At the Brady’s pub, Kayla and Steve discuss the murder case against him. He goes and Joe walks up. He notes they’re getting along. If she doesn’t forgive him, it’d be like Ava won.

Gabi finds Rafe and JJ at the hospital and is told that Eduardo took a bullet meant for Rafe. Marlena asks where John is. Rafe tells her they’re searching for him and she assumes this was about “that damned agency” who wanted him back. She tells Rafe about the Winterthorne Academy. Rafe in turn talks to Gabi and JJ about Eduardo’s past. Shawn pops up and tells Rafe about the tattoo on the one dead man being a Chinese symbol. Rafe decides to call Shane Donovan. Meanwhile, Gabi realizes it’s JJ’s sister’s wedding and apologizes for taking him away from that. By the hub, Fynn tells Rafe and Lani that Eduardo’s awake and will be okay. Rafe goes in and thanks him for taking a bullet meant for him. Marlena bursts in to ask where John is. Eduardo becomes on edge and has no idea. Rafe wants to know all about the Alliance.

In the warehouse, an old man with a cane introduces himself as John’s father, Yo Ling (which means phantom in Chinese). John tells him Timothy Robicheaux died on the battlefield in the Korean war. “I’m wearing his tags,” John says. Ling rips them off and says he rebuilt his strength after the war and lived everywhere and nowhere. He makes tea and says he created the Phantom Alliance. John’s struck, now knowing who and what his father is. He asks how long Ling has known he was his son. “A long time,” he says, before giving him some rare tea. John refuses and passes out. Ling throws a bucket of cold water over him, startling him awake. He begins to cough and John can see it took a lot out of him. He is angry Ling ruined his life. Ling thinks John’s destiny was to follow in his footsteps. He found John at the Alamain’s and paid them off so they could bring him to Winterthorne Academy. They debate over whether John was brainwashed vs educated. Ling says John was on the verge of commanding his own brigade of 250 men when Petrov took him to Stefano. John barks out an acrid laugh and asks what happens next. Ling doesn’t say but talks about learning eastern medicine while in China and admits he contracted an insidious bacterial disease. He holds a vial as he speaks, saying he has no intention of leaving the planet early. He has the same disease as Caroline Brady but his condition is worse. He’s been seeking a cure for a while and hired someone to track down Bo Brady to get it. John’s pissed, and blames him for Bo’s torture. Ling calls it unfortunate collateral damage. He starts babbling about the 38th parallel but John just wants to know about Tim Robicheaux who seemed like a good man. Ling says he needs blood from his son in order to combat an acute blood disease. If he can heal it, he will have time to cure Topits disease. There’s a chance John could die, but he’d do so knowing he died for a sacred cause.

Steve meets Belle at the square and shows her the photos he took of the shrine. Belle says, “She not only lived in Crazytown, she was the mayor of Crazytown.” At least it documents that Ava was terrorizing him but she doubts they’ll be of help. She goes to show Justin.

At SPD, Belle shows Justin the evidence. He calls it laughable and could argue that not having Ava arrested for kidnapping could easily be seen as premeditated murder. Steve will still have to stand trial.

Belle returns to the square and tells Steve the bad news. Though she remains positive, he tells her he has made peace with the fact that he’ll have to do time. Joey eavesdrops and then runs to the park where he finds Jade. She questions what’s got him upset. He admits he killed Ava, not his father. He explains the evening and Jade can see why he’d go over the edge. If this were her dad, he’d let her rot in jail. Joey can’t live with himself if his dad is convicted. He has to come clean!

Steve arrives at the hospital and lets Kayla know that the photos did nothing for his case. She’s angry. She tells him John’s missing. In his room, Eduardo tells John as much as he can, but says there are no names that will help them. The names have been changed six or seven times and he doesn’t know where they’d have taken John. Everyone leaves as Gabi and Ari visit. Gabi thanks her father. They share a touching moment. Outside, Rafe calls for a guard for his dad’s room. He asks Steve and Marlena for more information on Winterbourne. Steve wants to know more, too. He needs to find John.

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