Chelsea sits at the Cheating Heart applying lipstick and waiting for Stephanie to show. Stephanie arrives and tells Chelsea that they're waiting for a few hot guys to show, like Jett! Chelsea reminds Steph that Nick is her boyfriend and she's not after Jett. The girls discuss how they're meeting Danielle today and that Chelsea has heard that she's really sweet. Stephanie mentions that she doesn't think guys want 'sweet'! Jeremy and Nick show up with kisses for their ladies, and Jeremy takes Steph to the bar, Nick sits uncomfortably with Chelsea briefly. After a few minutes, Nick gets up. He wants to meet Chelsea at Bo and Hope's, but she refuses to let him go and tells him that they'll be meeting Jett's fiancée today. Nick agrees to stay, but still doesn't look happy with the atmosphere in the bar or with watching Stephanie and Jeremy downing shots at the bar. Nick hugs Chelsea and tells her he loves her but Chelsea takes a moment before she reciprocates when she flashes back to Stephanie telling her that she isn't in love with Nick. Nick goes to Adrienne to see what she's got on tap but Jeremy intercepts him and asks him to put his drinks on his tab. Nick is thankful and Chelsea comes to ask if Jeremy's coming to the 4th of July party at the house. Jeremy tells her he's going but first he wants to start partying here, before he has to play the good cousin!

They all sit down and start drinking. Adrienne refuses to sit with them, when Jeremy asks. Jeremy salutes "Mad Dog Johnson" (Steve), and Adrienne grabs him and threatens him not cut her brother some slack. Jeremy apologizes and Adrienne goes off to the bar.

Jett arrives with Danielle. Introductions are made and Danielle seems unimpressed with the bar and the fact that Jeremy and Stephanie are drunk. Nick recommends that they go to Chez Rouge, and Danielle perks up, but Chelsea refuses, reminding them that this is Stephanie's aunt's bar and that they're supporting her. Steve walks into the bar at that moment and glares at Jeremy.

Stephanie makes her way to the bar to say hello to Steve and mentions that he's making Jeremy nervous. She leaves and Steve asks Adrienne,… "What do you think about the bar, business and Jeremy?" Adrienne says, "I like it. I wish business was up, and that guy is a world class jerk!" Adrienne reminds Steve that the kid is a Horton and comes from a good family. When Steve sees Jeremy touching Stephanie's butt, he makes a move toward Jeremy but Adrienne stops him and tells him if he's going to do anything to take it outside!

Bo arrives at the pub and Caroline gives him groceries to take to his house for the 4th of July party. Bo comments that he's happy that Alice is coming. Caroline asks him not to ask Shawn Sr. about Colleen today, and he agrees as long as Shawn doesn't wear "that green shirt"! She says she can't promise that. Philip arrives with Claire and Caroline takes her into the kitchen to give her a snack. Bo tells Phil that he must have heard that Shawn got an interview with a 'parts' company. He guesses that it's one of Victor's companies. Philip admits he's trying to help Shawn but Bo wants Philip to stay out of Shawn's life. Philip calls Shawn his friend and he says he wants to help him, but Bo thinks Phil is playing Shawn. He asks Philip to call Shawn and tell him the truth, but he refuses to hurt Belle. Neither Bo nor Philip thinks the other is helping Shawn.

Back at the table, Danielle moans about chipping her $100 dollar manicure. Chelsea gives her a nail file and she runs off to the ladies room. Chelsea asks Nick to dance but he declines, so Jett asks if Nick minds if he dances with Chelsea! Nick doesn't look happy but allows the dance. Chelsea tells the guys she needs to use the ladies room first.

Steve stops Stephanie and Jeremy from dancing and tells him that they need to have a little talk!

Back at the table, Nick tells Jett that he and Danielle seem perfect for each other, or so says Chelsea. Jett doesn't seem to be confident and asks Nick, "Ever feel like your woman doesn't feel the same way that you do? Nick stares off but doesn't answer.

