At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor wants to know more about Caroline’s run-in with Deimos. Caroline asks what they’re fighting over. Victor tells her about Deimos seducing his fiancée, Helena. The next day, she fell off a cliff. Since Deimos was found by her body the next day with a note from Helena ordering him never to see her again, the police arrested him. Caroline asks pointedly if Victor murdered her and let Deimos take the blame. Victor denies it. Helena stumbled and fell. It was an accident. He hasn’t told Maggie yet.

In his hotel room, Deimos tells someone on a call that he’s testing the serum and if it passes, he’ll send it over.

Philip finds Belle at the Club. He’s upset that she was happy with him last night but when the sun came up, she took off. “Am I just some friend with benefits?” Belle says they agreed not to put labels on anything. Philip admits he wants to be with her exclusively. She is not ready for that. He reminds her they’ve history and chemistry and he likes getting his own way. He thinks she feels the same way about him as he does for her. They kiss. She puts a stop to that and he realizes she doesn’t know what she wants.

In her room, Ciara dreams that Chase is going to rape her again and not to bother to tell anyone, because they both know she wants it. Ciara wakes up and goes downstairs where she sees the sofa. She flashes to the rape. Hope sees her and tells her daughter she loves her and is there for her if she wants to talk. Ciara cries on her mom’s shoulder, wishing she was as tough as her mom. Hope says as a cop, she was taught not to show weakness but she feels it. In fact, she’s going back on the force. Claire arrives and Ciara goes. On the way to school, Claire asks Ciara to open up. She can tell she’s upset about something.

From the underground dungeons, Chase flirts with calling Ciara but can’t bring himself to. He calls his Aunt Sharon about going to live with her in Chicago. Sharon sold her house so the deal is off the table. He disconnects and paces, wondering where Andre is.

Deimos sees Maggie at the square. Her first thought is to walk away but she instead asks why he’s trying to hurt Victor. Deimos assumes Victor spun more lies about him. He urges her to talk to her husband and goes.

At the park, Ciara sobs and can’t tell Claire the truth. She runs to the square and right into Chase. She says, “You! You’re not supposed to be here.” She goes and Ciara questions Chase. He claims not to know what’s bothering Ciara. Claire flirts and asks him out but he brushes her off, saying he’s off to live with his aunt in Chicago. They agree to hang out later. Claire runs off and Theo walks up. He wants to know what he did to Ciara. Chase denies doing anything and takes off. He overhears Shawn and Rafe discussing Hope going back to the force.

Maggie arrives home as Caroline’s on her way out. Maggie tells Victor about seeing Deimos. Is he keeping something from her? Victor admits everything and says he has no regrets. He takes off to deal with Deimos.

Claire finds Ciara at home. She says she’s going to meet Chase later. Ciara yells at her not to. Claire presses Ciara for answers. She makes a few guesses and realizes he raped her friend. Ciara nods and cries. They hug. Ciara hasn’t told her mom. She’s ashamed. Claire worries about STDs and pregnancy. Ciara refuses to get examined. It’s too late anyway. Ciara feels sick about it. Theo arrives. Ciara claims she’s got the flu. He offers to get her something but she’s fine. He asks what’s going on. Hope interrupts. She thought they were in school. Ciara says she’s sick. Theo and Claire go as she heads to bed where she sobs.

Victor and his goon arrive at Deimos’. Victor says it’s time for him to pack up and leave. The goon holds Deimos as Victor rips his shirt from him and pulls a knife. He cuts his brother a little. “You make a deal with the devil. You need to bear the mark. Now you do.” Vic goes and Deimos gets his own knife out and stabs all the family photos.

Chase waits frantically in the park for Claire. Nearby, Caroline has a vision that Victor’s having a heart attack.

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