At the pub, Shawn asks Philip for space and says he wants his family out of the mansion. Philip wants to know how Belle feels about this.Belle arrives back at the table, she comments on the adorable swim suit and then notices the tension in the air, so Philip tells her that Shawn wants to move out of the mansion and into the Brady home. Belle is adamant that this will not happen and Philip takes Claire to see Caroline for a snack while Shawn explains his reasoning to Belle, who sees things Shawn's way, and agrees that it's not the best place for them to live. She tells him she also doesn't want to live with his parents or take a loan from them either! Belle holds his hand and calls them a team. She promises they'll find a way to figure it out. They profess their love for one another and she says that she thinks Philip feels guilty that Claire thinks of him as her dad. Shawn tells her they need to give Claire security. Shawn takes a call from someone in Ohio and leaves the table.

Philip comes back and Belle tells him of her plans. She smiles and says she hopes the call that Shawn took means that they can afford a place of their own. Shawn comes back to the table and tells them about the company from Cleveland who wants him to interview. He wrongly thinks they must know him through Max and shares the news that he'd be traveling but living in Salem. Belle and Philip act thrilled for him but when he admits that the interview is tomorrow, Belle is a little put off because it's the 4th of July, but Shawn says he can see if she can be invited to the company picnic, where he'll be interviewing. Philip nixes his suggestion, thinking Belle will be a distraction. The two agree and Philip lets it slip that the company will pick Shawn up with a company car, when he says he'd better rent a car. Shawn is puzzled and asks how he'd know this, but Phil recovers and says that all companies send a car. Shawn tells Belle to pack up because they're moving once he returns! Belle's face falls. She gets a call and has to leave for a play date with Claire.

At the Brady home, Hope comes out of the kitchen and overhears Roman tell Bo that he slept with Anna! Hope teases Roman and she and Bo giggle. Roman says that it just happened, and Hope asks if there were fireworks and asks how things were between them when they awoke this morning. Roman says he doesn't know and admits he left before she woke up because he had errands to run! Hope's jaw drops and she explains that a man should never leave a woman under those circumstances. She tells Roman that he needs to talk to Anna. Bo agrees that Roman owes her that much. Roman doesn't know what to say to Anna, so Hope sits him down and as Bo pokes fun of him, Hope asks how Roman feels about Anna. Roman isn't sure how he feels, he tells her, but Hope laughs in his face and says she is sure that he knows exactly how he feels!! Roman grins and says he feels sparks when he's with Anna, and feels guilty about leaving this morning. Roman admits that Anna has a huge ego but she drives him crazy… "If you know what I mean," he says with a sly grin. Hope and Bo think it's obvious that Roman is interested in Anna, and he reluctantly admits that he is but doesn't want it to go around the station. When Bo and Hope start giggling about their bet, Roman takes notice and says that it appears as though they have a stake in it. Hope grins and says, "No,.. no.." The doorbell rings and in comes Anna, who apologizes for last night. She sees Roman eyes him up, saying she thought he'd be buying her breakfast in bed at the hotel! Bo speaks for Roman and says that Roman has a tendency to disappear once in a while. "It's one of his short comings," he says with a grin. Anna tells Bo she hopes that he talked some sense into his brother and then tells Roman he can make up for this morning by going back to the hotel with her and starting their day over! Roman is flabbergasted, but has a little grin on his face as he follows her out!

Hope is thrilled to tell Bo he's on dirty diaper duty until Christmas!! Bo flashes back to their bet they made at the DiMera mansion and tries to get out of it but Hope stands by the bet. "We had a verbal agreement!" she says and threatens to calll Uncle Mickey to see if it stands! Bo doesn't want that and Hope suggests he not forget the butt paste when he's on diaper duty! They flirt a little and Hope teases him and reminds him not to pawn it off on anyone else! They discuss the 4th of July party with the Hortons and the Bradys and feel as though they have been challenged this year. They snuggle on the sofa and think they need to get a photographer for tomorrow. Ciara starts to cry, so Bo has to do his duty. Hope tells him to hustle and smack his butt as he wanders upstairs. As she reminds him playfully, "Don't forget the butt paste!"

In the safe house, Sami and Lucas are close to making love when Sami stops the proceedings, saying she needs to work out. Lucas stresses about her health but since it's a yoga tape given to her by her doctor, she tells him it is fine. Lucas accuses her of not wanting to make love because she's thinking about EJ, but Sami denies that and is annoyed that she's thinking of EJ now! She tells him that the guards outside the door are a deterrent and starts her yoga. Lucas watches her and thinks she's doing it on purpose. He groans as he finds her work out to be sensual. Sami laughs and tells him he's making her lose her concentration. He tries to read the bible, but can't concentrate on it and stares at Sami. Sami hurts her arm accidentally, so she stops her work out and Lucas massages her arm. He starts kissing her and things get passionate. They lie down and kiss but Sami stops things once again, thinking the cops can hear everything they do. Lucas suggests they turn on the television to drown out the passionate sounds they'll be making, and Sami agrees with a grin. They resume their position and start kissing. Sami rolls over the remote and the station changes to a 'shoot em up' movie with screaming and gun shots blaring! The guards outside the safe house break into the safe house, guns in hand as Sami screams!

EJ comes to Stefano in the DiMera mansion and surprises Stefano with his good news. "I'm going to be a father!" he beams. Stefano is thrilled and accepts a cigar from his son. The two men hug and EJ tells Stefano that Sami's having fraternal twins. The two rejoice and Stefano asks how Sami took the news. EJ says Roman won't let him near her so he has no idea. Stefano says that the children must be brought up as DiMeras. "It's imperative." He says. EJ doesn't think there's a chance that this will happen unless the war between the Bradys and the DiMeras ends. Stefano reminds his son that if Sami marries EJ, it'll end. EJ says that's not going to happen and wonders what else they can offer her. Tony comes in and tells EJ to be a man. "Do you control the situation, or does Samantha?" he asks with disdain for his brother. EJ tells Stefano and Tony that he's trying to protect his children and doesn't want them caught in the war of the feud. Tony tells EJ to stop whining and encourages him to take the kids. Tony calls EJ a pitiful eunuch and EJ yells at him back. They continue arguing until Stefano yells at them to shut up. EJ begs Tony to understand that they need to stop the feud. They argue and argue to a point where Stefano collapses from the stress. EJ goes to get Rolf, who examines Stefano and tells the men that Stefano has taken a turn for the worse. EJ blames Tony and then they quiet down. EJ asks Stefano to make a deal in order to get the stem cells. Stefano says, "Fine. Get Samantha," and EJ leaves. Tony asks what's going on and Stefano tells Tony, " I'm afraid you were right about your brother all along." He feels that EJ's judgment is clouded and that he needs to learn a few lessons. He asks Tony to teach him his first lesson and says that the DiMeras bow to nobody. He refuses to beg for the stem cells. EJ listens in as Stefano asks Tony to get Samantha.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Bo says to Shawn, after he takes a call from Mimi, "I know panic when I hear it in someone's voice. What's up?" Asks Bo.

Bo and Philip argue. "You're not helping him, Bo." Says Phil "Neither are you!" retorts Bo.

Jett asks Nick if he has ever felt like the woman he loves doesn't feel the same way about him.

Jeremy and Stephanie are kissing when they're interrupted by Steve. "I think it's time you and me had a little talk," says Steve.