Shawn Sr. cleans up at the pub and the gazes sadly at Colleen's photo. "The girl with the Golden Hair. All these years, Colleen Mary, why come back? Why now?" he asks. He is interrupted by Caroline, who asks him to come to bed. Shawn Sr. tells her he needs to do the books, so she runs off to bed while Shawn Sr. prays that his sister has found peace and forgiven him. Shawn goes behind the bar, retrieves a thick notebook and writes a letter to Caroline, asking her to keep an eye on the place and kids for a few days as he has some business to attend to. He tells her he shouldn't be gone long and asks her not to worry her beautiful self as he'll be fine. "I love you with all my heart. Don't ever think twice about that…" he writes, then signs it, 'Your Shawn.' Just then, Caroline comes down to ask Shawn if he's still working on the books. He jumps up and glances to his suitcase by the door. When Caroline asks him what's going on, Shawn says, he has to finish the beer orders and will be back before she knows it. Caroline goes back to bed and Shawn breathing becomes labored.

At the safe house, Lucas massages and kisses Sami and tells her to skip to the sexy parts of Colleen and Santo's letters. Sami laughs loudly and reads on. In the letter, Santo tells Colleen that he has thought of her ever since they met and can't help but make his way back to the church.

The flashback shows Santo walk into the church and telling Father Mallory that he feels much better. "It is why I returned, to thank the lovely angel that looked after me." He says with a smile. Father Mallory tells Santo that Colleen's father is ailing and she won't be here today. Santo's face falls.

In the backyard of the Brady home, Julie reads that Santo writes back to Colleen, letting her know that he has been back to the church many times and has not seen her. Julie figures Colleen was having second thoughts. Doug ponders that Colleen was afraid to turn her back on the church. Bo wistfully says that he wishes he could go back and warn her.

Back at the safe house, Sami considers the letters and regrets wasting so much time playing games in her relationship with Lucas. Lucas promises they'll never waste time again. Sami is sad knowing that Santo went back to the church only to find that Colleen wasn't there for him. She tells Lucas that it seems so familiar to her. She reads more and says that Santo admits he was beginning to think that he was wrong about what he saw in Colleen's eyes.

A flashback brings us back to the church, where Father Mallory sits in a pew with a man and a little boy. Santo shows up once again and apologizes for the intrusion. Father Mallory knows why he's there and lets him know that he's wasting his time. Colleen is not coming today. Santo gives the Father a handkerchief that Colleen requested for her father. Suddenly, the man from the pew gets up and bolts over to Santo. He asks what it is that Santo has for him.

Back at the Brady backyard, Bo says to Julie, "Hang on, that's Grandpa Pete!" Doug grins and says, "He was a tough old bird." Bo tells them that Pete would go out in the bogs, cut peat and carry it to a market in Galway. He says they burned peat because there was no wood in Ireland. Hope realizes that if that man was Pete Brady, the boy with him was surely "Pop" (Shawn Sr.)!! Marlena says that Shawn Sr. must have been preparing for his first communion. John wonders how much "Pop" saw going on between Santo and Colleen, but doesn't think it could have been much, considering his young age.

In the church, Santo explains that Colleen had admired his handkerchief and wrote to him to request one for her father. This angers Pete, who says he'd never use a dainty thing like that, and pushes it away. The little boy, (Shawn Sr.) runs out of the church while the men talk. Peter is angry when he realizes that Santo's letters are the ones that Colleen was crying over, and he thinks that Santo has hurt Colleen somehow. He pushes his sleeves up, ready to fight Santo!!

Back at the Brady's, Bo wonders if this is the start of the feud. Marlena says at that time it was only a one-way war. Doug thinks maybe it was grandpa Pete who threw the first punch, so Julie reads on to find out. She reads that Santo saw a divine purpose with his first meeting with Colleen.

Back at the church, Santo tells Pete that he speaks the truth. Colleen really did request the handkerchief for him. Pete yells at Santo that if his nose is dripping, he'll use his sleeve!!

Back at the safe house, Sami continues to read and smiles as she says that she likes this Pete Brady! Lucas thinks Pete sounds like a nut job, but Sami helps Lucas realize that Pete was just protecting his daughter. She relates it to their situation and Lucas admits he'd be protective as well. Lucas holds Sami close and Sami starts teasing him again, then pushes him away and starts reading. She reads that Santo thinks that the lord was with him that day because Colleen showed up in the nick of time with her little brother Shawn, who showed more sense than any of the adults!! Sami stops reading and says to Lucas, "I can't believe that Santo is writing about Grandpa Shawn!"

