At the Brady 4th of July party, Bo and Hope prepare for guests while Lexi snacks on the food that Hope is setting out. She says she is still hungry from being kept in the tunnel all these months. Hope comforts Lexi and she and Bo encourage Lexi to talk to Abe and let him know that she's okay. Lexi refuses and Hope runs to get the door while Bo explains to Lexi about Santo and Colleen and how pop knows something about them but isn't talking. Lexi is surprised and has never heard the story of Colleen and Santo before.

Hope lets Caroline in and asks where Shawn Sr. is. Caroline admits that he's not coming because he didn't want to be questioned about Colleen today. She asks Hope to give it a rest, just for today, then wanders out into the yard to hug Lexi, and let her know she's happy that she is doing well. Hope overhears Caroline lie to Bo when she tells him that Shawn Sr. will be at the party later, as he had some things to take care of at the pub. Caroline goes to get some food.

Max drops in bearing designer gifts for Ciara. Bo is happy to receive the gifts but tells Max he can't accept them because they're too much! Max's face falls and then realizes that he went overboard. "I couldn't help it," he admits and Bo asks Max all about the Vegas job. He's skeptical about how much Max is earning for it and asks Max if he's involved in something illegal. Max admits they clothes are knock offs but not stolen. He asks Bo to have faith for him and promises to get out if things get dicey!

Caroline goes into the house to get a tray of food and is followed by Hope, who confronts her about lying to Bo about Shawn coming to the party. Caroline says she'll deal with that later and reminds Hope that Shawn is still very upset. She's let off the hook when Kayla arrives. Hope hugs her sister-in-law and asks how the conference went. Kayla says she's just glad to be home, and is surprised to hear the whole story of Colleen and Santo and the feud. She's upset that Shawn isn't coming, and asks where Steve is. Hope asks her not to get too upset and admits that he may be at the DiMera mansion. "It's not what you think," she tells Kayla, who is disturbed and says that this could jeopardize his recovery.

Nick and Jett are at the Cheatin' Heart discussing Danielle and how Jett notices that things aren't the same between he and Danielle. He admits he thinks Danielle has stepped out on him.

Near the bar, Adrienne smiles when she overhears Steve apologize to Jeremy for their previous encounter. "I lost my cool," Steve admits and tells Jeremy that Stephanie is still his little girl but that she reminds him that she's a grown woman. "If she thinks you're okay, that's got to be good enough for me!" Jeremy is happy to hear this and thinks he and Steve are a lot alike because they're both rebels! Jeremy receives a call and leaves. "It's business," he tells them. Stephanie takes this opportunity to ask Steve if he's being honest and really wants to start fresh. Steve only wants her happiness, he says.

In the bathroom at the Cheatin' Heart, Chelsea continues to overhear Danielle talking to someone on her cell phone, professing her love for them and wishing she were holding them instead of being at the dive bar! Danielle hangs up and Chelsea asks how Danielle's nail is. Danielle is confused momentarily and then recovers quickly, saying that her nail is fine. She thanks Chelsea for taking care of Jett for her and Chelsea reassures Danielle that she is just friends with Jett and reminds the other woman that trust is very important in a relationship. Not appearing to understand what Chelsea's after, Danielle agrees and leaves the bathroom to dance with Jett.

Jeremy comes back and offers to buy Steve a beer to toast to a fresh start. Steve declines, and says he has to go to the 4th of July party at the Brady home. He thanks Jer and wanders over to Adrienne, and tells him that he 's still not sure about Jeremy. Adrienne reminds him of how he felt about Justin when they first met and the two laugh.

Chelsea arrives back at the table to Nick and shares the news that Danielle is cheating on Jett. Chelsea wants to do something to help but Nick says that it's not their business. Everyone comes back to the table and Jeremy, Steph, Chelsea, Jett and Danielle drink to the 4th of July and good friends, while Nick declines, looking stiff.

Marlena massages John at the beach. They're very relaxed and start kissing. Marlena notices Belle and Philip through some trees wonders why they're doing together alone. John mentions that the kids forgave Philip, but Marlena can't help but wonder if Philip hasn't reformed.

Belle and Philip sit on chairs at the beach, enjoying ice cream. Belle has concerns that Shawn hasn't called them yet but Philip thinks he's simply enjoying himself at the company picnic. He asks her to enjoy herself and offers to help her get rid of the weight upon her shoulders by using his guest pass to the country club. He caresses her hair and she says she's not so sure. She has everything she needs with Shawn and Claire. Philip apologizes and Belle grabs her phone and says she needs to check on Claire, and dashes off, stuttering.

