and Sami that Andre is in the hospital! EJ is confused and asks Bo, "You mean to tell me that man wasn't my brother, Tony?" Sami is flustered, and Roman runs out of the kitchen, asking if Bo found out where he's keeping Tony. They all sit at a booth and Bo tells them the story of what just happened. He says Andre is in the hospital now and lets them know he was about to get a map to the island where Tony's being held and says that when he asked where the island was, Andre said "Bart's back", and Bart showed up behind Bo, so they struggled to lift up Andre. Since Andre fell, he was unable to find out more information. EJ says, "Wait a minute. He said Bart's back? What if he meant that the map was on Bart's back?" Everyone stares at each other as it sinks in that he is probably right!

Back in the hotel hot tub, Stephanie asks Jeremy if he's happy with her, and he says that if he hasn't said he's unhappy with her then she should leave things alone. Stephanie tells him she thinks he's too chicken to say anything, but he says he shows her how he feels, and doesn't have to say it. Stephanie again says, "I think you're just chicken." She starts clucking like a chicken, and Jeremy asks her to stop, but she keeps it up. He asks her a few more times, and tells her to shut up, and when she doesn't, he pushes her head under water for several long seconds. When he finally brings her up, she gasps for air, sputters and yells, "Are you crazy?" At the same time, he shouts out, "I love you!" Okay? I love you." We see Max step into the hotel room at that point and Stephanie appears sullen but incredulous and Jeremy goes on. "This is as good as you're going to get. Ever!" Stephanie continues to stare at him wordlessly.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Santo asks Colleen, "Say you will meet me again?"

Belle asks Shawn, "If you didn't go on the job interview, then what did you do in Cleveland all that time?"

Bo asks Phil, "When did this start?" Phillip says, "A few days ago." Bo asks, "Any chance you got a kid out there you don't know about?"