Chelsea packs away the 4th of July items and is interrupted by Nick who has taken the morning off to talk to her. Chelsea says that she was in shock over Kate's blackmail and that's why she didn't go after him yesterday. She grabs her keys and says she wants to talk to Kate now, but Nick tells her it's futile. He admits he told Billie about it already, which upsets Chelsea. He says he tried to talk to her but since she was in Vegas, he didn't know what else to do. Chelsea reminds him that Roman says that Nick is in the clear, regarding the stolen hairbrush, so his career would be intact. Nick disagrees and says that the hospital wouldn't see it that way. He explains what happened at the pub, when Kate was confronted by Billie and tells her that Kate wants him to change the DNA test so that EJ is named as the father. Chelsea asks point blank if he changed it and he says although he didn't run the test, he did lie and say that EJ was the father of Sami's babies. Chelsea freaks out and urges him to speak to Marlena or another therapist about this. Nick tells her that he doens't need a therapis. He needs her! Chelsea says there is nowhere that they can be alone. Nick is crushed and thinks he's the only one putting effort into their relationship. "I thought that we were there for each other." he says. "I guess I was wrong. Nothing has changed, has it?" he asks her. He says that she pulled away since they made love and asks if the lovemaking was that bad. Chelsea says that it wasn't bad, but very loving, so Nick asks if she has a thing for Jett, but Chelsea says, "I'm sorry if you're insecure, but it's not about Jett." Nick asks if she was thinking about Jett during sex, but she denies it and finally confesses she thought of Billie. With tears in her eyes she apologizes for bringing it up but says she hasn't gotten over it yet. She demands that he stop pressuring her about sex. He tells her that he thinks that she doesn't want him anymore and storms off, with Chelsea watching sadly.

In his car, Tony has his binoculars trained on the Brady Pub when he is interrupted by EJ, who gets in and tells him that Samantha isn't hidden at the pub. Tony says that something is going on over there, because Bo and Hope just made a mad dash for the pub. He tells EJ that he's watching for Roman, who knows where the safe house is. "Roman is going to lead me directly to Samantha." He says. Tony natters away at EJ about not getting the stem cells from Sami, and threatens that one day EJ could find himself in the gutter smelling of cheap wine! EJ listens to Tony's bitterness and asks, "What happened with you, Tony?" He says, "You were married. You had a good life. What happened to you?" He calls him a sick psychopath, but Tony turns things around and reminds EJ of what he did to Sami and John Black. EJ yells that he knows what and who he is and that this family made him this way. He says he has to live with this every day. Tony thinks EJ is pathetic to have grown a conscious, but EJ calls it ironic. "I'm becoming the man that you used to be." he tells his brother, before trying to appeal to him to end the vendetta in order to get on with their lives. "If we don't, this is not going to end well for any of us." EJ yells. Tony snaps his attention away from EJ and notices that Roman has parked his car out behind the pub.

Hope and Bo arrive at the Brady pub to a concerned Caroline, who explains that Shawn is gone. She shows them the note he wrote and says she's worried sick. Bo is puzzled by the note and says that this is not like his father. He goes off to make a call while Caroline mentions to Hope that since Colleen's name was mentioned, Shawn has never been the same. Bo returns to the table and says he found out that Shawn flew to Shannon Ireland and rented a car. "My guest is that he drove west." Caroline knows that this means that he went home to Galloway. She starts to cry and Bo holds her as she worries that Shawn will get mixed up with the DiMeras. Hope takes her upstairs and promises to get her some tea.

Roman and Anna show up and Bo shows his brother the letter and says that Shawn went to Galloway and he and Hope are going to follow him. Roman listens carefully, while Anna appears disinterested and complains of being hungry. Roman tells her they kind of have an emergency. Bo encourages Anna to go into the kitchen to cook something and she laughs in his face. "Me cook?" she asks sarcastically. Roman suggests then that she go to the donut shop next door, so she leaves, grumbling that he would know all about where the donut shops are, considering his line of work! Bo asks Roman to reach out to Elvis, but Roman refuses and thinks that Bo's crazy. Bo impresses upon Roman that they need to resolve this before things get worse. Roman reminds Bo that EJ raped his daughter and he can't do it. Bo apologizes and says he'll do it. He figures that EJ's feelings for Sami will help them come to an understanding. Roman angrily asks, "Feelings? What feelings? He raped Sami." After some discussion, Roman finally agrees to talk to EJ. Hope comes back downstairs, ready to leave and Bo asks how things are going with Anna. Roman tells him that things with Anna are going well, and then Hope and Bo take off for Ireland.

