Steve shows up at Ava’s to drop off the baby photos. She asks if he’s curious about who the child is. He comments that he looks like Ava. She tells him it’s their baby. When her father drugged her, she thought she was pregnant. He convinced her the baby was all in her head. She recently started to remember. Steve’s furious and takes a closer look at the photos. She promises this is not an elaborate lie. Steve demands she tell him where the boy is. She cries and says she has no idea. Her father sold him on the black market. Steve’s incredulous and tears up. Ava asks him to help find their son before she dies.

At Salem High, Theo opens his locker to find an image with a photo of himself riding “the short bus.” He doesn’t react but Ciara freaks out and vows to find out who is bullying him and put a stop to it. Chase walks up and sees the poster. He’s sorry Theo has to deal with this. Theo doesn’t want anyone else to know and asks Ciara to stay out of it. He goes as Claire appears, worried about her mom and wishes her parents would get back together. Ciara understands it’s hard to let go. Everyone separates and Chase bangs his head against the locker, upset.

At Martin House, Chad proposes to Abigail. This wasn’t planned but he wants to be a family – officially. Abby paces. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him but the idea of a wedding is overwhelming. She still blames herself for what happened between her and Ben. She was so blind. Chad suggests they keep it a secret but she won’t. He offers to plan it all himself. He’d do anything. Finally, Abigail says, “Yes!” They kiss and in walks Andre. “Well, this is certainly a surprise,” he drawls. Chad finally remembered what’s important to him and tells his brother he’s marrying Abigail. Andre says he should welcome the lady to “La Famiglia.” Chad’s eyes narrow and Abigail begs Chad not to listen. “He has no power over you anymore,” she cries. Andre repeats that “La Famiglia” comes first. Abigail begs Chad not to forget their love. Chad tells his brother it’s over. He asks Abigail to leave them alone. “Brainwashing, hypnosis, auto-suggestion. Any of that ring a bell?” Andre plays innocent. Chad says he’s able to fight him because of the love of Abigail and his son. Abby takes the kid and goes and Chad tells Andre to leave Belle Black alone, and him and his family. He and Stefano are dead to him. Andre yells that he’ll never be rid of their family.

At the DiMera mansion, Hope and Rafe don black leather gloves and roll Stefano’s body in a white sheet. They clean up and heave his body into his wheelchair. They’ll tell everyone Stefano said he had plans to leave town.

Hope and Rafe drag Stefano’s body into some warehouse that’s set for demolition. They cover it with garbage and pieces of wood. Hope regrets dragging Rafe into this mess. Once the body’s covered, Hope says Stefano has done unspeakable things to her family. “You have no heart. You have no soul,” she screams. They take off.

Theo finds Lani and Abe at the Horton square. Abe invites him to a family outing in Chicago this weekend. He’s not into it. Abe goes off to take a call and Lani attempts to draw Theo out, using the sisterly card. It works and Theo tells her he’s being bullied. They discuss it at length and she offers to help if he needs her. She reminds him that bully’s the one with the problem – not Theo. Abe returns. He’s taking the rest of the day off and tells his kids “Prognosis Positive” is playing at the Rialto. Abe and Lani go and Theo stays behind when Ciara turns up. She apologizes for pressuring him. He knows she’s just looking out for him. She advises Theo to ignore the bully. She invites him to a party she’s throwing Friday. He’s excited.

Claire finds Chase listening to One Direction at the park. She notices he looks upset. He wonders if she’s ever felt invisible to some people and when she questions if that’s how he feels, he runs.

Hope and Rafe arrive at her place. They’re alone. Rafe says they’ll charter the jet using Stefano’s credit card and text Andre and Chad from Stefano’s cell that he’s leaving Salem. Hope thanks Rafe.

Chad arrives at Abigail’s.

Andre returns home and can’t find Stefano. He notices one of the chess pieces is in a strange spot.

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