Chelsea and Stephanie put away groceries on the plane while Steph moans about Jeremy's behavior. She asks Chelsea what her thoughts on Jeremy are, but doesn't like it when Chelsea gives her an earful about how disrespectful Jeremy can be. She tells Stephanie that he acts like Jekyll and Hyde. Stephanie stops her and says she thinks that Chelsea and Jeremy are a lot alike and that's why they don't get along! Chelsea agrees that she sees some of her old behavior in Jeremy but that she also sees Stephanie turn into a desperate little girl when she's with him. This doesn't sit well with Steph, who makes excuses for Jeremy. "You really are an amazing person and could do better than Jeremy Horton!" Chelsea says, before Stephanie storms off. Jett comes in, noticing the tensions are running high. He asks if all is well but Chelsea refuses to discuss it, and asks how a smart guy like him could end up in business with someone like Jeremy. She comments about how Jeremy treats Stephanie and others. "Jeremy's dangerous, wild and unpredictable," she says. Jett wants to know if Jeremy tells Steph about his other business interests and Chelsea says she has no idea if there are any, then pauses when she realizes that Jett doesn't trust Jeremy either! Jett assures Chelsea that he trusts Jeremy with his life, and says he just wants to keep his eye on his friend to ensure he's staying out of trouble. Chelsea tells him she thinks he's too trusting for his own good.

Max arrives at the Brady home and notices a mysterious blonde girl crying on the sofa. Max asks her for her name and through her tears she says, "My name? My name,… is Ilsa," and continues to weep. Max goes to for a tissue and in walks Jeremy, who tells Ilsa to get her lazy butt moving because they have a jet to catch! Max asks who Ilsa is and Jeremy says he picked her up at the Cheatin' Heart and brought her back here. He tells Max that sometimes he likes Stephanie a lot but sometimes needs something more. He asks if Max is cool with this, but Max makes it known that he is nowhere near cool with this. Max reminds Jeremy that he's Stephanie's uncle, but Jeremy reminds Max that they were together once. Max grabs Jeremy and tells him they're not blood related and things didn't go far, but Jeremy doesn't care and assumes correctly that Max slept around when he was racing. Max lets go of Jeremy and Jeremy takes Ilsa home.

Sami, Lucas and Marlena sit at the Brady Pub, waiting for Roman. Sami is stunned when she learns that EJ Wells tipped Roman off about Tony finding the safe house. Lucas thinks that EJ is setting them up, but Marlena says that EJ has more to lose - perhaps his life, and she believes he does care for the babies. Sami wants to believe in EJ because of the children, and wants to let go of her anger for him. She's ready to forgive and Marlena encourages her to do so, saying it's not good for the babies to feel anger all the time. Lucas gets irate with this news and refuses to lose his anger for EJ. He storms out of the pub.

John, Steve and Roman all stand outside the pub laughing that EJ tipped Roman off against his own brother. John is skeptical about where EJ's loyalty lies but Roman explains that he asked EJ to meet him, and it wasn't a set up.

Tony ties EJ to the bed at the safe house and yells for Bart to get the shot gun. "Do you have any last words, brother?" he asks a nervous EJ. Tony sets the shot gun up with rope so that whoever opens the front door, will accidentally shoot EJ. Tony and Bart escape out the bathroom window while EJ struggles with his constraints.

Lucas finds Kayla sitting on a bench with Ciara. He asks her thoughts on whether or not she could forgive if EJ had raped her. Kayla is shocked that he would come right out with this kind of question and when she recovers she tells Lucas about the rape she survived (if you remember, it was at the hands of Jack Devereaux) and says in time she was able to forgive. She even tells him she may forgive EJ for torturing Steve one day, and says that Sami's forgiveness will make her feel more relaxed. "That's good for the babies!" she says, happily. Kayla puts Ciara in Lucas' arms to show him what it's going to feel when Sami has the babies. She reminds him that the babies don't care who the biological father is. They just need love!