Back in the flashback Shawn Sr. runs in with his sister Colleen in tow and yells at the men to stop. Colleen breathlessly asks her father to leave Santo DiMera alone or he'll have to answer to her!! Pete asks Colleen to stay out of it, but Father Mallory agrees with Colleen, who reminds him that her mother would not be happy about him fighting in the church. Colleen admits she thought that he would want a nice handkerchief, and didn't mean to disappoint him. Pete softens and apologizes. He asks for forgiveness. "When you're gone I might." She says and asks for a word with Mr. DiMera privately. Pete reluctantly agrees to allow it. He takes young Shawn with him, but before he leaves, he looks at Santo and tells him he doesn’t like the looks of him. Sami stops reading and asks Lucas if he believes in fate. Lucas says he does, because they're together. Sami considers his words and is surprised that he believes in fate, even after all that they've been through. Lucas says he still believes that they belong together and urges her to read on. He's suddenly taken an interest in the letter and admits that since things are heating up, he wants to know what's going to happen next!!

Flashback to the church, Santo tells Colleen she writes with a beautiful hand and every phrase has such meaning. Colleen blushes and says she was just inquiring about his health, but Santo doesn't think it was just about his health. She says it's true and she was just proposing a trade. Santo comments that he's been here looking for her for days and wonders if Father Mallory was making up excuses for her. Colleen looks down as if admitting her guilt. "I thought so…" Santo says and asks her why he frightens her so. Colleen ignores his question and says she'll just pay for the handkerchief, but Santo wants her to accept it. "From you, I cannot take money." He says. Santo urges her to see it as a little reminder of gratitude for her great kindness to him. Colleen still cannot accept and hands it back. Their hands touch, and Colleen is startled and makes a moves to leave, but Santo asks her to meet with him tomorrow for a picnic.

Back at the safe house, Lucas says, "The married Italian and the Irish nun. Sounds like the start of a bad joke." Sami says 'almost a nun', and says it's just a picnic. Lucas thinks that Santo's going to reel poor Colleen in with this picnic. He says, "Santo IS a guy!" Sami can't help but wonder why Santo bothered to be honest about being married with a child. She says he's been honest this far and thinks it's possible it's Colleen who has the rod and is reeling Santo in!!

Back in the church, Colleen appears upset and thanks Santo for the picnic but says she has given her heart to the lord and the church, and he has given his heart to his wife. Santo tells her he's not asking for marriage. He just wants her time to thank her. Colleen appears confused and unsure of herself as she tells Santo she can't go. Santo says, "Anam Cara" to Colleen, which means "soul mate". She leaves him calling after her, in his frustration.

In the backyard at the Brady's, Julie reads that Santo says he'll never stop dreaming that their paths will once again cross. Marlena say she hopes the translator doesn't take the holiday off, because she is dying to know what comes next! Julie happily tells her that the translator is as intrigued as they are. Hope admits that they still don't know much about Colleen and Santo. Bo thinks it's ironic that Pete knew from the beginning not to trust a DiMera. He figures Pete had his secrets! He also figures they'll learn more about Santo and Colleen without Shawn Sr.'s help.
Back at the safe house, Sami says that Colleen made the first move and Santo was interested. She figures they must have met at some point. Lucas starts kissing Sami and wants to make love. They head to the shower.

Back at the church, Santo sadly makes his way out of the church. He kisses the handkerchief and places it on a pew before he leaves. After he's gone, Colleen comes out of the back of the church and watches Santo walk away. She finds the handkerchief where Santo left it and smiles to herself and breathes in the scent. Father Mallory catches her and asks if Santo left the handkerchief as a donation. Colleen tries to tell him no, but he takes it as a gift for the church, figuring they can get some money for it. Colleen asks for time off for the next day to help the orphans and Father Mallory allows her one hour off.

At the pub, Shawn Sr. Looks at the photo of Colleen and says he'll be there soon and hopes that the good Lord will find a way to put the past to rest. He grabs his suitcase and takes one last look inside the pub before he leaves.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Nick says to Chelsea, "I thought we were there for each other. Nothing's changed, has it? It's like we're back to square one." Chelsea rolls her eyes and looks defiant.

In a car, Anna says, "I've been thinking about you, Tony – having dangerous thoughts!" Tony grins and asks, "Such as?" Anna says, "Whether or not that old magic would still be there!"

EJ sits with Roman at the pub and tells him that if he wants peace, there is only one way to do it. "You have to take out Tony."