In Ireland, Shawn shows up at the Irish church that Colleen and Santo once met at. He kneels to pray and with his voice filled with emotion, he says "I came for you Colleen, to tell you how sorry I am." He flashes back to Colleen inviting him to do a walk through of his first communion. She shows her little brother what to do and tells him not to be afraid. Shawn Sr. smiles at the memory, prays and flashes back to Colleen, who gives him his first communion book and watches as Santo walks into the church with his son, Stefano. Shawn Sr. says aloud, "If only I had never met Stefano."

Santo introduces the two boys, Shawn and Stefano and Stefano tries to share his truck with Shawn. The two wander off together while Santo chats with Colleen. Young Shawn lingers behind for a time, watching Colleen.

Back in his car, Tony remembers that he did have a good life once but the last time he turned his back on the DiMeras, Stefano tortured him. Tony says he fought so long not to be like Stefano, "But the phoenix always wins in the end." he says, and tells EJ that he decided long ago that he wouldn't let their father cheat him out of the DiMera money and hoped that he'd be rewarded for his loyalty. "I can't let you do this to her," EJ says. Tony says he will find and deliver Samantha to Stefano today. EJ once again reminds his brother that Stefano's going to take Sami's babies - his babies from him. He flies off the handle when he considers what will happen and grabs Tony. Tony pulls a gun on him and EJ backs off. "You cross me and you're dead." says Tony. Tony tells EJ that there's a race and the clock is ticking for who will run the family once Stefano is gone. EJ tells Tony to take the gun away and when Tony does, EJ leans in and promises he won't let him harm Samantha or the babies. He leaves and Tony calls Bart, demanding his presence at the pub.

Hope and Bo arrive at home and tell Chelsea that they're leaving to Ireland to go after her grandfather. Hope says that they'll drop Ciara off at Kayla's and she and Jeremy will be alone.

Tony sits alone in the car waiting for Bart when Anna enters the car. She asks if he's spying on someone and he admits he is! He asks her to leave, but she tells him she's been thinking dangerous things about him lately! She flirts with him and this intrigues Tony. He gazes at her with interest but then comes to his senses and says that things were going well until someone drugged their wine. He asks her to leave but instead, Anna leans over and plants a big surprise kiss on Tony!

EJ meets Roman at the pub and Roman gets to the point. He wants to end the vendetta. EJ wants the same thing and says that Stefano may agree as long as it's presented to him properly. Roman asks for a family meeting between the DiMeras and the Bradys. EJ thinks it's a lovely idea but that Tony won't go for it. Roman says that at one time, Tony was a reasonable man, but EJ says that may be but now he only lives to get to Samantha. "And he's using you, to get to her," he admits. Roman is skeptical, and he and EJ argue about what EJ did to Sami. EJ stops the discussion and says that if Roman really wants peace, there is only one way to do it. EJ looks around and shuts up. Roman says, "Talk to me, EJ." EJ quietly tells Roman, "You've got to take out my brother. You've got to take out Tony."

Young Shawn runs back into the church calling for Colleen. Shawn chokes up as he reads a plaque on the wall of the church that reads, "Sister Colleen gave herself to God and now she sings with the angels."

Next on Days of our Lives:

Marlena tells Sami, "You can't give Stefano stem cells. If you do your babies will die."

Anna tells Roman, "I'm not kissing anybody else until they buy me a decent meal!"

Hope asks, "What do you think he was praying for?" Bo says either Colleen's soul... or his own."

EJ is tied up and gagged and Tony holds a gun to his head and tells him there is only one punishment for treason. "Death!"