In the ladies room, Chelsea overhears Danielle on a call telling someone that she's at some dive called 'The Cheating Heart'. She tries to comfort the person on the other end of the line, "Baby I'll be back in your arms before you know it," she promises as Chelsea's mouth hangs open.

At the Brady home, Belle helps Shawn pick out a tie for the interview. He's nervous but she tells him she knows he'll get it. "Just be yourself," she tells him, and then she flashes back to conspiring with Philip to get Shawn a job. Belle role-plays interviewing Shawn and things get hot, as Belle sits in his lap and they kiss. Shawn enjoys the seduction scene and Belle playfully tells him he's hired! She asks him to go upstairs and he picks her up, and takes her up to their room! Afterwards…. They come downstairs and Belle leaves to get Claire at the pub.

Bo comes in and stops Shawn from leaving for the job interview. He tells him that the job's a lock. "Philip set up this interview for you," he confesses. Shawn feels like an idiot and says he was so desperate he didn't even do a check on the company. He doesn't want to go to the interview now, he says. Bo admits that he figured it out and Philip confirmed it. Bo tells an angry Shawn that Belle loves him but that she knew. "She wants what's best for you," Bo says and asks that Shawn cool down before making any decisions. Bo lectures Shawn and then reminds him how good of a mechanic he has always been. He says that Philip got him in the door but that he can climb the corporate ladder and make a great life for his family in front of Philip's eyes. Shawn thanks Bo for reminding him of what's important and heads out to the interview. Before he can leave, Bo takes a call from Mimi, and tells Shawn, "She wants to talk to you. Sounds... urgent!" Shawn takes the call and asks Mimi to calm down. He says, "She said what?" and then tells her he has to go because he's leaving for a job interview but he'll call her as soon as he lands. Bo asks what's up with Mimi, and Shawn goes blank.

Belle meets Philip at the pub and is told that Bo knows about the job. She gets up to get Claire, but Philip says she's with Victor. Belle's eyes widen in anger. She can't believe that he'd allow Claire to go with Victor and the two argue about it. Belle relaxes and decides to trust Philip. Phil asks Belle to go to the beach with him today - without Claire. "You and me, what do you say?" he asks. Belle says she has to go to the party at Bo and Hopes, but he promises to get her there in time. Belle likes the idea but thinks Philip should call Shawn first, just in case he found out about the job and decided not to take it. "I want to spend the day with him, too!" she says with a smile and slides her cell phone to him. They slide Belle's cell phone back and forth as though it were a game, as they try to talk each other into doing what the other wants to do! Eventually, Philip makes the call.

At the Brady home, Shawn takes a call from Philip, who asks if Bo's there. "Yeah, he is and he told me." Shawn admits. Philip apologizes for going behind Shawn's back, but Shawn tells him it's fine. He's still going to do the interview. Philip asks if is okay for him to take Belle to the beach alone, as Claire is with Victor. Shawn freaks out about Claire being with Victor until Philip explains everything to him. Shawn calms down and then gives the two his blessing regarding the beach. They hang up and Bo is skeptical of Shawn's generosity! He assumes that the conversation with Mimi was bad enough to mess with his head, but Shawn says that Mimi just wanted to discuss the divorce papers. Shawn heads out and once outside, he makes a call to change the round trip flight from Cleveland to Indianapolis!

Back at the pub, Belle is happy that Shawn was okay with Claire seeing Victor and with she and Philip going to the beach. The two head out to their picnic.

Next on Days of our Lives

Hope asks Caroline why she didn't tell Bo the truth that Shawn Sr. isn't coming. Caroline says, "I think you already know. Shawn doesn't want to dig up the past."

Nick asks Chelsea if Danielle is having an affair. Chelsea says she thinks he is and wants to do something about it. Nick says "It's none of our business." Chelsea calls Jett her friend and refuses to stand by watching him get his heart broken. Jett watches Chelsea while dancing with Danielle.

Bo asks Max, "Tell me you're not involved in something illegal." Max is stunned.