In the square, Gabi thanks Marlena, who is going to take Arianna to the park while she attends a meeting. They agree to make sure Ari will remember Will. Later, Paul hopes Henry will press charges after his attack. Henry doesn’t think it’s worth it. Paul tells him it was not his fault. They discuss coming out. Paul advises against living a lie. Once alone, Paul leaves Sonny a phone message – he’s available to talk.

At Club TBD, Theresa and Nicole want Gabi to sign with them. She reminds them she’s under contract and worries about Kate. Theresa smirks. They offer her better working conditions and press to find out what she wants. Paul arrives as they’re putting down working for Kate. Gabi and Paul both agree to sign if they can get them out of their contracts.

At the park, Marlena looks at a book with Arianna and someone watches through the trees. Later, when Gabi arrives, they are nowhere to be seen and she can’t reach Marlena.

At home, Abigail notices Jennifer’s back pain. Jenn pops a painkiller and snaps at Abigail’s concern, but then apologizes – she’s just edgy with so much to do before the wedding.

At Chad’s house, he and JJ argue about whether or not to warn Abigail that Ben is out there. Chad says he has guards watching her and doesn’t want to ruin the wedding. Things are tense when Abigail and Jennifer arrive with Thomas. They go over the guest list. Chad has no one to invite. Jenn leaves, and Abigail asks JJ what’s going on. JJ can’t contain himself. “Ben escaped and we have no idea where he is!” Abigail thinks Ben will come back to Salem, and insists they have to take Thomas and leave…now.

At Summer’s room, Brady apologizes for Theresa putting her in a hotel, and tells her he has the DNA results, which Daniel had already run before his death. She waffles about whether she wants to know, and then decides to open it. It’s true, she’s Maggie’s daughter. Summer worries about telling Maggie, who just lost her doctor son. She’ll have to make a good impression, and wants to tell her in her own way. Once alone, Summer plays music and looks at mementos; sunglasses, an earring, and a scarf, in a box.

Eduardo arrives at John’s house and tells him there’s a connection between Deimos and Petrov, who may not be dead. He found out while investigating Deimos because of Kate Roberts. He hopes to find something damning enough to open Kate’s eyes, and cautions John about going after these guys himself. John feels no one will be safe unless these people are stopped. Eduardo wonders where they’d start. John replies, “With Deimos Kiriakis.” Later, alone, John gets a photo of Marlena and Arianna with a message that says, “We will trade them for you and Eduardo.”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor tells Maggie he did what he had to do where Deimos is concerned. Later, Brady arrives and discusses Philip with Victor. Brady thinks Victor gets disappointed because he wants them all to see things his way. Victor disagrees – he wants Brady back and asks him to reconsider. Brady still isn’t interested. Maggie appears. Once alone, Brady talks to Maggie about Summer – he wants them to meet.

Kate finds Deimos nursing a chest wound in his suite. She insists on bandaging it, and Deimos kisses her, rips her blouse open, and throws her on the bed. Kate hollers at him to get off of her. She didn’t want it like that. Deimos apologizes. He’d wait thirty years to be with someone like her. Kate kisses him and they head back to the bed. Later, they have made love and kiss some more. Kate warns about getting caught in a cycle of retaliation with Victor. “Turn your back on him.”

In the square, Eduardo watches as Kate shops arm-in-arm with Deimos.

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