Guests start arriving at the DiMera mansion for Chad and Abigail’s wedding. Maggie calls Jenn to let her know Victor’s under the weather so they can’t make it. Julie primps and worries Abigail’s a bundle of nerves because of Ben escaping the psych ward. Abby pops up and tries to assure them she’s not worried but it’s obvious she’s lying. She goes to Thomas’ room and flashes to Ben setting the cabin on fire and Chad finds her and suggests they postpone the wedding. She won’t. They head downstairs and Jenn pops a pill when her back starts to hurt. Adrienne questions her. Jenn says she is getting better daily. They put the finishing touches on the room and the ladies tear up as Julie gives Abigail something old, a poem written by her great-grandfather, Tom, who called himself, “Norm De Plume.” Adrienne gives her a locket with a photo of Jack as a child inside so she’ll have her father near her. Thomas really resembles him. Jenn gives Abby a new penny for good luck and imagines how proud Jack would be. She also gives Abby a photo of a bouquet of violets she saved from Abby’s childhood as something blue. Abby laughs through tears.

At the warehouse, Eduardo and John finish drinking the mysterious drink. “I won’t be serving that stuff at my next cocktail party.” The men release Arianna and Marlena. Marlena runs and the men run as gunfire breaks out. Rafe, Lani and JJ have arrived! There’s more gunfire and Eddie can see that Rafe’s about to be taken out by a sniper so he runs in front of him. He’s shot in the chest. John yells, “No!” Rafe yells for a cease fire and an ambulance. In the chaos John’s kidnapped and taken to some lab. An old man with a huge red scar across his face, leaning on a cane, enters and introduces himself as John’s father, Yo Ling.

At SPD, Gabi makes a call and learns her mother left for Salem two weeks ago. In her office, Hope is astounded when Justin reveals they don’t have a case against Chase since his confession was made to Ciara’s mom and not to a cop. If the case goes to trial, it’ll be Ciara who is on trial. The only way is to get the kid to sign a confession. Chad arrives, and Gabi realizes she forgot the wedding. She fills him in on the kidnapping and he offers to postpone the wedding but Gabi won’t hear of it. She will keep him posted. He goes and Rafe calls, telling Gabi to get to the hospital where Ari and Marlena are. Gabi cries out in relief and rushes off. Hope’s taken to see Chase who acts snidely toward her. Hope asks him to sign a confession. He tells her he doesn’t care what happens to him. Maybe he’ll go to jail and it’ll make up for what he did and what his dad did.

In the square, Theo tries talking Ciara into attending the wedding with him. She fears she’d be a downer and tells him about getting Chase arrested after the others left the warehouse. She’s down, feeling she won’t get the payback she deserves. Chad finds them. He tells Theo he lost Rafe as his best man because Rafe’s on an important case so he asks if Theo can step up. Theo will only do it if Ciara comes. Otherwise he’d be too nervous. They convince her.

Doug and Lucas arrive at the mansion. Doug asks if she has last minute advice. She asks him not to trip. They all laugh. Jenn pops another pill as Eric walks in. Chad and Abigail dress separately and Chad finds Abby in the baby’s room. He lets her know they’ve no best man or maid-of-honor but says he’ll fill her in as to why, later. Theo is filling in for him and she says she’ll get her mom to be her matron-of-honor. He has a gift for her and gives her Thomas’ birth certificate. Since they weren’t married, he had Thomas’ surname listed as Deveraux. He didn’t want Thomas to have the DiMera name hanging over his head. Downstairs, Theo grabs Ciara’s arm when she stumbles and she flashes to the rape and yells to leave her alone. She runs out and he goes after her. He apologizes and she says it’s not his fault. He says it’ll take time to get better. She’s ready to go back and tells him, “You really are the best man.” They head in and the priest takes his place. Doug walks Abigail down the aisle. He trips! Everyone breaks up into peals of laughter. Doug gives Abby away and she suddenly sees Ben staring at her from the garden. Abby shrieks!

Gabi arrives at the hospital and rushes to gather Ari into her arms. A cop tells the women that Detective Hernandez has instructed him to guard them. They’re immediately on edge.

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