Nicole bangs on the door of the Kiriakis mansion looking for Theresa. Kate approaches. “Good morning… partner!” Nic scoffs and Brady appears, glad they’re working together. They head in and Brady goes to see Tate while Kate threatens a lawsuit if Nicole makes waves.

At Marlena’s townhouse, Eric brings Marlena tea and asks if she had an inkling that Chad would attack her. Marlena wonders if Chad is guilty or not. They discuss Eric’s life upheaval and he snarks about taking up boxing lessons because he doesn’t think he’s been beat up enough.

Adrienne meets Kayla in the hospital. She feels so alone getting tested to see if she has the genetic marker for breast cancer.
At SPD, Justin rants to Abe about Chad going missing. Abe can’t believe he’s saying this to a Kiriakis but asks him to do what it takes and remember, he’s in charge. Later, Lani finds Abe and introduces herself. He was one of their role models in school. He laughs and he asks if they’ve ever met. She replies in the negative. She’d remember.

At Eve’s, Theresa picks out a pretty black dress for Paige’s funeral. Eve sobs as she holds the dress close to her. Theresa tells her they’ll get through this for Paige and Eve dries her tears. She’s angry that Eddie will be at the funeral playing the doting father and feels so alone. Theresa gives her some platitudes and Eve snaps. She takes a deep breath and apologizes and thanks for her sister’s help. She asks to be alone.

Lucas and Will have breakfast at TBD. Lucas hears that Sonny hasn’t called and asks if he can talk to Sonny for him. Will laughs and says no, Sonny needs to take his own time. When Will asks how things are between him and Adrienne, Lucas laments their break-up. Will’s sorry.

Theresa arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and learns that Nicole knows Kate’s the silent backer. Nicole rudely asks where Theresa’s been and Theresa admits she’s been comforting her sister who is burying her daughter tomorrow. Nicole apologizes, wishing she could do something to fix it. Theresa asks her to get along with Kate. She begrudgingly agrees. They get down to business. Theresa shows her ideas for the spring line but Kate and Nicole are working on the budget. As Nicole and Kate debate, Theresa feels marginalized. Brady returns and tells them to shut up. He leaves the room and they get to the design end. They ask her to get them some coffee as they look at designs from a current magazine. Theresa goes off in a huff as Brady watches from the stairs. Nicole wants Eric to join them as a photographer but Kate convinces her they need a ‘master’. Theresa returns with coffee but Kate needs to see the photographer and Nicole needs to see designers. Theresa complains but they tell her nobody starts at the top. She’ll work under the top designers. They leave and Brady turns up and gives her a pep talk. She’s visibly touched and kisses him. He kisses back and then pushes away. That wasn’t the reaction he was hoping for. He walks away.

Eve arrives at SPD demanding Justin get her justice. He promises they’ll get Chad DiMera and she bawls that he’d better or she’ll find somebody who will.

Justin takes Eve to the square and asks for her patience. She apologizes for acting “a little gangster.” Adrienne shows up and sees Justin put his hand on Eve’s knee and assumes the worst. She runs off. Lucas watches and goes after Adrienne. Meanwhile, Justin offers to escort Eve to the funeral service and is met with a hug in response.

Lucas finds Adrienne in the park. He saw Justin with Eve. Adrienne thinks she probably misread the situation. She’s still upset and Lucas assumes there’s more. Adrienne tears up and fills him in on being tested for the breast cancer gene. The waiting is difficult so Lucas thinks she needs a distraction. He takes her by the hand and they run off. Later they return to the square and she thanks him for taking her for a boat ride. She feels so much better. They hug and Justin walks up. Kayla calls to check up on her and when they disconnect, Adrienne keeps the call to herself. Justin walks her home as Lucas watches.

At Marlena’s, Eric leaves as Abe shows up. Abe thinks Mar made a mistake in taking Chad on as a patient without first profiling the killer. She’s offended. He asks her not to give Chad a safe haven if he contacts her.

Eve returns home and gives Paige’s dress to a man from the funeral home. She clutches at her stomach and slides down the wall and sobs mournfully.

Nicole sees Eric at TBD. He accepts her offer to take on the photographer position but she gets a call and excuses herself.

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