At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie tells Victor she’s going to interview the woman Brady brought back from California for a volunteer position. Philip appears – Henderson let him in. Maggie goes. Philip warns Victor he’ll get a phone call. He does. After listening, Victor says, “I’ll have your head for this.” He rants that Bo gave his life to protect the formula and Philip stole it. Philip did it to get Deimos to trust him. Victor insults him. They argue. Victor accuses Philip of playing him – scuttling between him and Deimos, trying to pick his spot. Philip decides he doesn’t want his forgiveness.

At the nightclub, Shawn shouts that he’s looking for the law offices of Belle Brady. Belle appears and insists she bought the place for Claire. They bicker. He accuses her of trying to buy her way back into Claire’s good graces…with stolen money. Belle protests. She says Sami had a right to the money and wanted her and Claire to have it. Shawn wants Claire to earn things. Belle doesn’t care what he wants. She thinks he’s jealous. Shawn says she reminds him of Philip. She was a better person before she hooked up with him. Belle reminds Shawn of the behavior that made her leave him, and orders him out. Shawn issues a warning about Claire and goes. Belle calls Philip to meet.

In his hiding spot, Chase imagines hearing police cars, paces, and flashes to raping Ciara. He exits.

At the square, Theo is talking to Abe when Ciara passes by and distracts him. She carries on to the park where some teens are partying. Theo follows and sees her drinking and telling a guy to let her go. Theo runs the guy off and hugs her. He thinks something is wrong with her and it has to do with Chase taking things too far. Ciara tells him that she told Claire, but she can’t tell her mom, who would blame herself. She orders Theo to forget their conversation. As Ciara passes back through the square, Chase is there looking at a headline about Andre’s incarceration.

At home, Joey tells Kayla by phone he won’t leave the house. He flashes to killing Ava. Claire arrives…something really bad happened to Ciara. She tells him Chase raped her. Joey wants to find her. Claire wants Chase to pay. Theo arrives. They all know about what happened to Ciara. Claire has an idea what to do, but needs their help.

At home, Theresa kisses Brady. Summer arrives and asks if Brady’s ready. Theresa is irked. Brady explains about Summer’s interview, and that she’s Maggie’s daughter. She will tell her after they’re comfortable with each other.

At the hospital, Summer gets her first look at Maggie, who joins her and Brady. Maggie mentions bumping into Summer in the square and losing a charm off her bracelet. Summer flashes to it. Maggie tells Summer she’d like to hear about her time with Daniel. They discuss the volunteer position. Summer’s only been in hospitals as a patient, and acts defensive. Maggie asks why she wants to volunteer. Summer decides this was a big mistake and leaves. Maggie questions Brady, who has to go.

At the station, Shawn tells Abe he’s figured out how to handle the case he’s been working on.

In the park, Philip, who is being followed, meets Belle. She kisses him passionately to show them where they stand. Someone watches as she says everything changed and she wants to be with him. A bald man appears and sucker punches Philip to the ground.

At home, Ciara calls out for her mom, but she’s not there. Chase’s aunt calls and Ciara realizes he’s not in Chicago. Outside the door, Chase looks in. Claire, Theo, and Joey appear and grab him.

At the warehouse where Ciara was held captive, she asks Theo why he brought her there. He takes her to where the ‘scum’, Chase, is tied up.

Brady catches up with Summer and they go to his place. She’s freaking out about Maggie and wants to just go back to California. Brady wants her to persevere for Daniel’s sake – he connects them. They talk about him and Summer places her hand on his chest. Theresa appears and Summer leaves. Theresa hollers at Brady that it’s not his job to save her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie tells Victor about the scene with Brady and Summer. Victor wonders if Brady will dump Theresa. Maggie clucks that it’s Summer’s connection to Daniel that matters to Brady. They discuss Philip’s visit. Victor asks her not to mention his name again – he should put him in jail for what he’s done.

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