The plane lands and everyone has gotten off except Jett, Jeremy and Max. Jett heads back to the hotel to soak in the hot tub while Max tells Jeremy to open the trunks. He warns that there had better be nothing but designer's knock offs in the trunks. Jer's friend Rawlings drags up a trunk and Max searches it, finding nothing but designer threads. He sighs in frustration and Jeremy offers to pull all of the other trunks up so he can look through them. Max refuses him and Rawlings gives the guys their pay. Jer says he threw in something extra for Max. Rawlings takes the trunk to the buyers. Once he's gone, Jer tells Max that he was right about his cheating on Steph. "I'm going to make things right. I swear to you on this stack of cash," he says.

Chelsea and Stephanie arrive back at the hotel in Vegas and give one of the other girls the newest Adam Sandler movie. They explain that some big wig had it on the plane gave them an early copy. The girl happily accepts and runs off, obviously drunk. Stephanie gets on her laptop and tries to dig up the dirt on Jett's fiancée, Danielle Calder. Jett arrives and the girls quickly close the laptop. He asks what they're doing, and Stephanie feigns downloading porn! Jett blinks and says, "Okay… guess I'll get in the tub!" After he's gone, Chelsea asks if that’s all she could think of and Steph shrugs. They find Danielle's name on the net and can't believe what else they find. "Oh my God, Jett's fiancée is married?!" Chelsea says. Stephanie asks Chelsea if she's going to tell him or not. Chelsea wants to tell, but Stephanie thinks that if she tells, she can kiss her friendship with him goodbye.c

At the pub, John explains to Kayla, Bo, Marlena and Hope that Anna thinks that Tony is an imposter. Hope is surprised and Marlena agrees with Anna that the Tony they knew never wanted to be Stefano, because he despised the man. Marlena feels that Tony is not anything like the man they used to know. Hope thinks it's possible that Tony is really Andre DiMera, and everyone gasps as it dawns on them that Hope is on to something. John is the only one to disagree, but Hope and Marlena explain that Andre had plastic surgery to look like Tony. Bo thinks that Stefano replaced Tony with Andre. Marlena says that if they're right, they have to find Tony! Bo says that is where Steve comes in. John knows that his mother Daphne was on the flights. Hope flashes back and remembers the terror she felt. She flashes back to being marooned in paradise, with Bo, and smiles. "We certainly made the best of our times on the island, didn't we?" she asks Bo, who smiles and agrees. They think they need to get a DNA test done to find out! They all flashback to the terrible things that Andre did in the past, and they think that Tony could have been Andre all along. "Maybe it was Andre who made Marlena think she was the Salem Stalker?" Roman proposes. Hope wonders where Tony has been this entire time. John thinks he may be locked up somewhere. Kayla says that none of them can be certain if this is Tony or not, and Anna suddenly appears behind them to tell them that this man here in Salem isn't Tony. "I shared a bed with Tony. I should know," she brags, with a smile! She flashes back to Tony kissing her and tells them that he was such a romantic. She admits that nobody has kissed her like that since. Roman is a little touchy and asks her to spare them all the details. Anna she gives Bo old letters from Tony. Roman thinks they can compare the DNA from Tony's letters and the DNA that Steve is going to get them. Anna becomes emotional and tells them that they have got to find out where Tony is. John doesn't appear to want to find Tony, but Marlena reminds him that Tony's his brother. John tells her he'll do it for Anna, who still loves the man and hasn't seen him in years.

Tony sits in his car awaiting Stefano, who finally gets into the car in a huff. He reminds Tony he was resting and wants to know what was so important that they meet here. Tony tells him that he is afraid he has had to eliminate Elvis. "He has left the building, I'm afraid," Tony explains. Stefano is almost speechless and can't wrap his head around Tony's decision. He flails his hands and yells, "I asked him to teach him a lesson, not to kill him! You are mad,… you are mad. In disgust, Stefano gets out of the car, breathing heavily, with his anger. Tony apologizes and says it's for the best. Stefano again tells Tony he's mad, and then gets back in the car. Tony explains that EJ was a traitor and now they can claim the twins and Stefano can have a future as head of the family. Steve jumps into the back seat and says "Bona Sera dudes!" (Good evening/good night, in Italian) and tells them that the Brady's have a crazy theory about Tony, that he's an imposter. Tony grins and then starts to laugh when he hears this, and Stefano furrows his brow, as if contemplating Steve's words. Steve says, "They think you're that guy, Aaron, A… Andre. Andre DiMera!" Tony grins but Stefano's face doesn't change. Tony demands to know what Steve's motives are. Steve starts asking Tony sporting questions, "Who played third base for the 1927 Yankees? Oh, wait. That's too easy. It was Joe Dugan.... I know! Who won the 1972 World Cup fencing championship?" and this just angers Tony further. He pulls a gun on Steve but Stefano pulls it away from him and reminds him that he committed one horror already. Steve asks if they're talking about EJ, and explains that EJ's still alive. Stefano relaxes, and Steve tells them that John saved EJ's life. He leaves the men and Stefano tells Tony that he has committed an unforgivable act by attempting murder on his very own brother and has done irreparable damage to the family. "Elvis will never trust us again." He says, with fear and sadness in his eyes. Tony comments that John came out of the coma just to annoy him, but Stefano doesn't want to hear it and tells him to shut up! "You've done enough damage. If you were truly the son that I wanted, you'd carry pride in your heart for the DiMera name and focus every thought on what's good for our empire and family. You'd have poetry in your heart." Tony asks if he wants poetry or his life.

Max arrives at the hotel in Vegas and meets a girl named Heather, chats her up, and then sits in the hot tub with Jett, who asks if everything was straightened out with Jeremy. Max says it's just business, but Jett asks if it's Touch The Sky business or that little side line they have going on. Max looks pensive.

Back on the plane, Rawlings tells Jeremy that he's damned lucky that Max didn't want to look at the other trunks!Back on the plane, Rawlings tells Jeremy that he's damned lucky that Max didn't want to look at the other trunks!

Jeremy arrives at the hotel and kisses Stephanie. She asks why he's late and he tells her that he has a necklace for her that goes with the earrings he got her. Suddenly, girls start screaming that David Beckham is at the ice machine, and the two are interrupted with scads of girls running out the door. The girls come back quickly as they realize that it wasn't really Beckham. Jeremy apologizes to Steph for being a pain lately and says he's been under stress. His eye wanders to Max and Jett, conversing in the hot tub. He kisses Steph as he tells her she'll soon tire of him, because they'll be spending so much time together. Steph disagrees and says she could never tire of him.

Max tells Jett about his deal with Jeremy and the designer clothing, and Jett considers his words but their conversation is stopped short by Chelsea. Max leaves the two to talk and Chelsea confesses to Jett that she did checking up on Danielle and found out that she's married to a guy named Mark Prentice.

Jeremy notices that Max is leaving the hotel, and goes to Max to ask him what he and Jett were talking about. Max lies and says they were talking about racing, but Jeremy sees right through Max and accuses him of Max is lying!

Steve arrives back at the pub, and starts kissing Kayla until Bo tells him to stop groping her! Steve tells them that that man is not Tony, because he asked him a few questions and asked him who won the 1972 World Cut Fencing championship. He says that Tony didn't answer and the real Tony would have known that it was he who walked away with the championship! He gives Roman hair that he lifted from Tony's coat, and Roman smirks and takes off with the hair in order to do the DNA test.