Kayla is led into the interrogation room to see Steve. Privately, she tells him she knows Joey killed Ava. Steve says Joey can’t tell a soul. Roman already knows Joe was in Ava’s room and Steve covered for him. He wants to keep Stephanie out of the loop. Kayla knows if she hears about it she’ll quit her job and return. Belle and Justin arrive and they head into the arraignment.

Jade sees Joey at the park. She didn’t like how things were left and shows him a joint. She asks him to get high with her. He gets a text about the arraignment and has to go.

Brady, Theresa, Nicole and Summer arrive home to the townhouse. The nanny took the baby for a walk. Brady shows Summer to her room while Nicole tries talking Theresa down from her jealousy. Brady heads out to get examined by Fynn and Summer returns to thank Theresa for letting her stay there. Theresa brushes her off. Summer asks to use a tablet so Nicole motions toward her purse. Summer takes the tablet and pockets Nicole’s sunglasses before going online and searching for Maggie.

JJ tells Chad at the mansion that Ben escaped the funny farm. JJ worries Clyde’s got him on a flight to a country that doesn’t expedite. Abigail arrives and when Chad prompts JJ to tell her the truth, JJ covers, saying he’s giving them his blessing. Chad thanks JJ who says he’ll be there Friday. Abigail tears up and hugs her brother who promises that nobody will ruin her wedding day. JJ goes and Abby and Chad finish wedding preparations. Chad leaves and Abby calls Theresa to let her know they’re moving the date to Friday. Theresa says not to worry about it.

Back at the townhouse, Theresa has to go see the seamstress. Nicole stays behind. She and Summer get to know each other. Summer says she and Dan were just friends and asks what the story is with Brady. Nicole thinks she should talk to Brady about that. She wants to talk about Summer but Summer decides to head out for a walk to the town square.

Brady hugs Maggie at the hospital. She’s surprised he went on a trip so soon after his heart transplant. He assures her he’s fine. She’s teary-eyed. He wants to talk to her about his trip but she has to meet a distributor for Chez Rouge. They agree to meet soon and she goes.

Theresa drops by the mansion and assures Abigail her dress will be ready for Friday. She looks down and Abigail asks what’s wrong. Theresa says her life is but doesn’t want to burden Abigail. Abby knows they’re not friends but offers to listen so Theresa launches into the story of Brady’s dreams about Summer Townsend and how she may be Maggie’s daughter. Theresa’s worried about the woman staying in their home. Abigail urges her to talk to Brady. Theresa plans on it and runs out. Later, Abby gets a crank call from a blocked number.

Back at SPD, the arraignment is over. Steve’s out on bail. Belle and Justin go pow wow about the case while Kayla tells Steve he’s got to come home with her – to be near Joey.

While walking through the park, Chad thinks he sees Ben. He grabs the man but it’s some random guy. Chad apologizes.

Summer walks into Maggie at the square. Maggie drops some belongings and apologizes. Summer helps pick them up and realizes who Maggie is. Once Maggie is gone, Summer opens her hand. She has Maggie’s shoe charm from her bracelet. She departs and Nicole walks by, searching for her sunglasses. She can’t find them. She calls Dario. He hasn’t seen them, either. He tells her he’s returning to Salem and flirts a little.

Joey meets his parents at home. They fill him in and are positive Steve can claim self-defense. Steve gets an idea and leaves.

Summer arrives at the townhouse and looks at Theresa’s family photo. When Theresa comes in, Summer compliments her family. Theresa offers to pay for a hotel room. Summer’s fine with that. Later, Brady returns, angry that Summer’s in a hotel. Theresa reminds Brady that Summer’s not balanced.

Chad returns home with a bracelet – Thomas’ birthstone. He wants Abby to wear it at the wedding. She loves it and cries as he puts it on her wrist. They canoodle.

Steve arrives at Ava’s hotel room. He crosses the crime scene tape, breaks in, and looks for her diary. He finds a key.

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