John and Marlena start making out and are spied by Belle, who grins to herself! She doesn't let on that she sees them, and once she's back to Philip, she comments on her parents finding their way back to one another. Philip asks if this is how it worked for she and Shawn and she says …. "Yeah,…" but doesn't sound convinced. She takes a call and finds out that Shawn is back at home with Claire and tells Philip she's going to the party.

Later, Philip gets a call. He says hello a few times but hears only a baby crying! He's clearly upset and puzzled by the call.

Back at the Brady home, Hope shows the letters to Kayla, who wishes she could help her family and her husband and daughter. She lets Hope know that Steve and Steph have been at each other over Jeremy. Just then, Jeremy, Nick, Chelsea, Stephanie, Jett and Danielle show up for the party. Stephanie introduces Jeremy to Kayla and excitedly tells her mother that Steve apologized for the issues he had with Jer.

Outside, Lexi sees Jett Carver at the party and rushes off, telling Hope that she can't meet him yet until she talks to Abe.

Jett introduces himself and Danielle to Bo, who welcomes Jett to the family, saying that any family of Abe's is family of theirs.

Hope sits with Doug and Julie and Kayla and tells them that Grandpa Shawn isn't coming today because of the whole Colleen and Santo thing. Kayla gets up and tells them that she's going to find Shawn!

Chelsea tells Max that she found out that Danielle is cheating on Jett. Nick lets Chelsea know that Jett already knows. Chelsea is surprised but Nick says that Jett has figured it out on his own and maybe Jett's not ready to let her go just yet. Chelsea looks guilty as Nick notes how painful it must be to come to this conclusion.

Alice shows up at the party with Maggie and everyone runs to her to fawn over her! Jeremy says hello to his grandma, Alice, who berates him for not visiting her. She makes him promise to be good and visit more often. Ciara, Hope and Bo visit with Alice as Shawn arrives with Claire.

Bo and Hope head inside, and Hope asks Bo about the fancy clothing that Max bought for Ciara. Bo confesses that Jeremy and Max are running some kind of scam and that he thinks they're over their heads. Hope admits she isn't sure where Jeremy's head is.

Shawn talks to Max about the garage, and Max admits it's a little slow so he's focusing on Touch the Sky Airlines right now. Shawn asks if he would let him run the garage. Max thinks it's a great idea, and says he'd give him some of the profit if he can really get things moving.

Belle arrives at the party and tells Marlena that she saw her mom and John making out like bandits. Marlena giggles and tells her that she too saw her - with Philip! She asks what they were doing together but Belle says they can discuss it later, when Shawn shows up at her side. Belle asks Shawn how the interview went, and he says he'll grab her a drink then tell her.

Bo comes up to Marlena and notices she looks puzzled. He asks what's up and she asks him if Philip really changed. Bo tells her that Philip seems like a changed man but Marlena's not so certain of this and tells Bo she's not sure that he just wants them to think this. She wonders if he's after Belle.

Steve arrives at the Brady party and tells John that the DiMeras trust him! Their plan is working. Kayla and Shawn Sr. show up at the party and John takes Shawn Sr. to the backyard for a drink while Kayla and Steve hug and she tells him that his working with the DiMera's isn’t going to be a problem. He tells her that later they'll have private fireworks of their own!

Bo speaks with the photographer and asks him to set up for photos. He asks everyone to gather round Mrs. H, to have a group photo shot. While gathering, Shawn tells Belle that the interview went fine. John passes Claire around and they all say, "Happy 4th of July!" for the photographer.

Next on Days of our Lives:

At the beach, Stephanie says, "Let's go hit the surf, Moon-Doggie." Jeremy laughs, "Moon-Doggie? OK. Right behind ya, Gidg," he says as he runs after her.

Nick asks Chelsea to spend the night together but Chelsea has other thoughts and says, "I'm sorry, Nick. It's not going to happen."

Colleen sits in a church pew with Santo's head in her lap. She asks if he can hear her. "Open your eyes." she asks.

Bo tells Hope, Marlena and John that Colleen wasn't yet a nun as she didn't yet take her vows. Hope doesn't think Colleen ever did and says they do know it can't have a happy ending.