Jeremy tells Danielle and Jett how Steve was "in his face" when he and Stephanie were dancing at the Cheatin' Heart. He comments that Steve did an about face and apologized to him for the way he reacted on their first meeting. Jeremy and Stephanie run off while Danielle asks Jett how she's doing as his fiancée! He tells her that she deserves an Oscar Award for the best performance as his bride-to-be. "I'd like to thank the academy," Danielle jokes, as the two laugh. Jett says he appreciates Danielle's help but knows that her husband might want her back soon. Danielle asks, "And what about Chelsea-licious? What are you casting her as?" Jett says, "Nothing." Danielle warns him about Jeremy and his shady dealings but Jett thinks he can handle Jeremy. Danielle and Jett want to head to the hotel, but Jeremy stops them and asks when Jett's going to ask him to become his best man. Danielle and Jett try not to stumble over their words as they explain that they haven't planned the date yet and think they may marry next year. Jeremy suggests they marry in Vegas - sooner, but Jett and Danielle are noncommittal.

After they're gone, Stephanie asks Jeremy if he meant what he said - that life's too short to wait to marry? Jeremy looks frightened until Stephanie starts laughing and tells him she's joking.

Later, Jett finds Stephanie in front of the fire, crying. He asks what Jeremy did this time. She doesn't answer his question but tells him, "Danielle's a keeper, okay? Whatever you do, don't let her go!" she leaves the beach and leaves Jett to ponder her words.

At the Brady home, Chelsea rants to Nick about how Danielle is cheating on Jett. Nick clearly has something on his mind and Chelsea notices how distant he is. Nick doesn't come clean with what's going on his head, so Chelsea goes off about Jett again, asking Nick for help in telling Jett the truth about Danielle. Nick doesn't think it's a good idea, so Chelsea decides to do it without his help. The two argue and Nick kisses Chelsea hard, and asks to spend the night with her. "Sorry Nick, it's not going to happen," she tells him. She reminds him that this isn't her house, and reminds him of the last time they were caught up in the heat of the moment, and how Maggie made comments about it. Nick is frustrated and says that all Chelsea can talk about is protecting Jett. He wonders aloud why she no longer wants to have sex and relates her protection of Jett to how much he tried to protect her with hiding the hairbrush. Chelsea denies that it's the same thing. Nick throws his hands in the air and thinks now that it's the biggest mistake of his entire life. Chelsea asks him what's going on, and he comes clean and tells her that her grandmother, Kate is blackmailing him. He leaves the house with Chelsea watching in shock.

Hope and Bo clean up outside, after the 4th of July party when Doug and Julie arrive with the first two translated letters from Santo and Colleen. They relay how they've had Roman drop off copies to Sami and Lucas at the Safe House. Marlena and John arrive back at the party to find out what happened all those years ago. John says that all they know is that Colleen was a novice, and not yet a nun. John says they also know that Santo was hit on the head.

At the safe house, Roman hands Sami the letters and says that he thought they needed first crack, since they were the ones to discover the letters in the first place. He gives them some food from the party and says he has to run. Sami teases him that she knows he's seeing Anna! Roman snickers but says nothing. After he leaves, Lucas digs into the food that Roman brought them, while Sami starts to read. In the letter, Colleen says, "I hope this letter finds you well, despite the head wound you received on the day we met." We see a flashback of Colleen praying in a church. She's in a habit. Two men bring in an injured Santo and say that he was at Finn's Pub and a fight broke out, so Finn accidentally hit the man on the head. Colleen has the men take Santo to a pew where she can have a better look at him.

Back at the Brady's, Julie reads, that Santo lay there in the church in Colleen's arms and says that Colleen felt joy when Santo opened his eyes. "She was left breathless when he opened his eyes." She reads. Julie smiles at everyone, and says, "I don't think Colleen was shy!"

A flashback shows Colleen telling the men to get water and a doctor for the man. Colleen tends to Santo's forehead. "Let him be alright," she says, quietly.

At the safe house, Sami stops reading the letter and Lucas jokes around with her, saying that Colleen was naughty… but Sami says since Colleen was only a novice, she did nothing wrong and was simply intrigued by Santo. Sami imagines the scandal and Lucas reminds her that if Santo took Colleen away from her family, he also took her away from God!

