At Maggie’s, she and Hope plan the wedding and discuss how Rafe isn’t convinced that Chad’s the Necktie Killer. Rafe has the best instincts in a cop that she’s seen since… She trails off. They get back to planning and go with an elegant 60s costume theme – like the ladies from “Mad Men.” Hope swoons when she thinks of Aiden in a Rat Pack tuxedo. Just then, Mr. Salinas arrives from Peru, looking for Victor.

Lani returns to SPD after searching for Chad. Rafe shows her the evidence board even though she argues that she’s a beat cop. Rafe wants an extra set of eyes, especially since she doesn’t know the suspects. Lani thinks the deaths look staged as if the killer wanted them to think they were repeating a pattern. Rafe smiles. He asks her to stick around and see if anything else hits her.

Chad puts together a disguise from Jack’s old fishing clothes at the cabin and goes off to search for his alibi.

Aiden arrives at the DiMera mansion. Andre tells him he’ll be handling all of “Mr. DiMera’s” business for now. Aiden asks why he paid off his debt. “So you found Cooper?” Andre laughs that the man uses a beauty salon for his loan shark business. They paid off all Aiden’s debts and now they own him. He hands over a hundred thousand check Hope gave him. Andre grins and assumes, “Your fiancée ponied up then?” Does Hope think this is all the money he owes? Aiden says she doesn’t know. If Hope finds out about the debts he’ll have nothing else to lose. Andre calls the hundred grand a start. Aiden offers to represent Chad in order to help pay them back but Andre refuses. They’ll let him know when he can be of service to them.

At the hospital, Kayla and Victor discuss Caroline’s situation. She thinks they should start planning for more care. Victor refuses to give up.

At the Martin mansion, Caroline yells at the image of Shawn in the mirror and calls him a banshee. “You’re not my Shawn,” she tells him. Her kids need her. Bo’s in danger and she won’t leave this world until she knows he’s okay. She cries that her family needs her. “It’s not my time!” Julie comes upon her and worried, she calls Kayla. Kayla can hear Caroline talking to Shawn and tells Julie she’ll be right over.

Chad arrives at the docks and finds a homeless woman. He offers her his scarf and asks if she has seen a fellow in the green army jacket. She laughs maniacally and runs off. Chad finally finds the bum who tried to steal his watch. “Do you remember me?” The man does. He wanted to know the time. He grabbed Chad’s watch to see but Chad was wasted.  Chad asks him to go with him to tell the police this but buddy gets worked up and refuses.

Aiden finds Ciara and Chase playing Monopoly in his office. Aiden asks to play and the game imitates life when the kids wipe him out while he thinks about how the DiMeras own him. The kids discuss the murders and worry if another will happen. Aiden assures the kids they’re safe. They group hug.

Kayla and Victor arrive at the Martin mansion. Caroline tells them she’s trying to get rid of the old man in the mirror. “Who’s that?” Caroline says it’s Shawn. “My old man. He’s gone to the other side and trying to drag me with him.” Victor responds, “And you’re not ready.” Caroline thanks the kind man. Kayla asks her to say her name but Caroline doesn’t know any of them. They introduce themselves and comfort her. Victor takes a call from Maggie who says Dr. Salinas has arrived. Victor asks them to get Henderson to get the man dinner and for the ladies to meet at the hospital.

Rafe meets Marlena in the square and she thanks him for saving her life. She says it doesn’t make sense that Chad would come to her for help and then attempt to kill her. Since he is released as her patient, Marlena tells Rafe details about Chad looking for an alibi and the fight he had with someone during the time Serena was murdered.

Kayla takes Caroline by wheelchair into the hospital. Caroline doesn’t recognize Hope or Maggie. Julie tells them about the scene she witnessed with Caroline arguing with Shawn. Victor explains Dr. Salinas might have a cure for Caroline. Kayla refuses to try the experimental medicine.

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