At home, Steve and Kayla go over his dealings with Ava. It’s uncomfortable when sex with Ava comes up. Steve says Ava was a woman obsessed and they can use that. Kayla feels she’s boring in comparison to Ava’s adventurous spirit but Steve says the most exciting thing to him was the first time Kay let him kiss her. Kayla weeps. They ponder over what the key is for and Steve decides to go back to that room where Kayla was kept, looking for answers. He goes and Joey arrives. He learns what Steve’s up to and wants to help. Joey asks if his mom has forgiven him yet. He has. Kay just wants to focus on getting Steve off. Joe assumes that means she’s a step toward forgiveness.

At the DiMera mansion, JJ tells Abby that the force is on alert but Abigail wants to run, knowing Ben will come looking for Thomas. Chad thinks it’s smart to stay in Salem and continue with their wedding plans.

From his hotel room, Eduardo gets a text of Marlena and Arianna’s photo. They’ll be freed in exchange for Eddie and John. John shows up. He learns Eddie received the text. They work together to figure out where the photo was taken but come up empty.

At SPD, Rafe tells Chad and JJ that Ben’s trail goes cold 5 kilometers outside of the psychiatric facility. They assume Clyde helped him escape and that Ben’s on a plane. Chad and JJ argue and Chad leaves as Gabi runs in speaking in Spanish about Marlena and Arianna going missing. JJ goes to canvas the area and Rafe promises everything will be alright. He makes a few calls and Eduardo runs in looking for Gabi. As they speak, Rafe can tell Eddie knows something about the kidnapping. They go into the interrogation room and Eddie spills, showing Rafe the photo. Eddie promises he’ll bring them back and Rafe needs to guard Gabi. First, Rafe demands answers so Eduardo confesses that he was a trained assassin. As a teenager, he was brainwashed into a life he didn’t want. This is why he left Rafe’s mom and Eve. He finally broke free. Rafe’s pissed. Eduardo doesn’t want Rafe’s help, knowing they could be after him, too.

Back at the mansion, Abby snuggles Thomas. Jenn arrives which is a comfort until Jenn starts in on her daughter living in the ‘Dungeon of Doom’. Abigail is anxious enough and can’t hear it. She cries as she assures her mom that they’ll take out anything mausoleum-like and make it their own. After Jenn’s gone, Abby hears things in the hall. Chad arrives through the kitchen and she whispers about hearing a noise. Chad checks the floor and the staff and Harold checked the rest. Nobody’s there.

From his room, Deimos texts Kate, thanking her for an “exquisite day.” Petrov shows up, shocking Deimos. Deimos gives him the serum formula. Petrov pays him off, concluding their business. Later, John arrives looking for Petrov. Deimos acts innocent. “Who?” John demands answers, knowing money from a shell corporation was wired into his account. When Deimos won’t cooperate, John asks him to tell Petrov he has won. He goes.

Steve arrives at the room Kayla was kept in. He’s disgusted. He finds the drawing of the snake on the wall and notices a place to insert a key. He uses the key he found in Ava’s belongings and heads in and down a spiral staircase where there’s a room with a shrine to Steve. Ava has kissed his photos and cut out the eyes from any of Kayla. It’s obvious she wanted Kayla dead. Kayla arrives, disturbed at the scene. Steve has taken photos and says the evidence needs to be preserved.

JJ and Gabi arrive at the park. Gabi finds Ari’s stuffed animal and gasps, “They were here!”

Eduardo returns to his suite and gets his gun from a lock box.

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