At the Brady Pub, Roman reminds EJ that it's illegal to threaten a man's life. EJ says they just need to get Tony out of the way, not kill him. Roman asks EJ to stop acting like they're a team, but EJ tells Roman that they need to ensure Samantha is safe. He asks Roman to stop worrying about semantics and tells him that Tony is going to use him to get to Samantha. Roman yells that he already knows this and says that Tony's binoculars are trained on him as they speak! EJ says that Tony's not stupid. "I'm only here to help Samantha," he says. This angers Roman further and he yells, "You're worse than scum and you forced my daughter at gun point to…." EJ interrupts and tells him that things are different and that he's not a threat."I want peace." EJ says and promises not to let anything happen to Samantha. He says Tony's out of control, but Roman says all DiMera's are. Roman doesn't' trust EJ but EJ tries once again to tell Roman he's trying to save the life of his unborn children.

Roman takes a quick call and EJ watches Tony through the window. Roman says that Stefano will do anything to get the stem cells but EJ thinks he can get them another way. Roman still doesn't trust EJ and tells him to get out before he really makes him angry.

Roman leaves EJ momentarily and when he returns to the bar, EJ's sipping a drink and says, "You need me." Roman agrees to listen to what EJ has to say and EJ tells Roman that Rolf let him know that Stefano has taken a turn for the worse and doesn't have very long. Roman says he doesn't trust Rolf and doesn't care. EJ says that Tony's going to take over for Stefano, but if EJ gets the stem cells, he can save Stefano and his family, and protect Sami from Tony. Roman is certain that Tony won't find the safe house, but EJ doesn't underestimate his dastardly brother!

In Tony's car, Anna pulls away from their kiss after noticing Tony's lack of interest. Anna says it's more fun if he kisses back, and asks him what's going on. He tells her he's busy, and she says, "I'm sorry but that kiss would get you booted off my island." She tries to figure him out. Tony tells her that time changes people, but she tells him that time doesn't change kisses! She says, "If I didn’t know better, I'd say the man sitting here isn't my Tony at all!" Tony sits back puzzled, and grins at her. "Why don't we find out who I am at some other time. Right now I'm busy." Anna says, "Because of Stefano," and asks him not to turn into Stefano. Tony says he gave the kiss of a ruthless man and laughs and pulls away when Anna asks to kiss him again. He keeps her at arms length and then starts to laugh and says they can try again. They move in to kiss until they're interrupted by Bart, who barges into the back seat. Bart stares at Anna with lust. "Why Anna DiMera… what a pleasure," he says. "The pleasure's all yours," retorts Anna, with distain. Not understanding, Bart thanks her and then sprays his mouth with a breath spray. Tony rolls his eyes and asks what Bart's doing. Bart tells Tony he doesn't want to offend. Anna gets out of the car and Tony and Bart snicker about their plans. Bart notes that they can't do anything with that police car circling the block so he suggests that he throw a brick through the jeweler's window as a distraction. Tony finds Bart's suggestion to be helpful and tells him to silence the alarm on Roman's car and distract the police. brother!

Tony approaches Bart and says that if he hears silence, he'll be back, but if he doesn’t, he'll post Bart's bail! Tony arrives back and Bart is in the car. They try to find out by the GPS where Sami is!

Inside the pub, EJ tells Roman he's sure that Tony has a plan. Roman acts sarcastic toward EJ and EJ dismisses it and tells him that although he doesn't know Tony's plan, he can help. Roman asks EJ to turn state's evidence against Tony for trying to kill he and Sami, but EJ says he's already thought about it. "It won't work." He tells him and says Stefano will see to it that he'll never be able to set foot in his home again. Roman is angered by EJ's response and tells him if he's not going to help, to get out. He says that the kids will be killed if they take the stem cells before their born. Anna interrupts the two and tells the men she adores eye candy. She says she's about to gnaw her manicured fingernails off if someone doesn’t' feed her. EJ says goodbye, but Anna asks him to take a rain check. EJ leaves and Anna complains about the men in Salem. They sit at the bar and Anna asks him to go to Chez Rouge. Anna tells Roman that Tony looks and acts like Tony, but that he's an imposter."He's not the real Tony DiMera." She says with a grin. Roman asks her why she thinks this and she admits she kissed Tony and he didn't kiss her back the way Tony did. She says, "This guy made my skin crawl and I'm not kissing anyone else until they buy me a decent meal!"