Inside the pub, Sami asks if things are always going to be like this with Lucas' jealousy and anger for EJ. Marlena tells Sami that they both know that Lucas realizes that EJ wants her - not just the babies. Roman interrupts the two to let them know that they've got a new safe house - an upgrade! Sami hugs Roman and she goes off to get Lucas.

Sami goes to get Lucas and he gives her a big hug and tells her he's in love with her and the babies. They kiss.

A bound EJ hears John and Steve talking outside the safe house. He struggles. Steve tells John that Tony's as cold and ruthless as they come. Steve goes to open the door but it's locked. When John prepares to kick the door in, Steve stops him, thinking the door is booby trapped. John gives Steve his gun and Steve asks, "Are you sure?" John smiles and tells his friend that trust is a beautiful thing. John listens at the door while Steve goes in through the bathroom window.

When John hears glass breaking, he becomes impatient, and knocks on the door, asking Steve if he's okay. "Steve, I'm coming in," he yells, just as Steve makes his way to EJ. EJ yells through the handkerchief in his mouth, while Steve notices the rigged shot gun and yells, "No!" It's too late! John bashes in the door and Steve launches himself at the shotgun as it goes off.

Just then, John, Steve and a rumpled EJ walk in the backdoor of the pub. John tells Marlena he's glad that her lips are only for him, and Roman takes in EJ's appearance and asks what happened. In walks Lucas with Sami, and Lucas starts to yell at EJ for raping Sami. He tells EJ that tipping Roman off this time doesn't mean anything to him. EJ tries to calm Lucas down and Lucas is surprised when Sami stands up for EJ. She thinks EJ deserves gratitude for helping them escape in time. This makes Lucas angrier than ever and he leaves the pub, telling Sami to come along. EJ winks at Sami before she leaves.

Roman asks EJ for his help and EJ agrees to be used as bait if they put him in the safe house afterward. Marlena and Roman tell EJ that they know he just wants to be in the safe house with Sami and they warn him hat he needs to stay away from Sami.

Outside the pub, Kayla tells Steve that holding Ciara brings back memories of raising Stephanie. She says the memories were bittersweet because he wasn't a part of their lives. She says she knows it's silly but she wishes they had a second chance to raise a baby together. Steve asks, "Now?" and starts to laugh. He thinks she is joking and tells her he needs to get back to the pub.

Watching the pub from the car, Bart tells Tony that he is surprised that Tony doesn't appear to care that he just whacked Stefano's favorite son. Tony laughs and tells Bart he's in charge now. Bart says that Stefano's going to have a bird when he finds out, but Tony says he'll just have him committed! Bart is shocked by Tony's words.

On the plane, Stephanie comes back and Chelsea tells her that she needs to talk about something that is on her mind. She lets Stephanie know that Danielle is cheating on Jett and wonders if she should tell Jett about it. Steph is taken aback and thinks Jett has a right to know. Max arrives, and Stephanie wanders off. Max tells Chelsea that they need to get Steph away from Jeremy. Just then, Jeremy shows up and Max blasts Jeremy, telling him that he wants to see the merchandise before it's gone. The two argue and Jett interrupts.

Later, Chelsea and Steph discuss Danielle cheating on Jett, and Stephanie thinks that Chelsea could use this to her advantage to comfort Jett. Chelsea calls Stephanie a cynic.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Stephanie kisses Jeremy and tells him that she could never get sick of him. Meanwhile, Jeremy's eye is wandering.

Sitting in the hot tub, Max says, "It's just business." Jett asks, "What kind of business is it? Touch The Sky or that little side operation you and Jeremy got going?"

Anna tells Marlena, John, Bo and Hope, "The man who's here now isn't Tony. I shared a bed with Tony. I should know!!"

Stefano tells Tony that he's done irreparable damage to the family. "Elvis will never trust us again." Tony rolls his eyes.