In the park, Belle helps Philip up after he was punched by the bald man, who says he’s a cop. Philip insists Belle leave. He tells Commander Chilton he has no jurisdiction there. He doesn’t care – Philip left his daughter to die. Philip says they were drinking, if she took something else he didn’t know about it. Chilton hollers, “You let her die, you punk!” Philip continues to claim his innocence. Deimos appears, videotapes the man roughing up Philip, and threatens to email it to the Chicago P.D. Chilton leaves. Deimos tells Philip he’s lucky he came along.

At the nightclub, Belle starts dialing her phone but changes her mind. She gets a call from Philip saying Commander Chilton left.

At the park, Deimos informs Philip he’s put money into his account – he’s passed the test and is hired.

At the police station, Gabi tearfully tells Hope that Marlena and Arianna have vanished. Hope tries to reach Rafe.

At the hotel room, John and Eduardo wait. Someone knocks – it’s Rafe. Bickering ensues as Rafe wants to know what they’re dealing with. Eduardo says they are dealing with men who would kill Arianna without hesitation, men who want him and John. The phone rings. Eduardo and John confirm they are both listening. The caller directs them to an abandoned warehouse and says if there is any sign of the police the woman and child will die. After, Eduardo and John argue with Rafe, who agrees to let them go in on their own. If he doesn’t hear from them in an hour he’ll call for police back-up.

In the warehouse, Joey tells Ciara she’s in charge, but she doesn’t want to do anything to Chase. Suddenly, she decides the others should leave. She tells Chase she loved him as a brother – how could he do this to her? Chase tearfully admits he couldn’t stop. She forces him to say he raped her. Ciara lashes out – it was her first time, and though he’s had it tough, nothing gave him and excuse to rape her. Chase cries that he’s sorry; he’ll do anything. Ciara says he’s a monster like his dad, and is so done. Ciara drops the metal bar she’s holding and calls Hope to come.

At the station, Hope leaves JJ with Gabi. He assures Gabi that Marlena will look out for Arianna.

At the square, Joey, Claire and Theo make awkward conversation. They decide to go see if Ciara’s okay.

At the warehouse, Ciara tells Hope that Chase is tied up because he raped her. Ciara fills Hope in on how and when it happened. Hope assures her it wasn’t her fault. Hope then screams at Chase, who cries and cringes. Two officers arrive and Chase is arrested. Hope embraces Ciara. Later, Claire, Theo, and Joey arrive, find the place empty and set out to find Ciara.

In another warehouse, Eduardo and John are watches as they enter and look around. They spot a thermos and two cups. John muses, “Happy hour.” A man’s voice welcomes them. They demand to see Marlena and Arianna alive. They see them briefly in a freight elevator. Snipers aim at John and Eduardo as they drink the contents of the thermos.

At home, Hope and Ciara discuss her being tested. Hope wonders why she didn’t come to her. Ciara shrugs – she didn’t believe it herself. Hope is always there for her and wants Ciara to do counseling. Claire, Theo, and Joey come to the door. Hope will tell Ciara they came by. Outside, the teens are relived Ciara told her mom. Theo texts Ciara and hangs around until she joins him outside. She says Chase is in jail and she’s okay.

Philip joins Belle at the nightclub, and she worries Chilton will come after him again. Philip kisses her, and promises his shady past won’t affect her. Claire sees them kissing.

At the station, Rafe updates Gabi on John and Eduardo’s connection to the kidnapping. He assures her they will bring them home safe. Gabi sobs.

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