At the safe house, Marlena visits Lucas and Sami, who is thrilled to see her mother. Sami asks all about how everyone's doing. She asks if grandpa Shawn tried to trace everything back to Ireland like he always does, on the fourth of July. Marlena says he didn't and in fact he almost didn't show, because of Colleen. She mentions that Sami's grandfather is in Ireland confronting his past. Sami is shocked and wants to go to Ireland. "We can't even go down the hall, Sami," says Lucas and Marlena reminds Sami she can't make a deal with Stefano. She wants the vendetta to be over, she says but Marlena says that if she gives Stefano the stem cells, her babies will die. Sami panics and tells her mom that EJ never mentioned the fact that the babies will die. Lucas thinks that is because the only thing that matters to EJ is Stefano, but Sami says that she thought EJ cared about the babies and wanted to end the violence. Marlena says they'll find another way to do this, and Lucas reminds Sami that EJ cares only for himself. Sami says she hates being herself and says she wanted to be a woman that her kids and grandkids could talk about in a positive way - with pride. She starts to cry and says she owes them all that for forgiving her for the horrible things she has done in the past. Marlena tells Sami that she loves her - "We all love you!" she tells her daughter and thinks there is still a way Sami can be the woman that everyone will talk about in 50 years. Marlena tells them that they want to have a Brady/DiMera meeting where Sami would discuss Colleen. "You look like Colleen and Colleen meant a lot to Stefano." Marlena says, but Lucas doesn't like the sound of it. Marlena thinks Lucas will just have to stay home. Marlena goes to take a phone call and Lucas tells Sami he'll always be her hero. They kiss and profess their love to one another. Marlena gets off the phone and tells them to pack their stuff. They're moving.

Bo and Hope walk through the Irish church. Hope is overwhelmed and asks if Bo feels his ancestors and says it's just like how Colleen wrote it in her letters. Bo says that Shawn was here praying and lighting a candle. Hope wonders why he was here and Bo thinks it was to pray for Colleen's soul… or his own! "Why would you say that?" Hope wants to know and Bo says that he is sure that there is more to this than they know. Hope asks how Bo's doing, and he says that when he was a kid, he'd go to his Pop for everything. He now feels like he's the father and now Pop has to open up. He worries that Shawn will be upset that they're here.

Shawn arrives at the church and goes to pray while Hope and Bo watch, quietly. Shawn flashes back to Colleen praying in the church. Colleen finishes praying and takes one last look at the church before leaving. Shawn pleads with Colleen not to go, several times but Colleen tells him to march himself back home. "Don't go. Stay with me, please?" Young Shawn pleads once more.

Hope makes it known that they're behind Shawn and this upsets him. He tells them to go home. His breathing is labored and his voice filled with emotion as he shakily tells them he'll be fine. He asks them to leave, again but Bo asks his father, "Don't go. Stay with us, please?" (Just like he asked Colleen to stay with him, a long time ago.) Shawn frowns and asks them to tell Caroline he's fine and he'll be home when he's ready. "You still miss her, don’t you?" Hope asks, and as Shawn weeps he says, "Every day of my life. She was a grand sister, Hope." Shawn says her death never should have happened. Hope says she always felt the same about her mom. "Life cheated her and me." She says, softly, but Shawn tells her she can rest at night knowing she didn't kill poor Addie. "But Colleen's death is on my hands. I killed my own sister," he confesses. Bo and Hope gaze at each other with wide eyes. Hope and Bo tell him he was just a boy and it wasn't his fault. Shawn gets up and tells them he's going home now. He leaves the church with his suitcase. Hope and Bo are left behind clueless. They think that Pop may feel that if he tells them what happened they'll stop loving him. Hope thinks they should just go home.

EJ catches Tony taking the GPS from EJ's car. He says that Tony will never find Samantha. Tony laughs at EJ but stops laughing when EJ pulls a gun on him. The two men argue for a bit and EJ says he won't allow him to find Samantha. EJ grabs Tony and heads to his car, but is hit on the head by Bart, and falls to the ground. Bart says, "Elvis has left the building."

Marlena, Lucas and Sami arrive at the Brady homestead and wait for Roman to give them instructions on where the new safe house is. Sami balks at going to a new safe house, but Marlena says that Tony's after her.

Tony, Bart and a bound and gagged EJ bust into the safe house, but it's empty. Tony thinks that EJ tipped them off, and tells him that the penalty for treason is DEATH. He holds the gun to EJ's face, as EJ squirms in fear.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Kayla holds Ciara and says she wishes they had a second chance to raise a baby together. Steve's jaw drops as he asks, "Now?"

Jeremy puts his arm around Max's shoulder and says, "It's a one-time thing, over and done. Are we cool? Max says, "We are nowhere near cool!"

Bart says, "You just whacked your father's youngest son. Aren't you afraid of how he's going to take that?" Tony tells Bart he's in charge now.