Flashing back to Colleen and Santo, Colleen asks Santo to open his eyes, and he does so, and then says something in Italian to her. In Italia, she tells him she's a novice, and Santo gets up, hand on head and is surprised he could understand her Italian. She says one of the sisters come from Taormino. Santo smiles and says he used to spend summers there. Colleen tells Santo that she finds the spoken word of Italian beautiful, and Santo tells Colleen that he finds Irish beautiful. Colleen makes mention that she can speak Gaelic, as well, and the two flirt as Colleen tends to Santo's head wound. He asks, "If you are not the Madonna, who are you?" Colleen introduces herself and when Santo introduces himself, she says, "The name Santo means 'Saint'!" He grins and comments that it's a difficult name to live up to. Colleen helps him up and tells her that he was in the pub having a good glass of Irish beer, when someone hit him. Colleen laughs and says he was hit on the head due to a mistaken identity, she's sure. The two make eye contact and Colleen suddenly has to rush off to get a wet cloth for his wounds. Santo asks her how long until she takes her final vows. "It'll be soon," she says and dashes off.

In the Brady yard, Doug wonders why Colleen, a novice was writing to Santo. Julie keeps reading. She says Colleen says she chose to write in Italian because "Mario Callahan at the postal office has become too interested in my letters." She says she has never written to a man she has never known until now.

At the church, Colleen arrives back with a new cloth to clean Santo's wound. Santo touches her arm, and they stare into one another's eyes. Santo tells her their family is in the import and export business and says it must be hard to get used to all the rain in Ireland. He tells her she must visit him and he'll give her a grand tour of Taormino. Colleen asks, "And will your wife be coming with us on your grand tour?" Santo looks down, frowning. He takes a seat and asks how she knew. Colleen admits she didn't. Santo says his wife is in Toscana with his son, Stefano. He gives her a handkerchief that his wife made. He says that his wife makes many of them. Colleen compliments Santo's wife, and Santo calls Colleen his savior. Colleen says, "God is your savior, not me."

At the safe house, Lucas stops Sami from reading the letter, and asks to skip to the good parts. She reads that Colleen felt clumsy at their first meeting but that they appeared to be simpatico. She reads that Colleen has a favor to ask Santo regarding his wife. Lucas winks and comments that Colleen must have wanted more, and Sami laughs and tells him it's always about sex to him! She continues to read about Santo's kind eyes and about how the lovely things he said about his wife lead Colleen to send the letter.

Back at the church, in a flashback, Santo stands up and tells Colleen she's the most beautiful woman he has ever met. Colleen reminds him she's a novice and says he speaks blasphemy. She thinks that the blow to his head is more serious than she thought and asks him to be seated again. Santo says he has seen heaven on earth and could die happy. Father Mallory enters the church and is introduced to Santo. He inquires about his head wound and Colleen shares what happened. Father Mallory says he has been on the other end of things with Finn before as well! He takes Colleen aside and asks her to see if Santo will provide a monetary gift to the church, for tending to his wound. The Father leaves and Colleen urges Santo to leave, as well. He thanks her for her kind hands and heart and moves to leave, but Colleen asks him to promise to have his head examined by the doctor. Santo offers to walk by the doctor's office on his way back to the pub. takes her hand in his and kisses it, then leaves. Colleen holds the handkerchief from Santo's wife and Father Mallory comes back to ask what she's doing. She shows him the handmade handkerchief and he notes how lovely it is. He takes it from her and she comments that Santo may want it back.

Back in the safe house, Sami reads on and says that Colleen spoke to Father Mallory and says she wanted Santo to have his wife make up a handkerchief for her father. She thinks that Santo could drop it off and she'd pay for it. Lucas laughs and says, "That's what the DiMera/Brady Feud was about, 'the great handkerchief rebellion'!" Sami laughs and calls him a pinhead and says that Colleen was searching for another way to get close to Santo.

In the church, Father Mallory takes the handkerchief and says that Santo will return for the handkerchief if he wants it back, but after Father Mallory leaves, Colleen decides she doesn't want to wait and sits down to write Santo a letter!

In the safe house, Lucas says he doesn't get the deal with the handkerchief, so Sami explains that Colleen had chemistry with Santo and just wanted to see him again. She starts to read more while Lucas gives her a massage.

Back at the Brady's, Julie had been reading the letter as well. She says that she knows that Colleen just wanted to find a way to get Santo back. Doug says that Colleen knew that Santo was the one! Hope says that she doubts if Colleen ever took her vows, but Marlena says they can't be sure.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Sami tells Lucas he isn't giving Colleen enough credit. "She took a long look at Santo and knew exactly what she wanted!" She says.

Someone yells at Santo, "The Almighty himself couldn't stop me." Colleen rushes in with a small boy and yells, "Stop it right now. You leave Mr. DiMera alone or you'll answer to me!"

Shawn Sr. holds a picture of Colleen and says, "Colleen Mary, I pray that you've found peace, and that you've forgiven me."