In the woods, Hope receives a call from Roman who tells her how Aiden helped get Clyde extradited. She disconnects as Aiden walks up. “Why have you been lying to me?” she asks. She fills him in on her call and Aiden explains everything from Clyde’s veiled threats to trying to protect her and the kids. He hopes she can understand. She looks sad but kisses him. Later, Aiden’s alone when he gives a guy some keys to break into the DiMera mansion to find where Chad is stashed. “They’ve got more secret passages than a haunted mansion.” He’ll give buddy 10% of the 100,000 reward.

Lucas finds Adrienne in the square looking glum. She has the results of her blood test and is afraid to read them. Lucas is comforting, which makes Adrienne more confident.

In the park, Justin tells Rafe he takes the blame for Chad knowing they’re on to him. They reach some common ground and agree they both want the killer off the streets before there’s another murder. Justin decides he won’t contradict Rafe anymore. In fact, he resigned but Abe refused to let him go. Justin admits his goals were selfishly motivated and they got off on the wrong foot. They resolve to start over.

At SPD, JJ reveals to Abigail that he’s working with the DEA and Clyde is a drug lord and about to be shipped back to Florida on a murder charge. Abigail’s confounded. Gabi arrives looking for Rafe and greets Lani, Abby and JJ. Abby leaves and texts Ben on her way out while JJ explains he helped Abby’s future father-in-law get arrested. They ponder over who the Necktie Killer is and JJ says he owes it to Paige to bring the murderer down. They leave and Lani, Hope and Rafe discuss a tip about a shell company owned by DiMera Industries chartering a jet and flying to Rio. They aren’t sure if Chad’s on the run or if it’s a diversion tactic.

Ben arrives home to see Will holding a red necktie and comments, “You going through my trash?” Will laughs. He knocked it over and found this tie. “It’s pretty snazzy. Why are you throwing it away?” Ben thinks it’s ugly. Will’s sorry to hear about his dad. Ben calls it a huge misunderstanding and wraps the tie around his hand while complaining that he’s sick and tired of everyone talking trash about his family. He says the real criminal is Chad. “Maybe,” Will says, uncertainly, as he watches Ben tighten his fists around the tie. He asks if Ben’s okay. Ben blames JJ for Clyde’s arrest. Will’s confused. Ben says this is supposed to be the best time of his life. He ignores Abby’s incoming text. Will notices this and says he’s sorry and wishes he could help but should get going. Ben yells, “No.” Will looks frightened. Ben apologizes for his anger. Will says he gets it and offers to go for a walk to the square to talk. Ben quietly asks if he’s making Will nervous. Will’s voice shakes but he denies it. Ben keeps receiving texts and finally snaps and throws his cell phone at the wall, smashing it. Will attempts to leave and Ben slams the door, deducing that Will thinks he knows what’s going on. Will reminds Ben that they’re friends. “You asked me to be your best man.” Ben calls him and everyone else clueless. Will tries to run for it but Ben’s too fast and throws him up against his fridge. Will falls and Ben winds the tie around his fists and then around Will’s neck. Will struggles and begs for his life, but Ben kills him, and then starts sobbing. He packs Will’s body in a canvas bag along with the photo of Will and Sonny.

Justin finds Lucas with Adrienne. She hurriedly hides her results without reading them and Lucas goes. Justin asks her on a date. She agrees.

Gabi and JJ walk to the square and chat as he tries to take his mind off Paige’s murderer. Gabi tells him of her ordeal with prison and being away from Arianna for so long and assures him that things get better.

Justin takes Adrienne to the Club. They catch up and he tells her she was right. He’s been acting like a jackass. She knows he was under pressure. It reminds her of when he first went to work for Victor. She’s worried about getting hurt again and asks if there’s a part of him that wants to be free. He admits sometimes he does. She says, “That’s it then.”

Abby finds Lucas calling Will from the park. She explains that he was at her place waiting for the cable guy.

Ben arrives at Will’s with the body, which he plants, along with the tie. He tosses the place, then breaks the door from the hinges and then takes a call from Abby who just arrived home. She asks if he saw Will and he denies it, saying he went on a run.

Lucas arrives at the Club. Justin accuses him of coming to gloat. Lucas is in the dark and Justin says, “Don’t hurt her,” before he leaves.
Adrienne arrives home and reads the test results.

Ben arrives home to a romantic setting. He and Abigail make-out.

Gabi arrives home, sees Will’s body, and screams.

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