At home, John is on the phone discussing a Russian defector called Ilya Petrov. He gets off the line as Steve arrives, eager to get help finding Bo. He asks John to look into what the ISA was doing when Bo disappeared. John makes some calls and then tells Patch that Bo wasn’t working for the ISA, he must have gone rogue. Steve wonders if Bo could have been turned and cracks open some beers. Black tracks the ship that Bo must have boarded. The men worry about how the women in their lives are going to take them wading back into this kind of work. John calls Marlena to tell her how much he wants to see her later. He goes back to tracking Petrov and discovers that he taught at a school in Vermont. Steve gets a message from a contact who tells him that Bo went down to Cancun. “I’m bringing Bo back,” Steve declares.

At the police station, Rafe and Will are shocked that Gabi has been released so early. She plays with her daughter and thanks them for never giving up on her. “Mommy is home for good,” she cries. They go off for a meal.

Rafe, Will and Gabi go to the club. He offers to let his sister stay with him but she was expecting to move back in with Sonny and Will. That’s awkward. Rafe takes the baby away to get ice cream. Horton explains that Sonny is in Paris and might not be coming back. He complains about Paul. She gives him a pep talk and he asks her to stay with him and Ari.

At home, Ben and Abby discuss their wedding plans. He reminds her that her mom is footing the bill… but he knows someone else who can help out: Clyde. She insists on sticking by tradition. They joke around and make out, suddenly the baby kicks her. Later, she talks about building a family and how there can never be another great love for her. After she falls asleep, she dreams of Chad in prison and twitches before waking up with a gasp. Ben wakes up too and wonders what she was dreaming about. She lies and claims it was a nightmare about him leaving her. “I’m never letting go of you,” he assures her.

Chad is in Marlena’s office. She’s hypnotized him. They go back to the night Serena died. He slowly recalls the details. After the redhead slapped him, he was furious. Since he’s getting distraught, she snaps him out of it. She explains that this is a process and it will take them awhile to get to the truth. He thanks her and the shrink repeats that this won’t be easy. Chad will turn himself in if he’s guilty, but he’s sure he’s being set up. He just needs to find an alibi, not the killer, to clear himself. After he leaves, Clyde shows up and startles her. He owes her for his final session and tells her how great his life is. The doctor warns that that could be the start of a downward spiral. Clyde starts asking if she is working with the cops on the murders, then apologizes and exits.

Chad returns to Casa DiMera. After pouring himself a drink, he calls Kayla and quizzes her about drugs that could make him black out. She assumes there would be no trace of it left in his system at this point. When he gets off the phone, he recalls Clyde approaching him the night Serena died.

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